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Your Career at Globibo - Overview
Globibo is a small but international and diversified organizatio...
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Career at globibo overview


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Your Career at Globibo

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Career at globibo overview

  1. 1. Globibo Your Career at Globibo - Overview Globibo is a small but international and diversified organization. Within our markets, teams and projects there is a huge spectrum of development opportunities. Our overall Career Development is based on 5 main components. Career Development Components 2-phase Induction Program Within the first weeks you will go through a program of around 20 preparation and 20 training sessions. The objective of those sessions is to get to know the organization, people and our objectives for the future. Globibo Excellence Program The Excellence Program guides you over the next 5-10 years over 4 levels and over 300 learning units to become an expert in the different areas of business (translation, interpretation, language courses, corporate training, event technology). Career Path In Globibo your Development Path has 4 dedicated tracks. The overall strategy is to keep your eyes focussed on development a holistic personal profile of hard and soft- skills. Personal Development Plan Together with your supervisor we will define a Personal Development Plan. This development plan will be a centre-piece of your interaction with all colleagues. Our 360-degree feedback will provide sufficient substance for continuous improvement. Coaching Together with your supervisor and based on company-wide criteria we will work on fine-tuning your hard and soft-skills. With internal and external exposure to different leaders you will receive range of feedback and coaching insights. Career Development 2-phase Induction Program Globibo Excellence Program Career Path Personal Development Plan Coaching 1 2 3 5 4