Keeping Your Volunteers


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This presentation is from our Keeping Your Volunteers webinar and talks about some of the things you can do to ensure that you are providing a positive volunteering environment for your volunteers. It will talk about support and supervision, protecting and valuing your volunteers, and more.

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  • Poll Do you find it difficult to keep your volunteers? Yes No
  • Poll Which of these is the best way of communicating with volunteers? Meetings Emails Text Messages Facebook
  • Poll Do you have? Formal supervision sessions Informal one-to-one meetings Group sessions None
  • Reassign – move to different role Retain – keep but resolve the problem Revitalise – change the person’s role Refer – suggest they volunteer somewhere else Retire – thank and end relationship
  • From financial harm – expenses From emotional harm – bullying / harassment From physical harm - health and safety
  • Celebrate achievement Make them feel valued How?
  • Keeping Your Volunteers

    1. 1. Welcome to today’s webinar: ‘Keeping Your Volunteers’ The webinar will begin promptly at 1pm and last approximately 45 minutes. The webinar will be delivered by Ann Maughan. Ann has over 20 years’ experience working in the voluntary sector. She has set up volunteer programmes, managed volunteers, and developed a range of training programmes to support volunteer managers. Follow us on twitter (@globelearning) ‘Like’ us on Facebook (
    2. 2. We will cover:• Motivating Volunteers• Communicating with Volunteers• Planning and Allocating Tasks• Supporting and Supervising Volunteers• Protecting Volunteers• Developing Your Volunteers• Celebrating Achievement Follow us on twitter (@globelearning) ‘Like’ us on Facebook (
    3. 3. Don’t Waste Your Time...At the beginning you spend time and energyselecting, recruiting, inducting and training volunteers.Dont waste this effort by losing them later. Follow us on twitter (@globelearning) ‘Like’ us on Facebook (
    4. 4. Motivating... • Academic theories • What motivates you? • What motivates volunteers? • Think about all of the ideas in this webinar Follow us on twitter (@globelearning) ‘Like’ us on Facebook (
    5. 5. Communicating... • Think about your communication skills • Think about your volunteers’ needs and capability • Present information clearly • Find up to date methods of communicating Follow us on twitter (@globelearning) ‘Like’ us on Facebook (
    6. 6. Planning... • Analyse tasks • Set SMART objectives • Draw up a plan • Communicate the plan • Monitor Follow us on twitter (@globelearning) ‘Like’ us on Facebook (
    7. 7. Supporting... • Look after, and provide for, the person and make them feel valued • Combat isolation • Involve them • Sort out their problems and any conflict • Use a variety of methods Follow us on twitter (@globelearning) ‘Like’ us on Facebook (
    8. 8. Supervising...• Making sure the tasks are done• Having supervision sessions Follow us on twitter (@globelearning) ‘Like’ us on Facebook (
    9. 9. Dealing with Poor Performance...• Reassign• Retain• Revitalise• Refer• Retire Follow us on twitter (@globelearning) ‘Like’ us on Facebook (
    10. 10. Developing... • Making sure they know how to carry out their role • Knowledge, procedures, skills they need Follow us on twitter (@globelearning) ‘Like’ us on Facebook (
    11. 11. Protecting...• From financial harm• From emotional harm• From physical harm Follow us on twitter (@globelearning) ‘Like’ us on Facebook (
    12. 12. Celebrating! Follow us on twitter (@globelearning) ‘Like’ us on Facebook (
    13. 13. To Conclude...Motivate SuperviseCommunicate DevelopPlan ProtectSupport Celebrate Follow us on twitter (@globelearning) ‘Like’ us on Facebook (
    14. 14. Thank you for participating! Did you enjoy today’s webinar? Why not look at some of our courses on This month only you can purchase the Winning Bids online course for just £15.Also, if you use the discount code WEB2015 before nextFriday, you get 20% off the globe course of your choice! @globelearning /globelearning Follow us on twitter (@globelearning) ‘Like’ us on Facebook (