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Akron Is Global! #Globalize Akron


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Akron Is Global! #Globalize Akron

  1. 1. Insert your logo here Mission Global Ties Akron highlights the many strong professional resources of Akron and Northeast Ohio Global Ties Akron highlights the many strong professional resources of Akron and Northeast Ohio Global Ties Akron welcomes the world to our communityGlobal Ties Akron welcomes the world to our community Global Ties Akron builds mutual understanding of other’s cultures, situations, and beliefs. Global Ties Akron builds mutual understanding of other’s cultures, situations, and beliefs.
  2. 2. Insert your logo here INTERNATIONAL VISITOR LEADERSHIP PROGRAM Implements professional programs for international dignitaries participating in leadership exchanges sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State   OPEN WORLD LEADERSHIP PROGRAM: Implements professional programs and home stays for international dignitaries participating in leadership exchanges sponsored by the Open World Leadership Center.   THE UNIVERSITY OF AKRON INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS: Provides services to international students and scholars enrolled at The University of Akron and works with The Confucius Institute at The University of Akron on programs focused on Chinese Language and Culture    SPECIAL EVENTS: Offers annual International Thanksgiving Dinner and participates in International, Multicultural and Peace Festivals and Events throughout Northeast Ohio. GLOBAL EDUCATION: Serves the local community by providing international and multicultural educational outreach programs through our local schools. Global Ties Akron Services
  3. 3. Insert your logo here In 2014, Global Ties Akron’s programs and events represented 67 countries providing opportunities for education, engagement, exchange, and mutual understanding to a local audience of over 5500 students, educators, volunteers, professionals and community members.
  4. 4. Global Ties Akron partners with a number of local organizations with global connections.
  5. 5. 6 How is Akron Global? Meet Akron’s International Residents: 9029 Residents in the Akron Area Were born Outside of the United States 4.2 % (9029) of the total Akron Metro population 199,038 6.4 % of the population over 5 years old Speak a language other than English at home
  6. 6. 7 Summit County Is ranked 4th in Ohio in # of Languages spoken 58
  7. 7. Ethnic Minorities resettled from Burma-(Arkanese, Karen and Mon) 81 Ethnic Minorities resettled from Bhutan-Nepal = 429 Pakistan 7 Iraq 59 Iran 2 Afghanistan 7 Akron’s Global The International  Institute of Akron resettled 608 refugees in 2014.
  8. 8. 9 The following languages can be heard in Akron especially in the International District- North Hill
  9. 9. 10 The University of Akron Office of International Programs SAUDI ARABIA INDIA SOUTH KOREA CHINA In the 2013-14 Academic Year 1557 International Students Attended The University of Akron Top 4 countries of international students attending The University of Akron: Top 4 countries of international students attending The University of Akron: International Students attending The University of Akron helped to support the local economy with over $30,422 spent locally and assisted in supporting/creating 387 jobs.
  11. 11. Sister City- Chemnitz, GERMANY Sister City- Kiryat Ekron, ISRAEL The City of Akron has Established Sister Cities, Technology Bridges & Cooperative Agreements With : Cooperative Agreement Weihai – CHINA Cooperative Agreement Qingdao- Shibei District, CHINA Cooperative Agreement Hangzhou – Shangcheng District-CHINA LITHUANIA Kaunas & Northtown University FINLAND Helsinki Science & Business Park SLOVENIA Ljubljana Technology Park & PoliMat GERMANY Technology Region Aachen & International Technology Center Baesweiler 
  12. 12. FOREIGN INVESTMENT IN AKRON USA 13 Did you Know… From 2006 to 2010, Ohio Depart. of Development reported that more than $1.9 billion in Private capital was invested in 68 new plants in the Greater Akron Region? In the Greater Akron Region of Medina, Portage and Summit Counties, 100 foreign owned establishment employing over 7,661 employees, making it one of the largest metropolitan area of employment by international companies in the State of Ohio.
  13. 13. International Employees
  14. 14. 15 The mission of the Akron Area Interfaith Council (AAIC) shall be to, coordinate, and enable effective interfaith responses to the social, moral, ethical, and cultural issues of our community and to promote freedom of religion, equality, and understanding. Faith Communities In addition To Christian Jewish & Islamic Faith communities Akron has Buddhist, Hindu, Bahai, Unitarian Universalist, Sikh and other world religion Congregations. Global Ties Akron hosts Interfaith Dialogues in partnership with the Akron Area Interfaith Council.
  15. 15. Global Ties Akron Website
  16. 16. Why is Global Competence Important? 1. Global competence is the toolkit a productive, involved citizenry uses to meet the problems and opportunities of the world. 2. A new generation of students requires different skills from the generations that came before. 3. More than ever before, individual actions reach around the globe. 4. Global competence integrates knowledge of the world and the skill of application with the disposition to think and behave productively. 5. Success in career and life will depend on global competence, because career and life will play out on the global stage.
