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Career Path
In Globibo your Development Path has 4 dedicated tracks. The overall strategy is to ke...
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Globibo - Career path


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Career Path in Globibo

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Globibo - Career path

  1. 1. Globibo Career Path In Globibo your Development Path has 4 dedicated tracks. The overall strategy is to keep your eyes focussed on development a holistic personal profile of hard and soft-skills. Functional Development The functional development is driven by the Globibo Excellence Program that follows you for 5-10 years to develop your functional expertise in different areas over 4 levels (Project Coordinator, Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Project Director). As a new entrant to the organization you can leverage past experience to start on a higher level but still require to go through the internal certification process. Division Development Globibo provides different services to corporate and individual clients – including Translation, Interpretation, Language Courses, Corporate Training and Event Technology. Throughout your career progression you can change and move between divisions to either concentrate on 1 area or diversify your skill-set. Leadership Development We value hard as much as soft-skills. Team Leadership is of vital importance. Throughout your career at Globibo you can change positions from a Team Lead, Manager, Senior Manager, General Manager to Director. Leaders are required to serve as an example in technical skills as much as explicit focus on talent development. Geographic Development Globibo has an international network of offices in exciting market places. Throughout your career progression you can either focus on your current location, take responsibility for cross-country initiatives to relocate to another market. Functional Development • Project Coordinator • Project Manager • Senior Project Manager • Project Director Divisional Development • Translation • Interpretation • Language Courses • Corporate Training • Event Technology Leadership Development • Team Lead • Manager • Senior Manager • General Manager Geographic Development • Local • Relocation • Cross-Border