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Latin American HR Trends, Ft Lauderdale


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learn more about HR issues and trends in Latin America

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Latin American HR Trends, Ft Lauderdale

  1. 1. GLOBAL HR E X E C U T I V E F O R U M HR Innovation & "Next Practices" in Global Workforce Management, International Assignments and Employee Mobility Policy 13 August 2009 About this education conference... This unique international education course is designed for maximum idea-exchange in an open-forum, problem- solving and relationship-building atmosphere. You are invited to participate and learn. Looking at the effects of Globalisation on companies and their employees and families, and on countries and cultures is our general theme; Risk Management the underlying theme. With the growth of world trade, today’s multinational, corporate workforce is more mobile and people issues are dominating boardroom agendas. Increasingly, HR leaders are being required to demonstrate their value in real terms...people issues are frequently the “make or break” factor in corporate deals. To us, this leads to the growing focus on the risks associated with HR policies, procedures and practices, assign- ments, and the risks to employees and families. continuing professional education produced by – phone – 1.619.297.5700 email –
  2. 2. AGE N D A 8.00 am CHECK-IN, COFFEE & NETWORKING 8.45 OPENING SESSION WELCOME REMARKS, INTRODUCTIONS AND PURPOSE Ed Cohen, Program Developer; TalkRadio Host — Global Business, Global People™; Publisher & Editor — Global HR News 9.00 THEME KEYNOTE (INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP) HOW TO DEVELOP AND SUSTAIN A "COMMITTED, AGILE, AND FULLY- CONTRIBUTING WORKFORCE FOR TODAY'S TURBULENT ECONOMIC TIMES Scott Hamilton, Founder and Senior Partner — Allign™ TOM PETERS HAS SAID: "The chief reason for our failure in world-class competition is our failure to tap our workforce’s potential". SCOTT HAMILTON SAYS: A significant number of employees in most organizations cannot keep current and truly aligned with their com- panies “go-to-market” strategy, and even less demonstrate total commitment to the organization or its goals, according to Gallup (2008). Additionally, in these uncertain times, emotional stress contributes to an even greater internal lack of focus and “change fatigue”. This highly interactive presentation by strategic execution expert, Scott Hamilton focuses on how to use next practices... innovative methods to fully attract and engage employees in the goals of the organization, align them to key initiatives and how to coach them using accelerated execution techniques. Participants will also learn how to assess the critical brand, customer and market attributes of their company to better connect their global workforce to external challenges and improve individual/team contribution levels at the local level. YOUR KEY TAKE-AWAYS: • Understanding the reality that up to 40% of employee-work is not focused on or contributing to current company objectives! Participants will learn how to build “focused performance and relevant contribution”. • Learn how to engage your executive team to the new regulatory and political realities impacting your global talent management strategy ... from an ROI perspective. • Recognize why many employees do not know how they directly or indirectly contribute to profit! Participants will learn 3-steps to improve financial alignment, i.e., line-of-sight to your value proposition. • Learn how to better enhance and create a “two-way” stream of improvement ideas based on your CEO’s vision and context regarding internal operations and employee performance. • Learn how to identify and manage your EVP... Employee Value Proposition ... to attract and retain the best. • Learn the 5-ways to build NEXT PRACTICES in your organization to eliminate out-of-date policies, initiatives and focus on initiatives that will truly be valuable to your overall workforce development strategy. VALUE TO GLOBAL LEADERS: A huge gap often exists between global to local strategic initiatives (brand, marketing, leadership or other key issues) and the workforce’s ability to execute. Participants will develop a context for understanding business performance as a function of customer and employee engagement. Participants will learn NEXT PRACTICE methods for enhancing the direct contribution of individuals and teams to company goals will be demonstrated. Examples and interactive exercises will demonstrate powerful business tools for connecting all resources to clearly understood objectives. Participants will leave with awareness of new tools to develop a high performance “execution oriented” culture, and the “WIIFM” (what's in it for me) - how the company contributes to their personal development and success.
