Making 2013 Preparation Package


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Making 2013 Preparation Package

  1. 1. Making2013
  2. 2. So little time left…Time flies when you’re having fun…Or at least that is how the last 2 weeks have feltsince I arrived in Berlin.Tomorrow we will finally meet and have a wonderfulevening of reflection, planning and creating. A lot ofexcitement has been building up and I can’t wait tomeet each and every one of you.In this Preparation Package you will find The Schedule of our workshop A list of things to bring with you How to find the location.For other information, simply contact me via e-mail –
  3. 3. ScheduleWe will start the workshop at around 18:00-18:30and we should finish latest at 21:30. During thesethree hours we will: Look back on what happened in 2012 by highlighting important aspects of the year; Make an assessment of our current life status in terms of career, health, relationships and more; Design our vision for 2013; Start painting a canvas of how we see ourselves in 2013.We will also have short breaks for refreshments andphysical needs.
  4. 4. What to bring…In order to make this experience complete, it’srecommended to bring some things with you: Smartphone with internet connection or laptop with an Edurom account; A memory stick or MP3 player with a collection of your songs from 2012; A picture of a superhero or cartoon character which you admire or with which you identify yourself with (on your phone or laptop); Thin black markers.They will be used in the exercises we will go through inthe workshop, so it’s best to be equipped.
  5. 5. LocationMaking 2013 will take place at theTechnischen Universität at room EB 222.In the next slides you will find more informationon how to get here and find the room.
  6. 6. Take the U2 to Take the U2 to Ernst-Reuter- Ernst-Reuter- Platz Platz
  7. 7. Take the exit to Take the U2 to Technische Ernst-Reuter- Universitat PlatzGo straight ahead and tothe U2 to Take the right Ernst-Reuter- you will find the Platz EB building
  8. 8. Take a right and Take the U2 tothen left and you Ernst-Reuter- should find the Platz elevator Go to the 2nd Take the U2 to floor and to the Ernst-Reuter- left you will find Platz EB 222
  9. 9. Ready, get set…Now that you have all the information youneed to attend Making 2013, my lastrecommendation is to bring all yourenthusiasm and joy for life with you…Looking forwardto hosting you on your journey!