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Joint initiative on water legislation for improved water governance in Latin America by Milenka Sojachenski Pantoja


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Presentation made by Milenka Sojachenski Pantoja at GWP SAm, GWP Regional Days Meeting, August 22-24, 2012, Stockholm, Sweden

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Joint initiative on water legislation for improved water governance in Latin America by Milenka Sojachenski Pantoja

  2. 2. CONTENTS1. The Programme in a nutshell • key Partners • objectives • main components • audience • expected results2. Lessons learned from the process  partnership building
  3. 3. The Programme in a nutshellKey Partners • Universidad Externado de Colombia • LA-WETnet/CapNet • Dundee University • GWPO, GWP CAM and GWP SAM
  4. 4. The Programme in a nutshellGeneral Objective Contribute to improved water governance in LA through strengthening technical and institutional capacities of governmental entities, academia and NGOs around water legislation issues in order to support national governments in the development of legislative frameworks.
  5. 5. The Programme in a nutshellSpecific Objectives1. Develop academic links UEC-Dundee University to support specialisation of water legislation in the UEC + implementation of International Water Law workshop (annual).2. Breach the language barrier of the GWP-University of Dundee’s International Water Law Scholarship Programme + adapt its content to make it more accessible to LA in American trainees (1/29).3. Improve technical and institutional capacities (government entities, academy, non-government organizations, etc.) on water legislation as an important element for good water governance.4. Promote national, regional, inter-regional and global cooperation through knowledge exchange.
  6. 6. The Programme in a nutshellMain components1. Training on international waters legislation at regional level (Colombia) • UEC = main regional academic partner • agreement between UEC and Dundee  adaptation of the GWP-Dundee Int. Water Law Scholarship Programme to the LA context2. Training on water legislation at national level (itinerant courses) • LA-WETnet key to develop and implement courses • Focus on water governance (legislation, human right to water, economic and financial instruments, transparency and participation, etc). • Agreement with Dundee  improve UEC s water law MSs curriculum3. Development of materials i.e. revision and update of the manual “Streams of Law a training manual and facilitators guide on water legislation and legal reform for integrated water resources” (CapNet-UEC-Dundee)  training tool by similar initiatives undertaken in other RWP.
  7. 7. The Programme in a nutshellAudience• International Water Legislation  mid- to high-level practitioners and professionals from governments (i.e. foreign affairs officials), NGOs, international organisations, academia, private sector.• National level training  professionals who have a role in the regulation, control, planning or decision-making around water resources management.
  8. 8. The Programme in a nutshellKey expected results• 30 individuals improve their understanding on international waters legislation and are in position to contribute and influence the debate around transboundary water related issues in their countries.• 100 individuals trained in 3 countries improve their understanding of the importance of a sound legistative framework to support IWRM processes.• A training tool that can be used to support similar training initiatives throughout the network (ie. GWP-CapNet Manual on “Economics…... Broadly used for water financing training)
  9. 9. Lessons learned from the process… so farPartners do not grow on trees  need nourishment & invest time: UEC has been a collaborative Partner since they joined, CapNet (family!), GWP CAM/SAM have a history of cooperationDo not reinvent the wheel  Need to build on progress:• UEC: MSc on Water Law + reputation for excellence• LA-WETnet: training modules in LA + network of ToT• Dundee: GWP/Dundee scholarship experience + academic strength• GWP: CAM/SAM networks and ongoing processes + TEC + Secretariat support• existing materials that can be revised/repackedAlways think of possible benefits at different levels (global  national)“One size does not fit all”  adapt to needs and particularities (Dundee 1/29…)
  10. 10. Thank you for your attention!