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TOD 5 Nov 2010

  1. 1. School as we know it.
  2. 2. Creating & Connecting beyond geographical boundaries…
  3. 3. Your Expectations Web 2.0 tools for gathering expectations http://www.webspiratio n There are loads more on the web...
  4. 4. Class Blogs Yr 1, 2 & 3 Class Blog - Yr 5 & 6 Class Blog - Robotics Blog -
  5. 5. Creating Blogs Check the rules – if students have to be over 13yrs, then best if the teacher sets up the blogs. Blogspot seems to be the easiest, you need a gmail account to set- up. Change the permissions & settings so that you have NZ time & can monitor the posts. Learn how to embed videos, audio, interactive activities etc. You can link blogs so that others can comment on posts.
  6. 6. Embedding Files Make sure you have the right accounts set-up – Youtube, TeacherTube, Scribd, SlideShare, Blabberize, Vimeo etc. Upload your files to the appropriate account. Copy the embed code – always look for embed. Find the HTML or relevant place to paste the embed code, then you are done!
  7. 7. Capturing the Process
  8. 8. Take actual student paintings and scan them, and use the digital images as the paintings. Create a virtual art gallery Group paintings from the same period (or artist, or painting “school”) in their own rooms. Use digital images as the paintings (images can be of students, nature, architecture, etc.) Make separate collections for paintings from different regions of the world. 3D Art Gallery
  9. 9. Reflections
  10. 10. Reflections