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Ezhattumugham Tourism Village in Kerala


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Ezhattumugham Tourism Village in Kerala, check blog, images and tour information.

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Ezhattumugham Tourism Village in Kerala

  2. 2. EZHATTUMUGHAM TOURISM VILLAGE, ERNAKULAM This nature village is just 40 Km away from Kochi and Chalakudy river keeps this land greenish always. During summer season, walk across river is a nice experience and parks, artificial waterfall, tree houses, children park etc are other attractions. The majestic Athirappally falls just 7km away from this nature village is also a good spot for picnic. Watch photos in next slides…
  3. 3. Chalakkudy River during Monsoon Season : Very adventurous to walk across river during this time…
  4. 4. Athirappalli Falls
  5. 5. Oil Palm Plantation
  6. 6. Chalakkudy River during Summer Season
  7. 7. Thumboormuzhy River Garden
  8. 8. Thumboormuzhy River Garden