Demonstration projects WP5 GWP EA case study_andrew takawira for kidanemariam jembere_28 aug


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Demonstration projects WP5 GWP EA case study_andrew takawira for kidanemariam jembere_28 aug

  1. 1. Towards Water Security and Climate Resilience in Burundi and Rwanda Bugesera Trans boundary Project in Kagera River Basin for Rwanda and Burundi” GWP Water and Climate Programme Work Package 5 – Demonstration Projects
  2. 2. Kagera Basin- LVBC/EAC Bugesera catchment demonstration – focus on Lake Cyohoha Implementation of WACDEP in Bugesera
  3. 3. Proposed area for the project – Lake Cyohoha Sub-Catchment
  4. 4. Entry points for local interventions in Bugesera The interventions are expected to: • have positive social and economic impacts on the communities in both countries, • enhance their adaptive capacity and contribute to building resilience to climate change impacts • enable communities to jointly collaborate while managing the shared transboundary water and other natural resources
  5. 5. Entry points for local interventions in Bugesera • The Lake Cyohoha Catchment has been identified by both countries as a hotspots in various development plans and processes (including NAPAs and National Climate Communication Reports) • Identified as hotspot in the Kagera Basin Investment Strategy • Need to respond to unsustainable projects on- going in the sub-catchment supporting Busoni, Bugabira (in Burundi) and Bugesera District (Rwanda’s)
  6. 6. ”Innovation” in the Bugesera Demonstration Project • Putting a climate and gender lens in identification of interventions in Lake Cyohoha sub-catchment • Working with communities from Burundi and Rwanda on a shared basin to build adaptive capacity and reduce vulnerabilities • Contribute to harmonisation and sharing of experiences in natural resource management across borders Transboundary Water Management at a local level
  7. 7. Progress in implementation of WACDEP in Bugesera Consultations with local level stakeholders in Bugesera (project launching July 2012) Understanding Bugesera Catchment problems through community participatory approach
  8. 8. Progress in implementation of WACDEP in Bugesera Situational analysis (considering climatic and non-climatic drivers) in Lake Cyohoha Catchment carried out by a joint team of experts from Burundi & Rwanda (Nov-Dec 2012) Encroaching wetlands for agriculture and grazing. Water supply issues
  9. 9. Progress in implementation of WACDEP in Bugesera Stakeholders from Bu & Rw reviewed and endorsed the findings of the situational analysis (Dec 2012.)
  10. 10. Progress in implementation of WACDEP in Bugesera • Areas for quick actions assessed during Planning Meeting for Activities around the Lake Cyohoha in Kirundo (July 2013) • Participatory prioritization of interventions – that contribute to building adaptive capacity and reducing vulnerabilities
  11. 11. Prioritised interventions selected in Bugesera • Rainwater harvesting and water storage facilities; • Protection of buffer zones along the shorelines of Lake Cyohoha;. • Building of terraces – to manage soil erosion (thus siltation of water resources)
  12. 12. Prioritised interventions selected in Bugesera • Promoting adoption of biogas, solar energy and improved cook stoves; • Building capacities of the beneficiaries on water security and climate resilience. • Women groups involvement and Youth training and involvement
  13. 13. Results so far from the implemented activites • Ownership of the program by local leaders and stakeholders expressed • Major problems/ challenges/issues, possible adaptation actions and sites for action identified for Lake Cyohoha sub-catchment • Detailed 2013-2014 action plan that include a list of activities, specific locations within the catchment area, timeframe, responsible lead institutions and collaborators and mechanisms for implementation.
  14. 14. Indicators for Work Package 5 in Bugasera • Number of beneficiaries supported in demonstration projects on water security and climate resilience undertaken • Number of documents produced outlining the lessons from GWP demonstration projects and a plan for replicating solutions
  15. 15. Thank You for your Attention !!