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Digital kids



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Digital kids

  1. 1. St Therese School Digital Kids
  2. 2. T R U M P Thinking Relating to Others Using Language, Symbols & Text Managing Self Participating & Contributing
  3. 3. Using Language, Symbols & Text
  4. 4. Reflections Teach them about reflection and assign someone in the class to choose a reflection tool and let them lead the rest of the class.
  5. 6. The key... Students Students must feel ownership to participate and contribute to their learning
  6. 7. Get into the story Michael went for a basket and missed. It was me who saved the game with my rebound and into the basket! Training was tough, but I had to push on. I was selected for the team! I was so excited.
  7. 8. Students typed their student-led conference so that they were prepared with their script that matched their Student-led Conferences Students taking ownership of the learning and reflection equips them with the skills to lead the student-led conferences.
  8. 10. Students typed their student led conference so that they were prepared with their script that matched their SV – typed student-led conference
  9. 11. Reading with fluency & expression Peter - ESOL Cassidy
  10. 12. Reading – What did I do, what did I learn?
  11. 13. A resource funded by the Special Schools. Available for all schools Art example
  12. 14. ...with Art Thinking • Take actual student paintings and scan them, and use the digital images as the paintings. Create a virtual art gallery Group paintings from the same period (or artist, or painting “school”) in their own rooms. • Use digital images as the paintings (images can be of students, nature, architecture, etc.) • Make separate collections for paintings from different regions of the world.
  13. 15. Digital Teachers
  14. 17. School meeting the needs of the students not the students meeting the needs of the school. Take the leap to make a fundamental change in pedagogy...