  3. 3. AGE N D A 9.50 am NETWORKING COFFEE BREAK 10.15 CONFERENCE KEYNOTE ECONOMIC CLIMATE "SPOT SURVEY": WHAT COMPANIES ARE DOING WITH THEIR EXPATRIATE PROGRAMS Gary Lusk, Partner — KPMG LLP 11.00 LEGAL KEYNOTE: SPECIAL TECHNICAL TRAINING TRENDS IN LATIN-AMERICAN EMPLOYMENT LAW UNDERSTANDING THE WORKPLACE LEGAL LANDSCAPE AND AVOIDING THE MAJOR PITFALLS E. Johan Lubbe, Partner; Coordinator, International Employment Practice Group — Jackson Lewis LLP Angel Castillo, Jr., Partner — Jackson Lewis LLP KEY ISSUES: • Role of Labor Departments in Latin America – from hiring to firing • “Cause” requirements for employment termination • Severance benefits (or indemnities) due to employees terminated without cause • “Independent contractors” – oh, really? • Employees on the US payroll • Workplace mobbing • Data privacy compliance KEY TAKE-WAYS: • Understanding the basic difference between US and Latin –American employment law is crucial to avoiding employment law disputes and compliance lapse – think global but act locally! • Employees in Latin-American countries have substantially stronger legal protections than US employees. Many of these rights are non-waivable and cannot be contracted away. • The local Labor Department plays an active role in administering the employment relationship • Engaging employees as “independent contractors” or merely paying them form the US payroll is fraught with problems; be cautious • The regulation of data privacy and workplace mobbing (or “bullying” ) have reached the shore of Latin America; be aware of the compliance and risk prevention challenges 12.15 pm NETWORKING LUNCHEON 1.00 BREAK 1.10 KEYNOTE TAX UPDATE 2009... COMPLIANCES IN THE NEW ECONOMY IMPACTING GLOBAL MOBILITY Angela D. Arnold, Senior Manager — KPMG, LLP
  4. 4. AGE N D A 2.00 LEGAL KEYNOTE US CONGRESS, AND BUSINESS IMMIGRATION LAW: UPDATE ON THE NEW GEO-POLITICS & NEW COMPLIANCES Enrique Gonzalez III, Managing Partner Coral Gables — Fragomen LLP 2.40 FAST BREAK 2.50 MANAGEMENT KEYNOTE CORPORATE TRAINING: EMBRACING TECHNOLOGY Norah Franchetti, VP Training — Crown Relocations With the world somewhat in the economic doldrums, organizations may be scrambling to figure out how to continue to invest in its people, retain its customers and look for new opportunities. The pressure is definitely on to maximize training resources, what are the options? In this session we will discuss the options to continue to develop our talent by embracing technology to suit all generations and levels of staff, we will look at informal versus formal training and getting the best results so that we can develop and retain our people as well as providing better customer service both internally and externally. 3.50 KEYNOTE PANEL GLOBAL HR NEWS TALK SHOW IDEA EXCHANGE "NEXT PRACTICES" GLOBAL TALENT MANAGEMENT and TODAY'S CHALLENGES ... IMPACT OF NEW COMPLIANCES, GEO-POLITICS, AND A VOLATILE ECONOMY ... A LOOK AHEAD FOR 2010 ! host: Ed Cohen, Publisher & Editor — commentators: Anwar Sadat, Vice-President — Citi International Personal Banking; Citibank, N.A. Robert Kreiling, Vice-President — Bank of America Home Loans Scott Hamilton, Senior Partner — Allign Gary Lusk, Partner — KPMG LLP Rob Howard, Director — HTH Worldwide E. Johan Lubbe, Partner — Jackson Lewis LLP 5.00 pm NETWORKING WINE RECEPTION
  5. 5. SPE A K E R S ANGELA ARNOLD His practice currently focuses on representing employers KPMG LLP in state and federal court litigation and appeals, including Angela Arnold is a Senior Manager, International Execu- defending claims arising in the workplace alleging dis- tive Services, and is a licensed CPA in North Carolina and crimination on the basis of physical and mental disabilities Georgia. Angela has worked as a tax professional with KPMG (Americans with Disabilities Act), age (Age Discrimination LLP for 16 years. During that time she has specialized in the in Employment Act), gender (including sexual harassment), delivery of tax compliance and advisory services to support pregnancy, religious beliefs, race, and national origin (Title global mobility programs for companies based both in the U.S. VII); alleging violations of the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act; and alleging employment- and abroad. Her Education includes MS, Accountancy, UNCG; related common law tort claims such as battery, defamation, and she is a CPA licensed in Georgia and North Carolina. invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional Angela’s professional expertise lies in the areas of