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Alberta Library Conference Presentation

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  • I don’t know about you but I hate surveys. They take too long and if I ever do them I never turn them in. At my school we have to do hard copy satisfaction susrveys but then the data has to be entered.
  • Patrons of your library are as unique as the books on your shelves. The way they access your library is just as unique. Public Libraries have done a great job to attract a diverse population and accommodate these unique patrons. (Much more so that my school library).
  • I am going to focus on Grande Prairie Public Library. I drive past it every day, it is also only few blocks from my school.
  • Old school patrons are easy to figure out and understand. They come in your doors and you talk to them. You form a relationship with them. You even form relationships with them by phone and email. They are easy to figure out.You are the access to information to those who don’t have access anywhere else. Computers Information
  • But can you figure out your web visitors? Does your metrics software tell you who is coming to the site via a computer? A smartphone? Why does this matter?
  • This is the GPPL site on a computer.
  • This is the GPPL site on a smart phone, consider making a mobile version of the site. Most servers allow this with just a few clicks.
  • This is the Educational Technology Council of the ATA website.
  • This is the ETCATA site on a smart phone, It took out webmaster a couple of clicks to get this. Our software just does it.
  • Base your website on HTML5 not Adobe Flash Adobe Flash have announced that they will not continue to develop Flash for mobile devices. Having taught Flash for several years I have reservations about this but many of the advanced commands in Flash just don’t work on a table or phone. The most common one is mouse over????? HTML 5 and Flash are equivalent. http://www.apple.com/html5/showcase/transitions/
  • Finally to the apps, now that the lecturing is over……I am preaching to the converted on this one. This is an extremely useful app for aniDevice user. Perfect for a phone screen.Look atTop FictionTop Non fictionSearch Wilbur Smith
  • Our school libraries have not moved to ebooks yet. The waits for ebooks seems to be longer than hard copy. When I search for an ebook to read I seldom find a book I can check out, most have a waiting list. Recently I noticed that some had as many as 35 patrons waiting. I would not get this book for over 8 months……..Demo browse books and do a search then go toMy eAccount my eitems out and hit download to go to the media console Go to the Bookshelf and read a little of
  • Do a search
  • Just scroll
  • Just scroll and talk about the formats
  • This one is native to iPads and all patrons will have it. The content can be purchased or downloaded from other sources like project Gutenberg.
  • The content can be purchased or downloaded from other sources like project Gutenberg.Uniqe feature of kindle is it gives you an email address so you can send any content to it to read in the app or on the device. Show the docs page.
  • Toy story …. With all the misgivings of the largest marketer to children …… it is still the best I have found.
  • We all know that libraries core goal is to provide material for patrons to read …… This app takes content from the digital world and displays it in a nice and easy to read format
  • We are moving into the world of apps that are used to find information, not just content to consume.Voice search is nice when you have a limited keyboard.Googles does an image search. Try with the digital citizenship book.
  • A collection of significant maps from history. Great for those doing research on world history.Find the nato map
  • What can I say I love the Wilmore Wilderness
  • WE know you have Mango but these are additional free resources.
  • Oragnization of Cooperation and Development All the facts …..
  • Do a search on syria
  • Discover turns it into a magazine format.Wikibot is a Wikibrowser
  • They don’t all play nicely with codes, if one does not work try another.
  • I access

    1. 1. iACCESSThere Is An App For That Marian and Gerald Logan
    2. 2. Gather DataYour future patrons and many of yourcurrent ones will never fill out a papersurvey. Try this one……http://www.polleverywhere.com/
    3. 3. Public Libraries have done a great job ofcatering to their clients.Public Libraries have kept up with thetimes……. School libraries havenot………Reason: Librarians
    4. 4. Grande Prairie Public Library
    5. 5. Who Are Your PatronsGPPL’s patrons 12000 Active patrons 250 000 visits last year 9000 eBooks circulated last year On schedule for 13 000 this year (yes everyone received an iPad or Kindle for Christmas)
    6. 6. Who Are Your PatronsGPPL’s patrons 125 000 web site hits From: Computers? Smartphones? eReaders?
    7. 7. Base your website on HTML5 not Adobe FlashAdobe has announced it will end support for Flash onmobile devicesHTML 5 DemoMany developers are moving to this because it is astandard not a closed source application.Development software has no Adobe license fees.
    8. 8. The Apps (finally)TRAC app: The The Regional AutomationConsortium’s library search app.
    9. 9. The AppsOverdrive The The Regional AutomationConsortium’s electronic book solution.
    10. 10. Other SourcesProject Gutenberg 38 000 copyright free ebooks Various formats
    11. 11. Other SourcesProject Gutenberg Canada Canadian copyright freeebooks Fewer formats French and Engish
    12. 12. Other SourcesOpen Library
    13. 13. The AppsiBooks
    14. 14. The AppsKindle
    15. 15. The AppsToy Story This is the best ebook I havefound for children.You can read itIt will read the story to youIt can record you reading the story
    16. 16. The AppsFlipbook an accumulator from the digitalworld. Very Current
    17. 17. The AppsGoogle: This app is limited compared tothe desktop site.Most interesting is the voice and googlessearch
    18. 18. The AppsHistory Maps
    19. 19. The AppsDictionary Everyone needs a gooddictionary, this one is light and it is free.
    20. 20. The AppsGTN Gateway To Nature Local
    21. 21. The AppsFrench ResourcesLL FrenchFre-Eng Free
    22. 22. The AppsOECD Factbook
    23. 23. The AppsQwiki a great app that scours the internetfor items that fit your search term andturns it into a video
    24. 24. The AppsWikipedia You either love it or hate it.Regardless your patrons are using it. Theformat is not appealing.Try DiscoverWikibot
    25. 25. The AppsQR Codes They can do a lot of things.
    26. 26. Use QR CodesThey can take your patrons to a website.Send an email to your information desk.Read a message to you.Map location
    27. 27. Use a variety of readers and scannersi-NigmaNEOreaderQRReader
    28. 28. QR Resourcesqrstuff.comhttp://www.2learn.ca/web2/QRT.aspx
    29. 29. http://engageyourstudents.wikispaces.com m/