  17. 17. During the course of a career- teachers will impact over 3000 kids (from Teachers have the ability to have profound influence on emotional, intellectual and social development of each student. Ripple effect- goes beyond their students to their colleagues, friends, families and their communities. Often times students do not meet individuals from Another country, religion, or culture until they leave Their community- college, workplace TEACHERS AS CITIZEN DIPLOMATSTEACHERS AS CITIZEN DIPLOMATS
  18. 18. The Welcoming Economies (WE) Global Network is a regional Network of immigrant economic development organizations working in cities and regions across the Midwest. The Network is designed to strengthen the work, maximize the impact, and sustain the efforts of individual local initiatives across the region that welcome, retain, and empower immigrant communities as valued contributors to local economies.
  19. 19. Global Education – Networking with our Community Partners
  20. 20. Through the program we introduce not only the world to local students, but we share what is global right here in Summit County through speakers and events. This not only helps the students gain a better understanding of other countries, cultures and religions; it also make them aware of the multiculturalism of their classrooms, schools and community. With Know Your Community - Know Your World, teachers can utilize the resources we collect and add to our website We are working hard to take all the information that students need for deeper learning, but also provide tools to help with the ODE standards across subject areas.
  21. 21. Through our Know Your Community- Know Your World Project (2011-2014), Global Ties Akron has partnered with 32 schools for 110 global and multicultural presentations, representing 51 countries to over 7750 students and educators.   Impact • Compare cultural practices and perspectives in order to understand commonality and diversity of cultures. • Analyze examples of interactions between cultural groups and explain the factors that contribute to cooperation and conflict. • Explain how contact between different cultures impacts belief systems, art, science, language and forms of government. • Better understand ethnic, racial, and religious diversity in our own community. • Use diplomatic and anti-bullying skills to improve communications and build mutual understanding among diverse classmates.   Objectives
  22. 22. Website Resources The Know Your Community– Know Your World website is a rich and robust resource for students, teachers, speakers and the local community, for current and unbiased information on local and global communities.
  23. 23. Know your community - Know Your World Project Country Power Point Presentations China, Columbia, Egypt, Nicaragua, Trinidad & Tobago, Ukraine, Serbia, Afghanistan, Republic of Congo, Mexico….
  24. 24. Know Your Community- Know Your World Deep Learning Opportunities KYCKYW is a meaningful way for Akron area students to learn about different countries and cultures. KYCKYW brings international speakers into the classroom as cultural ambassadors of their countries. Students gain primary knowledge of world issues, different perspectives, learn world language communication skills, and explore the world vicariously through the lens of the presenters.  
  25. 25. Topics for classroom speakers & how teachers can merge into curriculum •Citizen Diplomacy •21st Century Skills •Speaker from a Specific Country •Immigrant /refugee experience •Democracy and Freedom •Tolerance and Mutual Understanding •Holidays or special days- Martin Luther King Jr. Day, cultural festivals- religious holidays
  26. 26. Model School Programs-  Incorporating Global Education 
  27. 27. Nolley Elementary-1st grade 10 years- 4  countries- Mexico,  Japan, Australia,  Italy- 1 month-  each class  becomes another  country and  shares what they  learn with the  school and  community 
  28. 28. Northwest Primary K- 2nd  grade spends one  month incorporating  school wide international  into all curriculum.   Grades and Extras (music  / art ) each become a  continent with classrooms  focused on various  countries.  They all learn  from one another and  their month ends with a  multicultural day  celebration including  speakers, food and  performances.
  29. 29. SCOPE Academy “One of the most powerful pieces that advanced our learners in understanding and gaining a perspective of who they are in this world and how they can support and collaborate with others across the world, came from the authentic international speakers provided by Global Ties Akron. None of us remained the same after hearing and interacting with visitors from other lands who shared their lives, culture, challenges, similarities and differences. The communication and relationships built through these opportunities have ignited our learners to seek solutions that will result in better quality for others and ongoing relationships. Global Ties Akron is an integral part of how we are able to bring the world to our learners! ” Teresa Graves, Principal Greater Summit County Early Learning Center S.C.O.P.E. Academy Incorporate global Pre K-4th  in all curriculum…..