expatri- distress. He represents clients in such litigation primarily in ate taxation, international payroll reporting and international Florida and Puerto Rico. Additionally, he is experienced in tax policy development. She has coordinated the delivery of litigating claims arising from employment contracts, includ- individual tax, payroll and human resource compliance and ing disputes over non-compete covenants and confidentiality advisory services around the world for companies and orga- agreements. Besides his experience in litigation, Mr. Castillo nizations in such diverse industry segments as the following: also has extensive experience in advising employers regard- Pharmaceuticals, Transportation, Retail consulting, Higher ing employee terminations and lay-offs, reductions in force, education and research, and Technology. and plant closings (including WARN Act issues).  The early identification of global mobility issues and Mr. Castillo also conducts training sessions and seminars management of those issues at appropriate phases during in English as well as in Spanish for management, supervisors, the assignment life cycle is of critical importance for global and employees on issues of workplace law aimed at ensuring employers. Failure to identify and manage these issues full compliance with applicable laws and avoiding litigation, can create tax and financial risks for both the employer and administrative proceedings, and investigations. The subjects employee. Education of international assignment manag- of such sessions include, among others, sex harassment, retali- ers, assignees and other stakeholders within a company is of ation, wage-and-hour laws, reasonable disability accommoda- foremost importance in building a successful international tion, leave laws, pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse policies, mobility program. and language policies in the workplace, among others. Angela has successfully implemented the following proj- Mr. Castillo has worked on Latin American legal issues ects for her clients to support their international workforce throughout his years of practice, and has worked with and policies and processes: Global compensation data gathering, supervised local lawyers in and visited Mexico and many reporting and tax withholding; International assignment countries in the Caribbean and Central and South America, tax policy development and implementation; Tax planning including Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and tax savings identification for international assignments Nicaragua, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Argentina.  to support new emerging operations in Asia and Europe; He is a former Chair of the International Law Committee of Individual work with high-level corporate executives to un- the Miami-Dade County Bar Association, which he founded. derstand and plan for the tax and financial impact of partici- He has litigated and tried a number of cases in United States pating in an international assignment. Her past engagements courts governed by the laws of various Latin American include Management of global tax compliance and advisory countries, including Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Honduras, services for multi-national companies and non-profit entities Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic, headquartered in the Southeastern U.S. among others. He recently concluded a lengthy international arbitration governed by the law of El Salvador, conducted by the American Arbitration Association in Spanish, and another ANGEL CASTILLO, JR. one, governed by the law of Brazil, conducted by the Interna- Jackson Lewis LLP tional Chamber of Commerce. Angel Castillo, Jr., a partner in the Miami office of Jackson  Mr. Castillo is a member of the Firm’s International Prac- Lewis, has significant experience over more than 25 years of tice Group, which provides one-stop global coordination of practice in employment and other civil litigation and in do- labor and employment law strategies for U.S. multinational mestic and international arbitrations. His Martindale-Hubbell businesses with foreign interests. He coordinates and super- Peer Rating is AV. Mr. Castillo has been selected by both the vises legal services to clients with operations throughout South Florida Legal Guide and Florida Super Lawyers as one Latin America, including Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Domini- of the top Labor and Employment lawyers in South Florida.  can Republic.
