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Camera drones overview (quadcopters)


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2019 Overview of Quadcopter models with information on flight-time, reach, camera resolution and stabilizers

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Camera drones overview (quadcopters)

  1. 1. Quadcopter Models 21 mins 4KM 2160p 8 mins 0.1KM 1080p 30 mins 7KM 2160p Stabilizers: Present 31 mins 8KM 2160p Stabilizers: Present 33 mins 1.5KM 2160p Stabilizers: Present 12 mins 1080p0.15KM Stabilizers: Present 7 mins 0.1KM 1080p Stabilizers: Present 8 mins 0.1KM 360p Stabilizers: Present 25 mins 4KM 2160p Stabilizers: Present 7 mins 480p∞ Stabilizers: Present Stabilizers: Present Stabilizers: Present 15 mins 0.06KM 1080p Stabilizers: Absent 10 mins 0.3KM 1080p Stabilizers: Absent Autel Evo Camera Drone Mavic 2 Pro Yuneec Mantis Q YUNMQUS Foldable Kaiser Baas Switch Camera Drone Camera DroneCamera Drone with WiFi Remote Parrot Anafi 4K Protocol VideoU45W Blue Jay WIFI Wingsland Mini Racing Camera DroneCamera DroneCamera DroneFPV HD Camera Drone Mavic Air Force1 Camera DroneRyze Tello Potensic T18 GPS Camera Drone Quadcopter U49C Quadcopter FPV RC Drone