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Connecting Your WHY Fuel to the Right How Tools with Social Media. How can social media be a meaningful tool to improve my business results?

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  • Media (communication), tools used to store and deliver information or data The term Social refers to a characteristic of living organisms (humans in particular, though biologists also apply the term to populations of other animals). It always refers to the interaction of organisms with other organisms and to their collective co-existence, irrespective of whether they are aware of it or not, and irrespective of whether the interaction is voluntary or involuntary.
  • Many of you attending completed a survey so we could provide you the information you needed. It revealed that you are very busy, which really isn’t a surprise to me. 25 responses with 56 clicks, which means many of us work outside the home, are responsible for most of the household responsibilities, own a part time business and support local causes.So the questions is how can social media improve my life, improve my impact or give me time back? Is social media worth our time? Time is at premium and we need to fit in time for self care.
  • This is where you currently spend you time using social media.
  • Top Three things you wanted to know
  • Ok so now we’ll do a little experiment so we can demonstrate how social media works. When you arrived we handed you a few handouts asking you to share products, services and causes you love, why you love them and where somebody could learn more about. We asked to be as detailed as possible.By a show of hands how many people knows everyone in this room? Ok we’re going to have three sharing rounds. Now we’re are going to ask you to hand your card to somebody you know. Add any details verbally or just hand it to them. Q1 – how many people received information that they have never heard about before? (share)Share the cards you received with somebody else you know. Q2 – how many people have a card from somebody they do not know. Q3-raise your hand if you would consider buying or supporting the product, service or cause on your card? Q4 – by a how of hands who has a card with a website listed regarding where they could learn more?
  • Any entity or person sharing information through social media have varying levels of reach and influence. Without the constraints of physical barriers or physical distance anyone with access to the internet can share information which can spread very easily.
  • Highly accessible – no regulated. There is still a big divide amongst certain Scalable – low cost entry that can grow with a person or business.Web-based and mobile – mobile is emergingUser Generated – power to the people, fragmenting markets, highly specialized niches, Co –creation of value – Consumers have a more powerful voice, Make your voice heard, vote with your dollars as we can do our own research and gain information from our peers about products, services and causes. JUST GOOGLE IT
  • 2010 42.8 million spent on mobile devices with a projected spend in 2015 of $1.8 billion.2009 300 million mobile apps were downloaded and 5 million in 2010. (show examples on my phone check my balance, taking audio notes, sharing photos,
  • Talk about how some people use a personal page as a business page.
  • Media Goes Social

    2. 2. Modern B*a*g Ladies –Getting to the HEART of What Matters to You! Connecting HEARTS to minds and hands
    3. 3. Connect Your WHY With the Right HOW
    4. 4. Social Media is….. •A ToolWhat is •Powered by People •Giving Power to the PeopleSocial •Creating a Global Society •Removing physical barriers to sharing andMedia? communicating Social Media is NOT…. •Mass media but is used by mass media outlets •A One Way Conversation •A Value System (you bring value to social media) •A Strategy
    5. 5. You Are Busy Number of Response(s) Response RatioI own my own business. 14 56.0%I work outside of the home for a company I doNOT personally own. 14 56.0%I spend time volunteering for variousorganizations. 13 52.0%I am retired. 1 4.0%I work part time outside of the home. 3 12.0%I am responsible for most duties related tomaintaining my household. 10 40.0%Other 1 4.0%Total 25 100%
    6. 6. How You Use Social Media Number of Response(s) Response Ratioa way to stay connected with friends and family 17 68.0%a way to promote my business/organization (sales, products,announcements) 11 44.0%a way to share my expertise and passions 5 20.0%a listening post to learn more about customers needs 2 8.0%a way to prospect potential customers 9 36.0%a way to be of service to others 7 28.0%a way to share information my followers need and value 6 24.0%a way to spread joy in the world 3 12.0%n/a I do not use social media. 2 8.0%Total 25 100%3 Comment(s)
    7. 7. Top 3 Things You Want to Know1. How do I use social media to improve business performance?2. What is the difference between a personal and business Facebook Page?3. How do I improve my privacy on Facebook?
    8. 8. Let’s Do an Experiment!
    9. 9. David ArmanoSource:
    10. 10. •Media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable communication techniques. What is •The use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn Social communication into interactive dialogue. Media? • A group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, which allows the creation and exchange of user- generated content."[1] A common thread running through all definitions of social media is a blending of technology and social interaction for the co-creation of value.** Source Wikipedia
    11. 11. What is •highly accessibleSocial •scalableMedia? •web-based and mobile technologies •user-generated content. •co-creation of value
    12. 12. Social Ice Cream
    13. 13. Source:
    14. 14. High Engagement GreaterSocial Social Media ChangeHigh Engagement Use of Technology Greater Social Responsibility
    15. 15. Source:
    16. 16. How isSocial Media Used?
    17. 17. • FacebookWhat are some Social Media • Twitter Platforms ? • LinkedIn • Blogging • Ning Social Sites • Kickstarter • Youtube • Podcasts • Community Forums • Photo Sharing
    18. 18. How do I use social media to improve business performance?•Establish an Online & Offline Presence•Why Fuel – Share Your HEART , Connect, Add Value•Listen First – Niche &Needs • Ask Questions & Capture Data •Have Conversations•Return to home base •Results producing activities•Co-Creation – The 12:1 Give to Ask Ratio •Add Value •Establish Yourself as an Expert•Encourage Sharing
    19. 19. How NOT to Use Social Media
    20. 20. Risks, Rewards & Dirty Laundry Know, Like, Trust Authentic Transparency Trail of Engagement Evidence
    21. 21. What is the difference between apersonal and business Facebook Page? Facebook Personal Profile Business PageWho? Friends Limited to 5000 Fans Unlimited # 1,000,000 Fans YAHHow? Jane the person or Jane’s Be my Confirm or Friend Ignore business likes other biz pages.Privacy? YES NoFeatures Private Messages Discussions Tag Friends Ads Chat Fans can mention your Biz
    22. 22. How do I improve my privacy on Facebook?•Go to Privacy Settings •Everyone •Friends of Friends •Friends Only•Like These Pages – Facebook Safety & Facebook Security•Set to HTTPS:•Do not share hometown, birth date and address•Follow Google Alerts – FACE BOOK PRIVACY or FACEBOOKSECURITY•Start your own closed or secret group.
    23. 23. Next Steps•S I G N U P TO R E C E I V E N E W S L E T T E R•$50 D I S C O U N T O N S E L E C T S E R V I C E S•C O N T I N U E T H E C O N V E R S AT I O N O N FAC E B O O K