  6. 6. SPE A K E R S A native of Havana, Cuba, who has lived in the United and also distributed copies direct to many of the region’s top States since his high school years, Mr. Castillo is fluent in Span- companies and recruiters and he began a mail-order service ish and has a working knowledge of French and Portuguese. as many requests for copies came in and copies were sold Mr. Castillo received his bachelor's degree from Stetson internationally. University in DeLand, Florida, where he was student body During 1984 he organized his first conference and it was president, in 1968. He received his J.D. degree with high held at the LA Chamber of Commerce; over 100 attended honors in 1978 from the University of Florida in Gainesville, including HR managers from Apple, Chevron, Paramount Florida, where he graduated first in his class and was Execu- Pictures, Bank of America, Hughes Aircraft Company, Fluor, tive Editor of the Law Review and a member of Phi Delta Phi. General Dynamics, and many more. He was awarded the LL.M. degree by the Yale Law School in In 1986 and ‘87 he and others produced and distributed New Haven, Connecticut, in 1980. the first video relocation guides to Southern California and Mr. Castillo is admitted to practice in the State of Florida, Hughes Aircraft Company retained Ed to produce a special- the United States Supreme Court, the United States Courts of ized version for their recruitment program. Appeals for the Eleventh and Fifth Circuits, and also the First In the ‘85-’89 timeframe he expanded the guidebook Circuit, which handles appeals from the United States District concept with Chicago Bound™‚ New York Bound™, Florida Court for the District of Puerto Rico. He also is admitted to Bound™, Texas Bound™, Arizona Bound™, and other publish- practice in the United States District Courts for the Southern ing ventures. and Middle Districts of Florida and, by examination, in the In ‘94 Ed published the first international trade paper for United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico in “corporate relocation” called Corporate Relocation News™ San Juan. His trial experience includes more than 50 trials and (later to become widely known as CRN News). evidentiary hearings in federal and state courts, including a In ‘97 he organized and hosted his first international dozen jury trials. He also has extensive appellate experience conference and it happened in London and 115 delegates in state and federal appellate courts. attended, mostly from the UK and European continent; about 1/3 came over from the US. He has also produced conferenc- es in Paris, Brussels, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Geneva, EDWIN COHEN Panama, Mexico City, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, in addi- Global HR News tion to several US cities and Vancouver BC. In 2003, Ed re-branded CRN News as GLOBAL HR NEWS. Here’s a quick overview of GLOBAL HR NEWS and how it Beginning September 2008, the magazine became a monthly evolved: and is now easily available on with Ed Cohen began a business involved with “corporate relo- global free access free download 24-7-365. cation” in 1977 when he founded, and then managed a Public Relations/Destination Services company he called “Settling-In Greater Boston & New England”. With an office location on NORAH FRANCHETTI downtown Boston’s Freedom Trail, the company primarily Crown Worldwide was involved with promoting engineer recruitment into the region for the developing “mini computer” industry. The com- Scottish born Norah Franchetti, joined Crown Worldwide pany’s main product/service was helping people find housing 26 years ago and has held a wide range of business develop- and a new life, to become knowledgeable about the Greater ment and general management positions, with postings in Boston region and its history and culture. His company was Asia, UK, Europe and the United States. involved with researching, editing, publishing region-based She is currently the Vice President for Learning & De- information about the Greater Boston communities and velopment and under the "Crown University" umbrella, she their schools, housing, and the community-based tax rates, defines the global training and development strategies and commuting routes, local government, lifestyles, and more. He delivers in-person workshops to the worldwide staff includ- published this information, supported by advertising, into a ing Business Development Managers and Account Manag- glossy, colorful guidebook called “Settlin’-In”. Distribution was direct to all of the region’s company HR and Recruiters, as well ers as well as leadership workshops to the Group Managers. as thru the regional chamber of commerce and bookstores Norah is a regular conference speaker in her areas of exper- located throughout the region. In 1980 he sold the company tise which include her many experiences from traveling and and relocated to California. working in over 50 countries. During 1981 he began a similar business called Califor- Franchetti graduated from Napier University, Edinburgh, nia Bound™ and the first edition was published in ‘82. He set Scotland, with a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business up distribution via the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce Studies. She currently lives in California.
