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Staff Mtg 171110


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Initial Staff Meeting at Rowandale School.
Creating and Connecting

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Staff Mtg 171110

  1. 1. Creating & Connecting Staff Meeting 17 November 2010
  2. 2. 1. Teacher Details - GoogleDocs 2. Data from Sept 2010 Survey Gr8learning 3. Online Comments 4. What are other NZ schools doing? 5. Professional Learning Requests 6. Planning the TODs
  3. 3. Your Classroom Use Survey results from teachers
  4. 4. So, Who am I? (Modeling the tools straight away) Originally from Wellington, I used to teacher at Worser Bay School. I moved to Auckland to work at Learning Network NZ & then to the University. Now I work at Globo, going from school to school assisting teachers with Thinking Skills and eLearning. I now live ½ of my time on an island and ½ of my time in the city – I’m crazy about fishing.
  5. 5. Online Comments Web 2.0 tools for gathering information http://www.webspiration There are loads more on the web... We are going to use some of these as we go.
  6. 6. Key Points Go to the wiki – Digital Teacher link in the contents of the Professional Learning page and add your key points to the Wall.
  7. 7. Digital Teachers
  8. 8. What are other NZ schools doing? Blogging Green Screening Making Music Making Music Videos Virtual Tours Creating Ringtones Creating 3D Virtual Galleries Capturing Student work Superb Photography Robotics Virtual Explanations Student Orientated School Websites
  9. 9. Have a go… Students have to learn to learn… Teachers have to learn to learn… Step by step is soooooo last century!
  10. 10. Michael went for a basket and missed. It was me who saved the game with my rebound and into the basket! Training was tough, but I had to push on. I was selected for the team! I was so excited. Get into the story
  11. 11. Blabberize Sign Up Find a picture Record your voice
  12. 12. VoiceThread Examples Peer assessment, teacher & parent encouragement towards next learning steps.
  13. 13. Basic Camera Ideas Perspective Point of View Cubism Dadaism
  14. 14. Dada The Arts: The Visual Arts Credit to Indira Neville
  15. 15. 01/29/15 17 Aim For children to develop an understanding of the art movement 'Dada' by creating their own piece of dad artwork using the computer.
  16. 16. 01/29/15 18 Unit Objectives 1. Students will have art history knowledge of the art movement Dada. 2. Students will use a scanner to produce their own artwork. 3. Students will use an appropriate scanning program and painting or drawing programs on the computer to produce their own artwork.
  17. 17. 01/29/15 19 Unit Moves… 1. Show Da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa' to the class. Discuss the work, who knows it? Where have they seen it? Is this painting famous? Why? 2. Show Marcel Duchamp's version of the Mona Lisa with a moustache and beard. Discuss this image, how is it different from the first 'Mona Lisa'? What do you think the artist Duchamp was trying to show by putting facial hair on this famous painting?
  18. 18. 01/29/15 20
  19. 19. 01/29/15 21 3. Explain that Duchamp was a member of an art movement called Dada. Discuss the spirit of Dada, as ant-art, destructive, humorous, challenging to traditional ideas of 'high art', and show examples. 4. Tell children they are going to make their own piece of Dada and model the process: Choose a painting by a famous artist from one of the art books you have gathered. Scan the image into the computer. Insert the image into a drawing or painting program and use the toolbox to 'dadify' it.
  20. 20. 01/29/15 22 Dadaism Dadaism began in 1916 in Zurich and was a direct result of revulsion and rebellion against the horrors of World War I. Dada is a French word that when translated means hobby horse. With Dadaism, usual, everyday objects were altered ever so slightly and called "art". Prime example being Marcel Duchamp's "Fountain" which was actually a urinal that he signed "R. Mutt". The idea here was that art really meant nothing and had no purpose whatsoever. The artists involved were essentially ridiculing those who came before them. Rebels you might say. Dada art ranged from nonsense poetry to physical attacks on traditional art.
  21. 21. 01/29/15 23 Monet
  22. 22. 01/29/15 24 Skull
  23. 23. 01/29/15 25
  24. 24. Using Google really well.... Images YouTube Docs Wonder Wheel Maps SketchUp
  25. 25. A resource funded by the Special Schools. Available for all schools. Special Needs
  26. 26. Your Professional Learning Requests This is what you said in the Sept 2010 survey... Teacher PL Requests Use MindMeister to cluster these ideas so we can make a plan together.
  27. 27. Creating Blogs Check the rules – if students have to be over 13yrs, then best if the teacher sets up the blogs. Blogspot seems to be the easiest, you need a gmail account to set- up. Change the permissions & settings so that you have NZ time & can monitor the posts. Learn how to embed videos, audio, interactive activities etc. You can link blogs so that others can comment on posts.
  28. 28. Embedding Files Make sure you have the right accounts set-up – Youtube, TeacherTube, Scribd, SlideShare, Blabberize, Vimeo etc. Upload your files to the appropriate account. Copy the embed code – always look for embed. Find the HTML or relevant place to paste the embed code, then you are done!
  29. 29. Capturing the Process
  30. 30. Wordle Reflections Then we’ll embed it.
  31. 31. School as we know it.