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Bar & QR Codes


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Very basic Examples of Bar & QR Codes

Published in: Technology
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Bar & QR Codes

  1. 1. Bar / QR Codes 1234567812345678 GlobiboGlobibo Bar-codes are 1 dimensional They can keep numbers or characters Bar-codes QR-codes Globibo Quick Reference (QR) codes are 2 dimensional QR Codes can contain a large amount of data and trigger transaction Send Email: Email Address : Subject : QR Codes are Cool Body : Hello. QR Codes are Cool Some applications for QR Codes App Store Download Attendance Tracking Bitcoin Contact Details Digital Business Card Dropbox Email Address Email Message Event (VCALENDAR) Facebook FourSquare Google Maps Location Image File Instagram iTunes Link LinkedIn Paypal Buy Now Link PDF File Plain Text Skype Call SMS Message Telephone Number Twitter Website URL Wifi Login YouTube Video Special codes Many special code formats exist PDF417 Special codes often implement industry standard with pre- defined fields and parameters