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Globibo operational functions - Decisiontree

Globibo operational functions - Decisiontree

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Globibo operational functions - Decisiontree

  1. 1. I want to be left alone with my Computer Start : I like managing more problems than my own I make better graphics than this image Excel should be a primary school subject Finance Manager Operations Manager Sales Manager Designer if ($screen-width<200px) { $me=“happy”;} Mobile DeveloperWeb Developer Sales Manager Account Manager Event Engineer I don’t fit into a box Submit your own job description I feel People don’t belong into boxes Talent Manager Sales Support Office Admin Project Manager Sales people have no clue what they are talking about I know why a DMX cable doesn’t work with RJ45 I don’t care as long as there is food in the office Daily Whenever they come to the office You should know what this role entails, or its probably not for you Manages a group of project managers. Sort out the real big mess Support Sales Team to provide better solutions to their clients Make beautiful things – books, apps, websites, graphics, postcards, wireframes Finance Rotate through Account Payable, Account Receivable, Controlling Develop & Support native apps for millions of people around the world, mainly on ionic Are main stack is Azure, MVC, MS SQL, C#, Angular Creates technical concept and implements onsite infrastructure I want to see clients… Become a domain expert in 1 area or rotate to the other functions Help clients designing localization & training solutions Support customers and colleagues to quickly provide information to clients The oil in the engine. Facilitates that clients get the best services and issues are managed on the spot. Manage internal & external partners to plan and execute around 30 projects a month in variety of countries Give me more tough projects. Now… more… faster… Weekly Beat the box No… #WTF..!! Huh? Silly question Standard Positions in our Operations : Find your fit No No Yes Yes No bank recon … all is a problem No Yes No Clearly Yes What's the target group of this graphic ? Marketing Yes Yes No No I just like the Tree in the bottom right Sustainability Office I can optimize the vectors on this chart with standard linear regression Quant Parental Guidance: Warning. This chart includes gross generalizations and small traces of humour. If you have questions or concerns in regards the utilization of or references to reality, please contact on of our offices. Why are we doing all this ? Strategy

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Globibo operational functions - Decisiontree


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