Video Volunteers Greece - Practical Details


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All the practical information you need to know about the Video Volunteers Media Training for Trainers!

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Video Volunteers Greece - Practical Details

  1. 1. video volunteers > contents part 2 > the story > mission inspiration what do we offer? > the programme the background > target group > multiplying the knowledge> practical details dates > hosting > travel > registration fee > insurance > what to bring > digitalP video library how to apply > contact > trainers
  2. 2. Practical DetailsDatesArrivals:6 May 2011You must arrive before 1200 pm to Thessaloniki.You will be transferred from downtown Thessaloniki to thePrespa Lakes, departing at 1400 pm.Training starts in Laimos:7 May 2011 at 11:00 amTraining ends:13 May at 21:00 pmDeparture day:14 May 2011 at 7:00 am from Prespa LakesYou will arrive to Thessaloniki at 12:00 am.Please note that we do not accept late arrivals or early departures.In case you want to arrange your travel through Athens, please be awarethat Athens and Prespa are at 570 kilometers distance, therefore wewon’t be able to support you in getting to the training.Arrival details must be communicated to us immediately after bookingyour ticket.
  3. 3. hostingFood and accommodation will be provided forthe participants. During the training you willbe hosted in the guest house Ariadni.During your stay we ask you to support us insome light house-keeping duties. In this way,we are able to keep the participant’s fee as lowas possible.In the house there is wireless internetconnection. The accommodation 500 metersdistance from the training hall and the shopsof the village square.Address of the guesthouse: Contact details of Global Soma: Phone: 0030 690 75 329 25 E-mail: global.soma@gmail.comWebsite (Global Soma Youth Association):
  4. 4. travelThe programme can refund up to 70 % of your travel costs, ifyou participate in the whole training.Choose the cheapest way of travelling and buy return tickets.You must keep all your tickets, boarding passes and receipts(originals). ONLY if you have the travel tickets, boarding passesand receipts we are able to reimburse your travel costs. See thetable below for the highest price from which we will reimburseyou full 70%.registration feeWe provide a complete environment for digital media making,with sufficient number of cameras and editing facilities. Tomake it possible, we ask you to contribute to the costs oforganizing this activity. The registration fee according tocountries is detailed in the table below.Country Registration feeGreece, Spain, Hungary, Italy & Slovakia 50 €Other countries than the above or people doing their 420€EVS
  5. 5. insuranceYou must book a travel and health insurance for theduration of the training. We ask you to bring thiswith you and we will keep a copy to prove that youhave been present and insured.what to bring > Towel > Comfortable clothes for outdoor & indoor activities > Backpack (not necessary, but very practical for outdoor production) > Good walking shoes > Medicine > Passport or other official identification> Invoices and travel tickets copies and originalsIf you have, it is essential that you bring with youpersonal equipment. We will only provide the basicequipment, so the effectiveness of your personallearning and the training itself can be increased ifyou work with tools you already know and have.
  6. 6. previous videosTherefore, bring with you:> Video and photo camera if you have> Memory storage (ext. hard drive)> Laptop and editing software if you have> Cables, chargers, card-readers you need Media Literacy Awareness Spot DV, 00:23’’, 2010 March Media Educational Video DV, 02:49’’, 2010 September Social Promo Spot DV, 00:54’, 2011 March
  7. 7. trainers This training is delivered by Miki Ambrozy and Kriszta Zsiday, assisted by a team of experienced to apply?Send the filled in application form to thecontact person in your country. You willfind the application by clicking here:download the application formtable of travel reimbursement conditions
  8. 8. contact pointsPartner OrganizationsNGO Contact CountryEgyesek Youth Association HUNGARYCantiere Giovanni ITALYMilan Simecka Foundation SLOVAKIAGlobal Soma Youth GREECEAssociationAssociacion Juvenil SPAINIntercambiadownload the application form