  30. 30. Modules for Incorporating Global  Education into the classroom- Pilot projects created and tested by  Global Ties Akron
  31. 31. Module- Holidays around the world: Akron Public Schools-STEM Middle School Bring holiday celebrations from around the globe into your  classroom to build multicultural and interfaith  understanding.  A great way for your school to lead into  the holiday season…
  32. 32. Module-Student Citizen Journalism – Tallmadge Middle School
  33. 33. 1000 Cranes for Peace Global Ties Akron in partnership with Know Your Community—Know Your World, took a module on peaceful change and conflict resolution into many local schools and youth groups through out Summit County. In addition, we Akron Peace Project and many more local agencies and donors are carrying on Sadako’s dream to share thoughts and prayers of peace around the world. As of July 2015, we have reached our goal of 1000 Cranes for Syria, Japan, Afghanistan, and have begun cranes for Ukraine(900), Pakistan(750) and Nepal(250). Module- Service Learning & Peace-Conflict Resolution
  34. 34. Module- 1000 Cranes for Peace Glover CLC, Urban Vision, STEM Middle School When we took the 1000 Cranes for Peace project into Glover CLC, we hoped the student would enjoy the project, what we weren’t prepared for was the enthusiasm they had! In just 6 weeks the students who didn’t even know how to make the crane, managed to make nearly 2,200 cranes!
  35. 35. Module: Project Based Learning – Buchtel High School For the last 2 years, KYCKYW assisted the joint project of 10th grade language arts and 10th grade social studies. Together we worked to take learning to the next level. Each year the students not only accepted the challenge, but they exceeded expectations. In 2015-16 school year, we are assisting the biggest project to date, but feel confident in that the students will meet the challenge.
  36. 36. Module- Language Learners World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages- Tallmadge / Cuyahoga Falls / Revere Interact with cultural competence and understanding -Relating cultural products to perspectives -Relating cultural products/practices to perspectives This picture is from May of this year. In it, 8 different countries and 23 unique languages are spoken. 80% of those languages are “less commonly taught” languages- such as Hindi, Arabic, Pashto, Tajiki and Persian.
  37. 37. November 16-20, 2015 Encourage cultural understanding for students using the online resource One World: Connecting Communities, Cultures, and Classrooms. Sponsored by the National Football League and Scholastic Inc., this unique education resource designed for teachers. The free, web-based program may be downloaded from Organize a cross-cultural potluck lunch in which students bring in or make foods from their homeland or ancestors' homeland. Assign students to produce a video or website about their cross-cultural experiences. The video could explore issues of cultural idiosyncrasies, stereotypes, and/or their own experiences in another culture. Hold a geography, foreign language, or world history bee for your students. (For ideas, see the IEW Quiz!)
  38. 38. Professional Development- Population Workshop- Nov. 20, 2015 @ Kent State Twinsburg Campus Discover lively, interdisciplinary activities that help students understand the importance of sustainable global citizenship and informed decision making. In this full-day workshop, K-12 educators will engage in role-playing simulations, problem solving challenges, and critical thinking activities to build students’ knowledge in math, science, and social studies. All participants will receive our classroom-ready curriculum, which emphasizes hands-on learning and cross-curricular problem solving. All activities are aligned to Ohio’s New Learning Standards and the Common Core Standards. This exciting workshop will focus on the following themes: •Human population history •Understanding demographic trends •Global poverty and public health •Human impact on the environment •Ecology and sustainability •Community and individual decision making All participants will receive: •Five hours of hands-on professional development training •A copy of our Teaching Population CD with 60 standards-aligned lesson plans and teaching •A certificate of completion •Access to additional Population Education opportunities and teaching resources
  39. 39. Your community as a resource • Religious Diversity- visit local religious houses of worship or Akron Area Interfaith Council- Religious roundtable discussions • Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage- Cleveland • Cleveland Ethnic Diversity- through food- • Cultural Restaurants and Markets • Akron Zoo & Cleveland Zoo- Animals from around the globe • The Cleveland Cultural Gardens, a string of 24 landscaped gardens, with statuary, along East Boulevard and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard in Rockefeller Park honors many of the city’s ethnic heritages. • Ukrainian Museum and Archives:
  40. 40. YOUR COMMUNITY AS A RESOURCE- SPECIAL EVENTS Ethnic and International events • Cultural Fairs & Festivals Northeast Ohio- throughout the summer • Akron Global Village Festival- Sunday, September 13, 2015 • The Confucius Institute at The University of Akron China Summer Camp & Middle School/ High School China Days • International Education Week – November • Cleveland International Film Festival
  41. 41. Multicultural Literacy Festival May 13 &14, 2016 @ Main Branch, Akron-Summit County Public Library •Collaborators and Community Voices ◦ Authors and Storytellers ◦ International Students ◦ Immigrants ◦ Refugees •Connections ◦ Global Topics and Issues ◦ Cultural Interactions ◦ World Languages ◦ Cultural Performance ◦ Unique reading & storytelling spaces
  42. 42. Why is Global Competence Important?