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5 Reasons to Travel Alone


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Travelling solo is exciting, introspective and very interesting. The reasons to travel alone are multiple but we've selected 5 main ones to motivate you.

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5 Reasons to Travel Alone

  1. 1. to  Travel Alone 5 Reasons
  2. 2. While it is wonderful to share travel experience with a friend or partner,
  3. 3. there are 5 good reasons why you should try travelling solo
  4. 4. It's easier to set the dates, itinerary and activities
  5. 5. without having to coordinate with another busy person
  6. 6. Your bucket list shortens
  7. 7. when you finally do all those crazy things and don't persuade others to join you
  8. 8. It's empowering to know
  9. 9. that you can do everything by yourself
  10. 10. People tend to admire
  11. 11. those brave souls travelling alone
  12. 12. You become more comfortable with yourself
  13. 13. and confident in who you are
  14. 14. Travel solo and get fearless, wise and happy!
  15. 15. Globelink sponsor those travelling alone We insure hundreds of solo travellers annually
  16. 16. Read also How to Stay Safe while Travelling Alone
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