Fraser MacLeod presentation on the Global Dialogue


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A presentation on GWP's Global Dialogue on Water Security and Sustainable Growth by Dr Fraser MacLeod

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Fraser MacLeod presentation on the Global Dialogue

  1. 1. Dr Fraser MacLeod, Head of Global Projects Global Dialogue on Water Security and Sustainable Growth
  2. 2. Background 2 • GWP and OECD launched the Global Dialogue in 2013 • Objectives • To organise global, regional and country-level consultations on Water Security and Growth • To generate new economic knowledge in order to support a Sustainable Development Goal on ”water security for all” • To integrate this goal into a robust post-2015 development framework
  3. 3. Global Dialogue Process 3 Task Force Country Consultations High Level Panel New information for research, debate and policy advice Information and evidence 7th WWF and global media Post-2015 SDG Debate Guidance
  4. 4. Country Consultations • Phase 1 Jan – Mar 2013 • 22 countries discuss challenges and priorities post-2015 • Phase 2 Feb – Apr 2014 • 29 countries discuss UN- Water advice on targets and indicators • Synthesis report May 2014 4
  5. 5. Country Consultations 5 Tunisia Ghana Benin Nigeria Kenya Uganda Tanzania Zambia Zimbabwe Indonesia Vietnam Pakistan Sri Lanka Bangladesh Nepal Kazakhstan Tadjikistan Bulgaria Slovenia Poland Romania Peru Brazil Argentina Colombia Guatemala Nicaragua Trinidad & Tobago Cameroon
  6. 6. Emerging Messages • Strong support for a specific water goal, with a desire to set targets at the national level; • Broad support for the targets, although many suggestions at the indicator level reflecting country context; • Confirmation that the proposed goals and targets are very much in line with existing national policies; 6
  7. 7. Emerging Messages • Reinforcement that a more integrated and comprehensive perspective is essential between water targets, and between water and other proposed goals; • Positive reinforcement of youth and gender as key factors in successful implementation; and • Great appreciation for the opportunity to engage and participate, with a strong voice for continued proactive community engagement in water reform. 7
  8. 8. Visibile Findings • Individual country reports provided to representatives in New York as input to SDG discussions • Inject into the UN-Water SDG Working Group and the OWG directly • Present key messages in Singapore • Shape the research undertaken by the Task Force • Advocacy through the High Level Panel 8
  9. 9. Expert Task Force • Co-Chairs • Claudia Sadoff • Professor David Grey and Jim Hall (Oxford University) • Global scale research • Basin scale research • Integrating the findings of the country consultations 9
  10. 10. Policy Dialogue 10 • GWP and OECD to convene a High Level Panel • H.E. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, who is also AMCOW Goodwill Ambassador for Water and Sanitation • Mr. Angel Gurría, Secretary General of OECD, formerly Mexico’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Finance
  11. 11. High Level Panel • Membership being finalised • Indicative meeting schedule: • Stockholm International Water Week (Sep 2014) • OECD Global Forum (Nov 2014) • World Water Forum (Mar 2015) • Global Dialogue final report launched at World Water Forum 11
  12. 12. Thank you ! A growing international network since 1996