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Globsync Technology Introduction


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Globsync Technology Introduction

  1. 1. Globsync Technology<br />E-Commerce Made Easy.<br />
  2. 2. Services<br />That will change your business growth<br />✓<br />Website Development<br />1<br />✓<br />SEO and Internet Marketing<br />2<br />✓<br /> Software Development<br />3<br />✓<br />4<br />Android Application Development<br />✓<br />5<br />Remote Desktop Support<br />✓<br />6<br />Hacked Password Recovery<br />✓<br />7<br />Online Job Portal<br />
  3. 3. Website Developments<br />Website is a unique way to represent your organization profile in the world of Internet. By developing a Website one can increase his business by producing new clients and connections.<br />In Globsync, We always try to create something new, innovative, and extraordinary.<br />We have our best creative team working on every projects very efficiently. From 2010, We have delivered our best till now.<br />For packages and Offers please visit : <br />
  4. 4. SEO Services and Internet Marketing<br />The SEO project should always be measured on relevant KPIs, allocated to the most relevant person.<br />If your website is split amongst dozens of different highly competitive sections, then you may want to report on each section individually.<br />The important SEO KPIs are always:<br />Search Engine Visibility on non-brand keywords<br />Organic traffic on non-brand keywords<br />Indexed pages<br />External inbound links<br />Additional KPIs may also be:<br />Page views, for websites monetised with ads<br />E-commerce conversion rate, for e-commerce sites<br />Goal conversion rates, for institutional websites<br />Other consumption metrics such as time on site or pages per visitor<br />Globsync Technology always believe in Numbers and Reports. In Globsync we calculate, research and evaluate every possibilities.<br />
  5. 5. SEO Services and Internet Marketing<br />
  6. 6. SEO Services and Internet Marketing<br />Competition Ranking Report – We will view the Ranking Report (for each competitor, a table of this-site-ranked-keywords (rows) by Search Engines (columns)) for the last Monitor ranking extraction.<br />Research Summary - This program is designed to query the major search engines and produce a report of the ranking of various pages. Specify your research keywords and the top results are reported for each engine, combined and sorted by what pages appear most often. The output from this search engine optimisation tool may be analyzed in the Keyword Density Analyzer tool via a provided link.<br />Engine Specific Research - This SEO tool will produce a report for the top sites for your keywords for a single (specified) search engine. You may then select the sites that you wish to be automatically analyzed in our Keyword Density Analyzer tool. Once you have the keyword density and popular words for the top pages, you can match them on your own pages.<br />Check Server Page Status - performs several different page requests and compares the returned error codes and content. This report detects issues where your server may make corrections to a page address that tell the search engines there is an error even when there is not.<br />Keyword Selection Tool - extracts keywords actually appearing on your page and recommends high-traffic phrases that you might want to use.<br />
  7. 7. SEO Services and Internet Marketing<br />Monthly Site Analysis report<br />
  8. 8. SEO Packages<br />The Global way of marketing<br />Starter Package<br />3<br />All Packages info is available in our website<br /><br />This is basically for Small Business Holders. <br />1<br />Best Buy Package<br />This is a Best for small and Medium Business Holders.<br />2<br />Large Package<br />This is for Large and Overseas Business Holders. <br />
  9. 9. Software Developments<br />User-Friendly Software for Business Needs.<br />Templates<br />Software Development<br />In Globsync Technology, We follow every possible steps which will provide ultimate satisfaction to the clients and with out compromising in Quality and Standards.<br />1<br />Our Software development Strategy is based on planning, implementation, testing and Documentation.<br />2<br />
  10. 10. Android Application Developments<br />User-Friendly Application for Android Phones.<br />Templates<br />Software Development<br />Android Application are now future of Mobile Communication. And we have started walking towards future.<br />1<br />Our Android Application development Strategy is based on planning, implementation, testing and Documentation, Verification and Deployment and Support.<br />2<br />
  11. 11. Remote Desktop Support<br /> Expert on On-Site Support<br />Requirements<br />About Remote Support<br />Process<br />tIn Remote Support all you need is Internet Connection and Valid warranty number. In case if you are unable to provide system warranty number then call us. We will provide you software and system warranty packages. And you have full freedom in selecting the right package for your computers. <br />How to connect with Globsync Technology?<br />You need to call our 24hours Hotline numbers:<br />You can leave voice massage to us. Our engineer will get back to you with few seconds.<br />You can chat live with us in Skype<br />For contact details visit <br /><br />In Remote Support you don’t need to call up your technician in your home.<br />Globsync will provide you On-site Troubleshooting without any hazards.<br />3<br />1<br />2<br />
  12. 12. ID and Password Recovery makes user ID management simpler and better with these new features: <br />The ability to "open" an existing ID Recovery–enabled ID file and assign a new password to it.<br />The ability for an administrator to unlock an ID over the phone.<br />The ability to harvest IDs from R5 clients and back up the IDs in a secure, centralized database.<br />The ability to enable any ID to support ID Recovery via Notes mail.<br />The ability to automatically archive IDs at the time of new user registration.<br />The ability to manage the recovery information in each ID based on the OU level certifier.<br />Hacked Password Recovery<br />
  13. 13. Online Jobs<br />To reduce unemployment ratio.<br />Click On Any Of The Project Below Of Your Choice & Fill The Form In Next page.<br />View Projects Submitted by Globsync Technology<br /> <br />We Will Send You The Details Of The Project With A cPanel Hosting Account Username & Password Which Will Help You To Test Your Project And Submit After Completion<br />After Application<br />Submit the Project in stipulated time. <br />Project Review and Winner Annouced. <br />All Projects Will Be Verified And Award Winners Will Be Informed The Same Day.<br /> <br />Complete The Project With Your Own Programming Skills And Submit To Us Within Given Interval Of Time.( No Copied Scripts Allowed).<br /> <br />
  14. 14. Globsync Technology<br />E-Commerce made easy<br />We believe you found this promotional material as helpful and informative; for further information about Globsync Technology and how to get started with your offshore software development endeavors please feel free to contact our customer care representative or visit our office in Kolkata.<br />
  15. 15. Globsync Technology<br />E-Commerce made easy<br />Mail Us:<br />Call Us: +91-33-2433-5080(INDIA)<br />Mobile: +91-98317-67091/9508817030<br />Land : +44-020-3286-3816 (UK)<br />Land : +1-615-732-8142(USA) <br />We are also available in Skype, AIM and Google Talk<br />Skype : globsync<br />AIM : globsync<br />Gtalk : globsynctechnology<br />
  16. 16. Globsync Technology<br />E-Commerce made easy<br />Visit Us:<br />India Office :<br />Globsync Technology<br />Rishi Bankim Nagar, Kulpi Road, Baruipur<br />Kolkata Zip Code : 700144<br />UK Office :<br />Globsync Technology<br />30,Ripple Road,<br />Barking, East London ZIP : RG11 7RS<br />Contact Us : +44-020-3286-3816<br />
  17. 17. THANK YOU!<br />