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Is your Workplace Anniversary Program Stuck in the 50s?


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73% of workers believe current service anniversary programs don't have an impact. Why are they missing the mark? Learn how Globoforce's Service Timelines product utilizes technology to provide a one-of-a-kind anniversary experience for employees.

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Is your Workplace Anniversary Program Stuck in the 50s?

  2. 2. A Service Anniversary celebration is meant to look back over the timeline of an employee’s experience with your company and to thank that employee for their engagement, loyalty and contribution. It is meant to celebrate, inspire, increase satisfaction, increase retention, and strengthen ties among workers in your company. But is that how it really works?
  3. 3. Our research shows that traditional service anniversaries do not make an impact. In our 2014 Spring Workforce Mood Tracker Report, we asked people how traditional anniversary celebrations made them feel. 50% of people said ‘it changed nothing at all’. Then we asked people who had not received an anniversary celebration how that made them feel, 73% replied the same: ‘it changed nothing at all’. Why are service awards missing the mark?
  4. 4. MY NAME IS NOT “VALUED EMPLOYEE.” “When you get a letter telling you how important your commitment is, and it’s addressed to ‘valued employee’ it kinda takes the wind out of your sails.” Traditional service awards are perfunctory.
  5. 5. “My manager wrote me a congratulations letter and offered to take me out to lunch, but I politely declined. It would have been uncomfortable with just two of us there.” Traditional service awards are not inclusive of the work community. AWKWARD.
  6. 6. “At our quarterly meeting, anyone with an anniversary came to the podium and got a certificate. Then we all posed for a photo. You can see part of my head in the back row.” Traditional service awards ignore individual contribution. THAT’S ME IN THE BACK.
  7. 7. I SOLD MINE ON EBAY. “I guess it used to be a big thing to wear these pins around, but pins and chachkes aren’t my thing. I put mine up for auction and got $15.” Traditional service awards haven’t evolved with the needs of new generations.
  8. 8. I GOT MINE FROM MY POSTMAN. “Ten years at my company and the only guy who congratulated me was my mail carrier when my letter came through the mail. There’s something not right about that.” Traditional service awards are isolating.
  9. 9. I GOT A CATALOG. IT’S STILL IN MY DRAWER. “It was nice of the company to make the effort, but there wasn’t one thing in that catalog that interested me. It was all junk, really.” Traditional service awards don’t offer meaningful, individual rewards.
  10. 10. I WISH I WORKED IN ACCOUNTING. “I really like what they do in other departments for anniversaries. The whole group comes together. On our team no one really notices when someone has a milestone.” Traditional service awards are inconsistent and decentralized.
  11. 11. MY MANAGER FORGOT. “She’s not a bad manager, just really busy. About three months after my anniversary, she dropped by my office and apologized for missing it.” Traditional service awards are vulnerable to a single point of failure.
  12. 12. Service awards should be about a community coming together to celebrate the loyalty and contribution of a dedicated, unique individual. Somewhere along the way we lost sight of that, and anniversaries became about catalogs and certificates, plaques and shipping routes. The result is an underwhelming, disappointing experience that does not move the needle on employee engagement or commitment. Service anniversaries are broken and disconnected. So how can we repair them?
  13. 13. Expand beyond the manager. Bring together an entire community of colleagues. Create a rich, memorable, personal experience. Reflect on the years of valuable contribution. Offer a meaningful and limitless reward choice. Automate processes to ensure no one is forgotten. Integrate into the broader social recognition experience.
  14. 14. INTRODUCING SERVICE TIMELINES FROM GLOBOFORCE Service Timelines is not a years of service award. It is a revolutionary milestone celebration experience. By inviting participation from all of your employees’ work circles, you can effortlessly assemble a career retrospective to illuminate the years of contribution that your employee has dedicated to your company. This multimedia experience will remind your workers of the strong community they have created together—reinforcing ties to managers and peers and to your company vision, mission and values through shared stories, images and congratulations. The milestone anniversary celebration culminates in a choice of an award to commemorate the moment—based not on a catalog, but on what will be most meaningful for your employee. And because it is driven by automated infrastructure with advanced analytics, native mobile app availability and global compliance and support, our technology will continue to evolve and engage your workforce—everywhere in the world .
  15. 15. TURN MILESTONES INTO CORNERSTONES. Schedule your tour of Service Timelines today.