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10 Totally Obvious (But Still Surprising) Stats about Work Friendships


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Have you ever made a good friend at work? 95% of us have. Learn how these relationships shape company culture in our latest Workforce Mood Tracker research report.

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10 Totally Obvious (But Still Surprising) Stats about Work Friendships

  1. (BUT STILL SURPRISING) Totally Obvious Stats About Work Friendships 10
  2. Have you ever made a great friend through work?
  3. According to our latest research: You’re not alone.
  4. Work relationships are not as structured as they used to be.
  5. of us spend more than 30 hours week with family of us spend more than 30 hours a week with colleagues 52% 91% Today, most of us spend more time with colleagues than our families
  6. We trust our coworkers. trust coworkers 87%
  7. say the high opinion of work friends and colleagues is important. 93% We value their respect.
  8. We laugh with coworkers have laughed with coworkers so hard they (almost) cried 73%
  9. We lean on colleagues when things get difficult at home say support from colleagues has helped them through a rough time 61%
  10. ”We are a family in our office. We share the good and the bad, and sometimes things that we can’t share at home are shared here.” Fall 2014 Workforce Mood Tracker survey respondent
  11. We share history and memories with our coworkers of workers have shared stories from the past with colleagues 74%
  12. Employees with friends are more highly engaged 25+ Friends 6-25 Friends 1-5 Friends No Friends 69% Highly Engaged Highly Engaged Highly Engaged Highly Engaged 48% 37% 28%
  13. Employees with friends are less likely to jump ship NO YES NO YES YES NO 25+ Friends YES 21% NO 79% 30% 70% 38% 62% 42% 58% 6-25 Friends 1-5 Friends No Friends Would you take a new job if offered to you?
  14. And work friendships make our lives better: of employees say work relationships matter to their quality of overall life 89%
  15. What are you doing to encourage work friendships in your organization?
  16. Social recognition is a proven way to develop more meaningful work relationships.
  17. Read more in our Globoforce “Workforce Mood Tracker Report”. © 2014 Globoforce Limited. All rights reserved. CALL US: +1 888 7-GFORCE EMAIL US: » READ OUR BLOG: » VISIT OUR SITE: » Download the Report Click here