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Digital Marketing 101


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Digital Marketing 101 for Small Businesses.

  • Very good info. Excellent job, pal.

    Darren Mack
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Digital Marketing 101

  1. 1. Digital Marketing 101 By Varju Luceno
  2. 2. Short Attention Spans Consumers Snack and Move On Create Clear and Short Messages
  3. 3. Customization Is Key Tailor to specific needs Consumers make their own product
  4. 4. Engage Your Audience Get your customers/prospects involved
  5. 5. Surprise Your Customer • Give your customers/prospects something new to talk about.
  6. 6. Humor Entertain your customers and prospects
  7. 7. Let Customer Become Your Marketer Follow up. Nurture your relationships.
  8. 8. Use Different Media To Tell Your Story Measure results
  9. 9. Mobility & Accessibility Make your message part of their digital life
  10. 10. Avoid Forcing your brand
  11. 11. Avoid  Lengthy messages
  12. 12. Avoid  Repeating your mistakes
  13. 13. Diminishing Loyalty Don’t expect people to care about you or your brand Owned media/attention: Website, blogs. Paid media/attention: TV, radio, (digital) ads. Earned media/attention: Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube.