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Safe Boating Waikato Meeting 19/03/2014



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Safe Boating Waikato Meeting 19/03/2014

  1. 1. Get On Board Gain the skills and confidence to keep yourself safe when out boating
  2. 2. Purpose To ensure that swimmers and non-swimmers, have the skills and confidence to keep themselves safe when out boating.
  3. 3. CBE Background • Coastguard Boating Education (CBE) was formed in 1979 as a non-profit organisation to provide a comprehensive range of boating courses • CBE has long recognized that education is more effective than regulation in developing more responsible attitudes and behaviours among boat users • CBE is New Zealand’s leading provider of recreation boating courses • More than 40-core and specialty courses are available through the CBE network of accredited providers and are delivered nationally • Flagship adult courses include; Day Skipper, Boatmaster, Maritime VHF Operator
  4. 4. Vision & Mission Vision Boating in New Zealand will be safe and a pleasurable experience for all Mission To be recognised as the prime supplier of boating education in New Zealand
  5. 5. Winner WSNZ Sealord Prevention Award 2013
  6. 6. Facts & Figures • Approximately 100 people drown every year and 5,000 are involved in a boating situation that requires rescue or assistance • In 2012, 22% of NZ's 93 drownings were powered boating incidents • Boaties represent the single biggest drowning group in NZ • 75% of all those who drowned in boating accidents could have stayed alive if they implemented basic safety knowledge such as wearing a life jacket • New Zealand has the third worst per capita drowning toll in the developed world • Failure to account for adverse weather and sea conditions, play a large part in over 40% of all fatal boating accidents
  7. 7. Equipment Audit aquatic centre equipment Assess storage Assist with purchasing equipment
  8. 8. What does the Safe Boating Programme do? • Delivers core safety messages & skills to young people in practical pool sessions at aquatic centres nationally • Provides young people (swimmers and non-swimmers) with the skills and knowledge to keep themselves safe when boating • Equips young people to enjoy boating safely in a range of environments • Influences parents to be safer on boats
  9. 9. Safe Boating Testimonials Kris Edwards: Facility Manager, Franklin Sport & Swim “The programme is fantastic, and fills a hole in the boating water safety area for young children within New Zealand” Chanelle Cooper: Swim Instructor, Northern Arena “Children and parents love the programme because it is different and offers something that other learn to swim programmes can’t”
  10. 10. Safe Boating Programme Who does the programme reach? • The safe boating programme is forecast to double in size over the coming 1-2 years • Nationwide programme • Focuses on primary and intermediate aged children • Every child receives a branded certificate
  11. 11. Safe Boating Certificate
  12. 12. Safe Boating Programme What is it trying to achieve? • To develop the individual decision-making and risk management skills young people need to make safe boating decisions • Make students aware of the dangers of taking boats out without adequate knowledge, skills and safety equipment • To create a practical, positive and fun experience for young people • To encourage children to be involved in boating and further aquatic activities
  13. 13. PASS Before (BF) Personal Flotation Device Anchor and Warp Signalling Equipment Secondary Propulsion Bailer/Bilge Pump Fire Extinguisher/First Aid 6 Essentials to Carry on a Boat