  7. 7. SPE A K E R S ENRIQUE GONZALEZ team help leaders to improve their personal effectiveness in Fragomen managing and leading to create powerful working relation- Enrique Gonzalez is the Managing Partner of the FRAGO- ships and achieve greater business value. MEN Coral Gables office. Enrique’s practice is broad-based His organizational expertise includes the use of strategic but he has particular experience related to managing the alignment programs, cultural and operational assessment immigration programs for institutions of higher education, tools, executive development; leadership team effectiveness hospitality companies (including cruise lines), and entertain- programs, business metrics and the pioneering use of “collec- ment companies. tive intelligence” alignment programs. Since 2007, Enrique has served as a Member of the Scott is also known for bringing highly customized President’s Council at Florida International University. He also solutions to organizations to build their internal capability served as the Vice Mayor of the City of West Miami from 1994 to adapt and execute in turbulent markets and economic to 2001. conditions. His Education includes: Cornell University Law School, Scott is the co-founder of Allign, a company that has J.D., 1991; Tulane University, B.A., 1988, magna cum laude. developed and introduced a unique proprietary process His representative experience includes: called AllignMaps© and LineofSite™ Scoreboards that bridge • Manages the immigration programs of the majority the gap between C-level vision and workforce execution of the state universities in Florida. by aligning actions and financial contributions to improve • Recently conducted a review of the exchange performance. program partnerships for a major theme park operator to Up to 90% of new corporate initiatives are left to languish ensure compliance with US immigration laws and regulations. and die once it becomes time to execute them. In addition, Subsequently made recommendations on ways in which the VOC (voice of the customer) and VOE (voice of the employee) company might modify its programs. are rarely factored into the measurable success of internal • In anticipation of a hotel room shortage during the programs. 2006 Super Bowl in Jacksonville, Florida, several cruise ships Using visual and experiential tools, ALLIGNTM works with were leased to serve as floating hotels. However, the foreign its clients to strengthen strategy, clarify vision, and engage crew on board the ships were not authorized to work while and align the workforce to objectives and customers to insure the ships where in port. Working with the Department of flawless execution. Clients, like Red Bull, Parsons, Shakey’s, Homeland Security (DHS), Department of Labor (DOL) and Marriott, DirecTV, and Nestlé have utilized the ALLIGN process Department of State (DOS) Enrique secured a special tem- to successfully ensure rapid, profitable execution. porary authorization for 4000 cruise line employees to work Scott is a frequent keynote speaker before CEO groups, while the ships were docked. trade associations, industry conferences, SHRM, and ASTD • Worked with Congressional staff, the Department of chapters around the country. Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of State (DOS) on behalf of several cruise lines with regard to the admission of foreign workers for dry dock work in the U.S. ROB HOWARD • Regularly represents companies in connection with Department of Homeland Security (DHS)/Immigration and HTH Worldwide Customs Enforcement (ICE) Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Rob Howard serves as head of Employer Group Sales at Verification) audits. HTH Worldwide.  Rob has been instrumental in developing and managing HTH's employer group sales. Over the past five years, he also played a lead role in HTH product management SCOTT HAMILTON to help launch group products and to manage licensees of Allign   HTH’s Global Health and Safety Services. Prior to HTH, Rob Scott Hamilton, Senior Partner and Practice Leader of was the Sales Leader for the Northeast United States and Allign, is widely known as a strategic execution expert for Canada for Namico Specialty Chemical. Rob began his career his extensive work with hundreds of “Fortune 1000” through as a teacher and coach, and served for twenty years on the mid-market global companies to improve their leadership Board of A Better Chance, a residential, educational program and workforce performance. for economically disadvantaged, academically talented As a former Operations, Human Resources and Market- youth. Rob earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bowdoin ing corporate executive (AlliedSignal, Nestle, McDonalds, College and attended the School of Economics and Political ARAMARK) and as a trusted external advisor, Scott and his Science at Trinity College, in Dublin Ireland.
  8. 8. SPE A K E R S ROBERT KREILING over twenty years experience and has traveled to over sixty Bank of America Home Loans countries during his career, working closely with his cross- Rob Kreiling is Senior Vice President, Regional Sales border clients to assist them in tax planning and the develop- Manager with Bank of America Home Loans – Relocation and ment of expatriate compensation and equalization policies Corporate Services. He has been with the bank for 19 years for a variety of industries and business situations. Associated and in relocation for the past 11 years. Rob received his CRP with the development of international assignment policies, in 2000, his GMS in 2005, and Meritorious Service Award he has assisted his clients to model and budget for the costs from ERC in 2008. He is an active member of several regional of expatriate assignments. His experience includes cross bor- relocation councils including the Southeastern Regional der payroll, pension and equity compensation issues. Relocation Council, Houston Relocation Professionals, North Additionally, Gary has experience in corporate and part- Texas Relocation Professionals, and Metro Atlanta Relocation nership taxation, facilitating a broader understanding of the Council. Rob received his B.A. from the College of William and relationship between expatriate issues and his client organi- Mary in Virginia and his M.B.A. from the University of South zations issues and tax positions. His work includes both large Florida. He and his wife, Judy, live in Bradenton, Florida and and small expatriate programs, as well as broader technical have two children, Courtney, 10, and Alex, 7. matters which can be material to expatriate programs, such as estate tax issues and their consequence on inbound as- signees to the U.S. JOHAN LUBBE Mr. Lusk has authored a number of articles as well as Jackson Lewis LLP developed and delivered training sessions and seminars for his organization, his clients and various industry associations. Johan Lubbe is a partner at Jackson Lewis LLP, a national Industry associations to which he has presented include the management-side workplace law firm in the U.S., based in American Payroll Association, Society of Human Resource New York.  