GlobalWebIndex Mapping Your Audience Online


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The GlobalWebIndex in the only online strategic planning tool to put you in control of the largest and most detailed set of market research data ever compiled on web, social media, and the role for brands online

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GlobalWebIndex Mapping Your Audience Online

  1. 1. Mapping my consumers’ digital ecosystem
  2. 2. “We already know that the web and social media is a big “We need to go beyond deal” and understand what it means for my audience, my brand, and my category” Tom Smith – Founder of the GlobalWebIndex
  3. 3. The GlobalWebIndex in the only online strategic planning tool to put you in control of the largest and most detailed set of market research data ever compiled on web, social media, and the role for brands online With a fully interactive navigation system, GlobalWebIndex has proved to be a revolutionary concept, an innovator in the market, bringing heavy research data to the hands of planners, strategists, and marketers
  4. 4. – Map your target audience, brand and category online through 500+ consumer variables – Explore the deepest set of data on web usage, social media and the role for brands online ever compiled – Establish your category impact of social The media, by understanding purchasing GlobalWebIndex is patterns, research and consumer the only global contribution on your products strategy tool that – Go beyond the URL to understand motivations, attitudes and desires of puts you in control... web users globally – Track the growth of online into the post browser age through 3 waves of global trend data a year
  5. 5. Unlike other research driven services, the GlobalWebIndex gives you the ability to build completely customised targets, interact with the data and the graphs, and interrogate the areas of your interest, specific to your business The visual interface has been inspired by the need to overcome the fears and system restrictions associated with using existing research reports and cross-tab systems. It is a graphical fully-interactive interface built on leading edge technology to allow any user to easily read, interpret, and export into their own branded documents GlobalWebIndex is populated with data from the largest and most detailed ongoing market research study into online, social media and brands online ever conducted, quantifying behaviour across 26 markets and 140,000 web users by the end of 2011 The GlobalWebIndex platform was designed to be community driven with user profiles, open support, and regular dialogue on future developments and areas of interest. It is continuously evolving to its users needs and preferences
  6. 6. By Bespoke Audience With a huge appeal to a wide range of forward thinking agencies (PR, Deep Dive media, full service), corporates, and Analysis By markets web-brands across the globe, the GlobalWebIndex has a strong record of clients and advocates using the By online By purchase platform for both innovative insights behaviour By products Exploration of and mode as well as rigorous analysis Emerging Marketing categories Opportunities Brand comms opportunities Emerging and Valuable to unexplored your platforms business consumer and market segments
  7. 7. Filling a gap in the market Bespoke Web Social Product Total User Global Complete Live Trend Audience Behaviour Media Category Online Custom Data Comms List Delivery Data Definition Data Deep Dive Focus Universe Analysis Online Insight Tool           Specialist Digital Reports    Local Market Surveys      Online Audience Measurement Tools     Buzz Tracking    Trend / Market Reports   
  8. 8. How can you – Discover the online behaviour of your target audience: understand what they use it? do online, what motivates them, how they influence or get influenced, what brand communications they value – Understand the evolving web behaviour: explore penetration and behaviour in content creation, sharing of information, social media consumption, conversations online – Track the growth of online into the post browser age through 3 waves of global trend data a year – Identify and quantify new audiences and markets opportunities: discover the biggest influencers, the most passionate bloggers, those intending to purchase or research products in the next month, the business decision makers – Spot the market differences and regional or global consistencies: understand similarities and differences and develop your own market clusters that will bring communication efficiencies – Quantify the value of all digital brand communications: versus traditional media and professional sources – Assess how your brand should embrace the social media world: see what consumers want from brands by category; from customer outreach... to content – Get inspiration: identify genuine platform and concept opportunities instead of following the hype
  9. 9. Employment Status Shopping power Online Research behaviour Recreating and Professional Work Status Purchase identifying target Involvement Life Purchase audiences and Behaviour by and Influence Business category Online Purchase Position consumer segments preferences Decision Making had never been easier Power Responsibility Areas and more flexible.... Intention to purchase Lifestyle Outlook on the world With over 500 elements to choose from there is a good reason to Self-perceptions think beyond basic demographics Areas of Outlook interest on the web With the GlobalWebIndex you can Region Access points/devices/locations now use your creativity to identify Income and quantify bespoke audiences, Gender behaviourally and attitudinally- in Living Age Types of Years Web the online or offline world, in their Situation Demographic online Behaviour websites personal or even professional life. visiting Marital Children in HH Status Web actions Frequency of Education Country visits of websites
