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ISO 17100 - Translation Standard - infographic


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ISO 17100 - Translation Standard - infographic - Translation Resources, Translation Pre-processing, Translation Production, Translation Post-Production

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ISO 17100 - Translation Standard - infographic

  1. 1. Revision (by Revisers) • Examine target against source content for errors, issues and its suitability for purpose • Either correct errors found or recommend the corrections to translator • Errors/issues affecting target content quality should be corrected (until satisfactory) Translation & Check (by Translators) • Translate with project’s purpose/specifications + linguistic conventions (target language) • Provide service with the following: • Compliance with specific domain, client’s style guide, formatting, proprietaries (if any) • Terminological consistency (client’s) • Semantic accuracy of target language content • Syntax, spelling, punctuation, diacritical marks and other orthographical conventions • Lexical cohesion, phraseology, locale and standards • Target audience and target language content’s purpose • Check target language content and ensure compliance with any specifications (corrections to be made before delivery) Project Management (by Project managers) • Identification + follow through of requirements + specifications + process • Preparation Supervision to ensure compliance with schedule + deadlines + budget • Assign of competent translator(s) + reviser(s) + reviewer(s) (if applicable) • Disseminating information + instructions to all parties (including client) • Ensure queries are answered + handling feedback • Verification of work (including corrective actions) before approval + clearance for delivery • Preparation and issue of invoice Translators / Reviewers / Revisers Professional competencies • Translation competence • Linguistic + textual competence ( in source + target language) • Competence in research, information acquisition and processing • Cultural, technical and domain competence Qualifications (At least 1) • Recognized translation graduate qualification from an institute of higher education • Recognized graduate qualification (any field) from an institution of higher education + 2 years full-time professional translation experience • 5 years full-time professional translation experience • Determine project feasibility + availability of necessary resources • Indicate price + delivery details in quotations • Retain records of finalized agreement (verbal included) • Include commercial terms + project specifications in agreements • Agreed deviations from original agreement to be recorded + stored with original documentation • Ensure Information + instructions are to be known to all parties • Clarify responsibility for the security & confidentiality of information • Analyzed source language content conforms to project agreement + specifications • All parties (including sub-contractors) should have access to all technical resources • Use specified terminologies (in scope + descriptions) • Determine Client’s style guide (if provided, else use TSP’s style rules) Translation Service Provider • Technical equipment for project completion + Information security • Communications equipment (hardware + software) • Information resources + media • Translation-related language resources • Records of qualifications + demonstrated competences of all professionals Project Managers Professional competencies • Documented + translation project management competence • Basic industry understanding + thorough translation process knowledge Feedback – satisfaction assessment + taking corrective action if required (potential redelivery) Closing – project archiving to meet legal / contractual obligations regarding preservation of records / data protection Chapter 6 : Post-Production Chapter 5 : Production Chapter 3 : Resources ISO 17100 (2015): Requirements for translation services Chapter 1 : Scope A – Translation workflow B – Agreements and project specification C – Project registration and reporting Annexes D – Pre-production tasks E – Translation Technology F – Non-exhaustive list of value added services Chapter 4 : Pre-production Processes + Activities Chapter 2 : Terms + Definitions