The firm has over 440 employment lawyers in 40 Managers (SHRM) and local chapters of CPAs. Subjects of offices across the U.S. Johan I sresidetn in the firms’ White such sessions include taxation, expatriate program manage- Plains, New York office and coordinates the firm’s International ment and expatriate assignment policy development. Employment Practice Group. He and advises U.S. multinational Mr. Lusk has a Bachelor’s of Business Administration corporations with their global workplace challenges and for- degree from the University of Texas, Austin, Texas and is a CPA eign multinationals doing business in the U.S. He also advises in Texas and Georgia. many foreign companies with operations in the U.S.  Johan is an experienced trial lawyer and negotiator with unions. Johan has law degrees from leading law schools in the ANWAR SADAT U.S., England and South Africa.  He started his legal career as Citibank International Personal Banking (IPB) division a labor lawyer in South Africa and has been in the U.S. for the past 14 years. He has authored a number of articles on cross- Anwar Sadat is Vice President, Corporate Sales with border employment issues, including in Global HR News,  and Citibank’s International Personal Banking (IPB) division.  He is a frequent speaker at international employment law confer- is responsible for new business development and manag- ences in the U.S. and overseas. ing the overall relationship with Corporate Clients and Third Johan is recognized as a leading employment lawyer in Party partners.  Anwar has been employed with Citibank a number of publications, including Practical Law Company’s over twelve years and has held various important positions Labour and Employee Benefits Cross-border Handbook in Sales and in Human Resources.  As an expatriate in Dublin, 2006/07 and 2007/08, Euromoney’s Guide to the World’s Lead- Ireland, Anwar learned firsthand about the needs of the expa- ing Labour and Employment Lawyers 2004 and again 2006, triate community.  In addition, his solid experience in Human The International Who's Who of Management Labour and Resources, gives him an interesting perspective about the Employment Lawyers – 2005 and again 2007, and the Legal tactical and strategic challenges faced by global HR and Re- Media Group’s The Best of the Best 2005. Johan is also recog- location professionals.  Anwar graduated Magna Cum Laude nized as a Super Lawyer in New York 2007 and again in 2008. in Economics from Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota.  He also did graduate work in Human Resources and Industrial Relations at the University of Minnesota. GARY LUSK KPMG LLP GARY LUSK is the Southeast region partner for KPMG LLP’s International Executive Services Tax practice. He has
  9. 9. Conferences Continuing Professional Education FRANKFURT, Germany, 9 Sep GENEVA, Switzerland, 15 Sep SEATTLE, 1 Oct SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, 27 Oct PHOENIX, 29 Oct ATLANTA, 5 Nov HOUSTON, 11 Nov PARIS, 1 Dec LONDON, 4 Dec NEW YORK, 20 Jan SILICON VALLEY, 28 Jan
  10. 10. SPO N S O R S The Allign Team consults with you their personal strategy.  Enjoy the convenience of transact- on “Harnessing the Full Potential of ing on your accounts from anywhere, anytime – using our Your Global Workforce”. Allign works automated solutions. with executives and managers to better understand that Leadership creates the organization vision, but the workforce must embrace it, own America’s largest and only truly it, and take action in support of it. national furniture rental company has The Allign Team creates a unique, proprietary visual recently launched the CORT Global “experience” process which accelerates the translation of the Furniture Rental Network. Through Brand Vision and all other key HR initiatives into measurable, it’s partners, the CORT Global Network is able to provide the concise action. Our work helps bridge the strategic execu- highest quality rental furnishings in over 30 countries around tion gap between just talking about strategy and having the world. Furniture rental can provide the right solution for employees truly use their full potential to support where you temporary stays, or a cost effective alternative to the overseas are going. Allign helps client organizations engage and focus shipment of household goods. The CORT Global Furniture their workforce, and build internal capability, via the phased Rental Network can be the single source for furniture rental creation of an interactive ALLIGNmaps©. needs worldwide. In summary, Allign Helps Leaders...Craft an “executable” Moving people overseas? Take away the headaches by vision and plans; Engage and align the workforce for rapid working with the FIDI Global Alliance (, whose change; Create measurable and visible results; and Provide 520 members in 100 countries are all independently certi- improved two way communications to increase retention and fied quality moving companies. The FIDI Global Alliance is improve the Employer/Employee Value Proposition. headquartered at 69 Rue Picard-B5, 1080 Brussels, Belgium. Allign provides clients with tools that