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Future of News: Seeing News Conversations


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Presentation at the Princeton University Future of News workshop about data visualisation, journalism and interactivity. It takes a look at current visualisations of networks and attention of social media tools such as Twitter, and Digg and how they might be used to improve interaction on news sites.

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Future of News: Seeing News Conversations

  1. 1. SEEING NEWS CONVERSATIONS Helping everyone find wisdom in the crowds
  2. 2. “A good newspaper, I suppose, is a nation talking to itself.” Arthur Miller London Observer November 26, 1961
  3. 3. Can our communities and conversations scale? Make the mass manageable, interesting and even entertaining Help people find conversations Help people find each other
  4. 4. Twitter for journalism
  5. 5. Higher Ed’s Helping Hand
  6. 6. Open up your data
  7. 7. Open up your data
  8. 8. Open up your data
  9. 9. Open up your data
  10. 10. Thanks for photos Photos from Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution licence Conversation by Parastoo Hookah and conversation by prakhar Crowded. People/SQft ratio- 1.5/1 by akaalias Crowds by by James Cridland From leef I alonze by Brad
  11. 11. Kevin Anderson, Guardian blogs editor