Regional and transboundary cooperation WP1 GWPMED case study_sarra touzi_28 aug


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Regional and transboundary cooperation WP1 GWPMED case study_sarra touzi_28 aug

  1. 1. TOWARDS A SHARED VISION – GLOBAL WATER & CLIMATE PROGRAMME North Africa Case Study Dr. Sarra Touzi GWP-Med Stockholm 28th September 2013
  2. 2. North Western Sahara Aquifer Photo : OSS
  3. 3. Overall Context • Non renewable water resources • Water withdrawals increase • Piezometric level decrease • Water and soil degradation • Desertification exacerbation • warming of 1.9 ° C by 2030 and 2.7 ° C by 2050 • precipitation decrease of 9% in 2030 and 17% in 2050. • evapotranspiration increase of 8% in 2030 and 14% in 2050 • Consultation Mechanism in place (2002) : Data collection and update and Hydro-modelling • OSS : facilitated the establishment of the consultation mechanism
  4. 4. WACEP Objective To support the consultation mechanism to advance regional cooperation in climate change adaptation in the north western shared aquifer system for regional and economic development
  5. 5. Activities 1. Definition of the baseline situation 2. Enhance understanding of current and future constraints and challenges to basin water security and development highlighting the major components to be considered for the definition of direct and indirect climatic drivers 3. Identification of climate change scenarios to be considered 4. Evaluation of direct and indirect climatic impacts on water resources in the basin and transformation of this data on information to be used by the SASS hydro-economic
  6. 6. Activities 5. Synergise with the ongoing SASS programme to build a hydro-economic model including CC considerations and develop a shared vision in the basin 6. Identify and prioritize non regret investments in the basin for enhancing Basin Water Security and Climate Resilience 7. Support the existing consultation mechanism
  7. 7. Progress achieved • MoU with OSS • Definition of a detailed work plan specifying joint activities to be delivered within WACDEP and those to be undertaken within SASS III programme • Preparation of ToR for the integration of Climate change considerations into the hydraulic model of SASS (to be finalized through discussion with the SASS III programme experts)
  8. 8. Log Frame Output 1 Countries and regions supported to develop and integrate 'no regrets' water security and climate resilience investments into their development plans, policies & projects with associated investment plans Government timescales matches programme time scale Work Package 1: Regional and Transboundary Cooperation Support AMCOW, African Union and the SASS consultation mechanism to advance regional cooperation in climate change adaptation in the SASS shared aquifers for regional and economic development Number of agreements/ commitments on enhanced water security at transboundray/ regional level influenced. Target 0 0 1 1 Consultation Mechanism Steering Commitee, WACDEP reports Level Description Indicator description Baseline 2012 Milestone 2014 Milestone 2015 Target 2016 Verification Means Assumptions Logframe
  9. 9. Comments / Recommandations • Ambitious indicator for a short time  Huge risk of not achieving it • What about less “attractive” achievements but that are of big importance ? • The quantitative information hides the qualitative one ?