create true align- To achieve the highly regarded certification, members had ment, development of employee potential and focused the foresight to retain the advisory firm of Ernst & Young (EY) action in support of your global strategy: for measurable to undertake on-site compliance procedures for the mea- results in both employee and customer retention, growth and surement programme we call FAIM. It covers every aspect of productivity. Contact: Scott Hamilton professional international moving. Now in its 10th year of op-; 888.857.9722. erational service, FAIM measures 16 key parameters of inter- est to firms booking international moves, including oversight of member-company financials, their customer files, conducts Berlitz is the world's premier staff interviews, reviews in-house operations, management, provider of language training and and reviews the member firms’ process of customer care. cultural consulting services, with over The FIDI members undergo an inspection every two years to 500 locations in 70 countries and more than 50 locations in ensure their compliance. the United States. In its 130 years of business, the company has helped millions of men, women and children speak new languages, and our cultural consultants have assisted thou- Crown Relocations is a world- sands in reaching across cultural barriers successfully. wide leader of global mobility services. With a truly global net- work of over 180 locations in 52 countries, Crown Relocations For 200 years, Citibank (Citi) has has a designated team of GMS professionals who are experts distinguished itself as the preferred on programs ranging from home sale administration and financial institution for corporations, property management to expense management. We under- individuals and families who value worldwide access and stand that corporate clients are continually enhancing their personalized services.  Based in the United States, Citi and its relocation policies, which means they need to stay informed affiliates have always a global vision, as evidenced by their about industry trends and need instant access to informa- steady growth and commitment to international marketplac- tion. Crown’s team can help. Being experts in global mobility, es.  International Personal Banking is a US-based Citi division serving large and small clients, they understand all of these dedicated to meeting the needs of international customers.  challenges and can share their expertise. Crown Relocations’ International Personal Banking at Citi provides customers services include expense management, policy consulting and with access to the products and services they need to build program administration, online tracking tools, storage, transit
  11. 11. w w Dean Foster Associates (DFA), one of the world’s first founding intercultural consulting and training organi- zations, has been training and consulting worldwide with companies, governments and individuals on the criti- cal skills required for cross-cultural success for over twenty years. DFA consults with most of the Fortune 1000, providing programs for and in over 100 countries, and is often quoted in the media worldwide. As we have said since our first beginnings over 25 years ago... “In a World of Differences, We Make All the Difference in the World©". We began with a global view, in the mid-1980’s, as Cross-Cultural Consulting, Associates, based in New York City, and grew into a worldwide network of training and consulting professionals linked by a mission to provide creative and effective solutions to the global development concerns of its clients. Remaining committed to our core competency of training and development enabled CCC to quickly become the exclusive provider of cross- cultural training and consulting services to major worldwide service providers in a variety of fields: at Berlitz International, CCC soon became the internal division to provide cross-cultural training to all of Berlitz’ clients worldwide. Seven years later, Dean Foster, founder and President of CCC became Senior Vice President of Inter- cultural Services for GMAC/Windham Relocation Services, the leader in worldwide relocation services. Today, DFA’s commitment to global training and development insures that the global skills you need most are provided by professionals whose first, and only, mission is to provide just that. Building our global resources over the last twenty years provides DFA with a talent platform that is un- matched by any other similar organization. Our network of over one hundred worldwide trainers and consul- tants, plus our database of literally tens of thousands of individuals in over one hundred countries, enables us to provide you with the most cutting-edge, customized, and up-to-date consulting and training when and where you need it. Seamless, worldwide and globally dependable consulting and training does not happen overnight. It takes two decades of experience, of validated and measurable expertise, and the passion for a field that was itself created in part by the individuals at the center of DFA. At DFA, you get more than just a program. You get the global wisdom of a provider who was there from the beginning, helping to define a field that today acknowl- edges DFA as one of the leaders in global training, consulting and research. We invite you to become familiar, through our training and consulting programs, our on-line intercultural tools, and our Culture Coaching programs, with our vision and our work. Most importantly, we invite you share with us the challenges that you and your organization face in your intercultural and global work. We know dealing with difference can be difficult. But we’ve got the cultural roadmaps, guidebooks, train- ing programs, consultancy expertise, and global experience to help you succeed in the global millennium. Visit, or contact us at (US) 888-845-8749.
