GWP Gender Strategy Discussion


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GWP Gender Strategy Discussion

  1. 1. Gender Strategy Discussion 1 Sara Ehrhardt 28 June 2014
  2. 2. Existing Network Activities • GWP Network already active on gender • 2009-13: 20 gender- related activities recorded • 2014-16: 25 gender- related activities planned 2
  3. 3. Objective of GWP Gender Strategy • Bring gender into the mainstream of GWP's work • Provide an overarching framework for gender- and women inclusive approaches • Clarify the role for GWP in gender • Define gender equity and gender mainstreaming for GWP Network 3
  4. 4. Gender Strategy Process • Last years CP held workshop to support developing this strategy (5/13 regions) • Consultation across GWP Network on draft strategy • SC Approved Text May 2014 4
  5. 5. Gender Strategy Approach A distinction has been made between: • Gender mainstreaming policies and practice • Creating an enabling environment for women's meaningful participation in water management • Gender in the workplace (Inclusion and Diversity) 5
  6. 6. Gender Equality and Equity Equality: fully equal rights and access for both genders Equity: acknowledges differences exist but that should not lead to an unfair advantage 6
  7. 7. Gender equity in integrated water resources management Gender equity in the context of integrated and sustainable management of water resources can be promoted by mainstreaming a gender equality perspective into legislation and policies and by carrying this through step by step in the implementation of associated programmes. 7
  8. 8. Gender Mainstreaming • Include a gender perspective into operations, structures, and programmes • Aim to positively affect gender equity in water use and governance • Gender neutrality => gender blind. 8
  9. 9. Gender and strategic goal 1: Catalyse change in policies and practice • Gender mainstreaming in integrated water resources management policies, planning, and implementation • GWP will support at least 30 countries in next 5 years to have gender mainstreaming policies in water management • Gender-sensitive legal frameworks • Encourage analysis of water laws for gender discrimination • Gender and thematic programming 9
  10. 10. Gender and strategic goal 2: Generate and communicate knowledge 10 • GWP will mainstream gender in GWP communications and knowledge products • GWP will support targeted knowledge products on gender issues within GWP’s programmes
  11. 11. Gender and strategic goal 3: Strengthen partnerships 11 • RWPs: At the centre of GWP gender mainstreaming • CWPs: Inclusive stakeholder participation • Building/strengthening partnerships with other international organisations
  12. 12. Delivering the gender strategy • Materials to support implementation • Establishment of regular communication across Regional Gender Focal Points • Gender mainstreaming GWP standard documentation and procedures • Work planning and reporting • Communications • RBM • Targeted fundraising on the gender strategy 12
  13. 13. gender is EVERYONE not just the focal points! 13
  14. 14. Suggested Actions for Partnerships 1. Discuss the gender strategy in your country/region 2. Recruit a gender organization into parternship 3. Meet the Minister of Gender, include gender ministry 4. Mainstream gender into planned publications, events 5. Develop targeted knowledge product on gender & water 14
  15. 15. Questions for Discussion 1. Can you offer recommendation for aligning the gender strategies goals and objectives with our operations? 2. What actions is your Water Partnership undertaking to implement the gender strategy? 3. What considerations should be taken in implementing this strategy? 15