  10. 10. Packaged Food Telecomm unications Automotive /Wireless 35 product groups Beauty Drinks (alcoholic, soft drinks) and 100+ web brands... Healthcare Technology Pharma Entertain ment (music, Travel film, games etc) Luxury Fashion products Financial
  11. 11. The largest and most detailed data coverage Personal Profiling Marketing Online Implications Activities Social Media Technology Behaviour Influence Content and Opinion Economics Motivations and Barriers
  12. 12. Demo- Personal Profiling graphics Region Employment Demographics Professional Status Media Pro- Consum- fessional Country Life Work Sector ption Life Personal Local Region Profiling Current Position Gender Age Responsibility in Workplace Purchas Education e Beha- Lifestyle Decision Maker viour Marital Status Living Situation Income Shopper Power in Self Purchase Household Lifestyle Perceptions Behaviour Major Purchase Outlook on the Involvement World Major Purchase Outlook on the Intention Web Regular Purchase Areas of Involvement Interest Research Online Media Media Time Purchase Online Spent Consumption
  13. 13. Online Activity Connection Type Online Online Access Online Access Activity Operating System Web Browser Internet Access Points Online Beha-viour Number of Years Online Time Online Internet Usage Motivations Online Behaviour Types of Websites Visited Web Behaviour / Actions
  14. 14. Social Media Actions Social Media Behaviour Photo Blog Types of Social Sharing Behaviour Behaviour Social Websites Visited Online Platforms to Watch Media Social Web Behaviour Video Platforms to Upload Social Media Actions / Actions Behaviour Types of Content Chat-room / Behaviour Forum / Watch Message Boards Microblog Behaviour Blog Platforms Types of Content Behaviour Behaviour Types of Content Post Upload Topics of Content Post Frequency Watch Online Social Video Network Behaviour Behaviour Frequency of Update Frequency Upload Blog Motivations Online Video Motivations Platforms Microblog Behaviour Activities Chat-room Platforms Frequency of Update Forum Activities Msg Board Microblog Motivations Motivations Types Social Platforms Chat-room / Forum / Msg Board Motivations Network Activities Behavior Photo Platforms Frequency Photo Sharing Motivations Social Network Sharing Motivations Behaviour
  15. 15. Downloading Content Economics Content Downloading Methods of Download Content Content Economics Motivations to Download Paying for Sourcing Content Content Motivations By Activity Content Paid For Motivations to Pay for Content Sourcing Content Motivations in Content Sourcing First Source for News
  16. 16. Motivations and Barriers Social Motivations By Internet Usage Motivations Media Behaviour Activity Blog Motivations Microblog Motivations Social Network Motivations Motivations Barriers By Activity Social Network Group Motivations Online Video Motivations Chat-room / Forum / Msg Board Motivations Photo Sharing Motivations Motivations to Download Motivations in Content Sourcing Motivations to Pay for Content Motivations to Influence Online Barriers by Social Media Activity Barriers
  17. 17. Influence Influence and Opinion Power Influence Power Influence by Category Influence and Sources of Trust Opinion Online Online Brand Conversations by Platform Brand Conver- Conver-sations sations Products Talked About Online Motivations to Influence Online
  18. 18. Mobile Technology Mobile Mobile Features Mobile Phone Behaviour Technology Future Mobile Internet Behaviour Technology Gaming Products Behaviour Future Technology Future Technology Products Interest Products Gaming Behaviour Gaming Behaviour
  19. 19. Brand Role Marketing Implications Brand Role List of brand roles Communications Improve my Tasks Opinion Keeps me Marketing informed Implications Gets me to Social Purchase Communi- Brand cation Tasks Activation General Perception Social Brand Activation Packaged Food/Drinks Healthcare Product Alcoholic Drink Fashion Brand Personal care / beauty brand Technology product Airline Car / Automobile Financial product / service Luxury product
  20. 20. A global, regional, and local perspective With a minimum sample of 2,250 surveys per market per annum, GlobalWebIndex guarantees statistically reliable samples to allow for analysis both globally and locally With over 50k surveys to date in 18 markets GlobalWebIndex will be expanding its coverage and appeal based on our client needs and requests Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3 July 2009 Dec 2010 July 2010 Current subscribers will receive data for 26 markets and 140K surveys Wave 4 Wave 5 Wave 6 Jan 2011 May 2011 Oct 2011
  21. 21. In 1 minute... From the drop down menu scan through the data coverage and choose your selections and areas of Click how you want to view the Replicate your audiences, select your market interest output....are you a visual type of /region, determine a category...define anything person or a data lover? you want to look into. Compare your selections, countries, audiences and Intrigued by few facts and numbers? With export a click you can drill down further... Observe the trends from the consecutive waves.....
  22. 22. Try it yourself Request a demonstration or subscribe and get on board in less than 48 hours.... Let us know what you think.... +442085493955