  12. 12. SPO N S O R S protection, home and school search, intercultural services, ploy a mobile workforce and to be able to react quickly to and domestic and international transportation of household market trends and international opportunities. Keeping up goods. We provide services for corporations, diplomats and with changes in cross-border issues and ensuring a business’ private customers. Crown Relocations is a division of the mobile employee population is cost effective, efficient and Crown Worldwide Group. Established in 1965, the Crown compliant can be a daunting prospect. KPMG have created Worldwide Group is a privately held company with global a range of services, supported by leading edge technology, headquarters in Hong Kong. which can help our clients ensure that they can manage all aspects of their globally mobile employees effectively. With over 30 years as a dedicated global mobility consulting Moving people overseas? Take away the practice and employing approximately 1,600 professionals headaches by working with the FIDI Global in over 160 countries, our firm serves over 1,000 clients with Alliance (, whose 520 mem- 80,000 expatriates on assignment at any one time. We have bers in 100 countries are all independently a deep and comprehensive understanding of the issues sur- certified quality moving companies. The FIDI rounding globally mobile employees in numerous industries, Global Alliance is headquartered at 69 Rue Picard-B5, 1080 from both the employer’s and employee’s view. Brussels, Belgium. To achieve the highly regarded certifica- Whether expanding your global operations or considering tion, members had the foresight to retain the advisory firm of acquisitions, mergers or downsizing, we offer professional ad- Ernst & Young (EY) to undertake on-site compliance proce- vice and guidance on a wide range of issues affecting a mobile dures for the measurement programme we call FAIM. It cov- workforce, from international human resources management ers every aspect of professional international moving. Now and personal tax compliance to sophisticated tax advice. in its 10th year of operational service, FAIM measures 16 key parameters of interest to firms booking international moves, including oversight of member-company financials, their HTH Worldwide is a leader in customer files, conducts staff interviews, reviews in-house helping world travelers gain access to operations, management, and reviews the member firms’ pro- quality healthcare services all around cess of customer care. The FIDI members undergo an inspec- the globe. HTH combines ongoing re- tion every two years to ensure their compliance. search, a contracted global community of physicians and hos- pitals, advanced Internet applications, and wide experience in international health insurance to ensure customers' health, Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen safety and peace of mind. Founded in 1997 as Highway To & Loewy, LLP (FRAGOMEN) is the Health, Inc., HTH Worldwide has grown to become a leading leading provider of corporate provider of international health insurance programs and an immigration services and solu- innovator in online healthcare information, medical assistance tions. Founded in 1951, FRAGOMEN has over 130 attorneys and insurance services around the globe. Presently, HTH an- and over 500 professional immigration specialists and staff nually provides health insurance products or services to over located in 23 offices in the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe. 650,000 individuals who travel, study or live outside of their FRAGOMEN works in partnership with clients to facilitate the home country. HTH Worldwide is the parent entity of World- hiring and transfer of employees worldwide. wide Insurance Services, Inc., d/b/a HTH Worldwide Insurance FRAGOMEN’s comprehensive U.S. immigration and visa Services, a licensed broker and third party administrator, and services include preparation of all temporary visa petitions HTH Re, Ltd., a Class 3 Bermuda-based reinsurance facility. and applications for permanent residence, immigration Taken together, these resources make HTH an important policy guidance, strategic planning advice, program support specialty insurer and a leader in assisting world travelers gain and counseling on compliance issues including Form I-9 and access to quality healthcare worldwide. HTH specializes in H-1B Labor Condition Application documentation. The firm insurance product development, marketing and distribution. also provides immigration-related export control compliance HTH also invests in the development of unique assets to assist guidance and services. Fragomen Global Immigration Servic- the global traveler, including a directly contracted internation- es, affiliate to FRAGOMEN, provides guidance and assistance al network of medical practitioners and facilities in over 180 on immigration matters for the international movement of countries outside the U.S. The Company's provider network, in employees and new hires between countries worldwide. combination with online tools and databases and telephonic Global business today requires organizations to em- assistance, comprise Global Health and Safety Services.
  13. 13. SPO N S O R S KPMG LLP is a member of KPMG For 50 years, Jackson Lewis has International, whose International placed a high premium on pre- Executive Services network includes ventive strategies and positive solutions in the practice of over 1,800 professionals from KPMG workplace law. We partner with employers to devise policies member firms worldwide and provides services for more and procedures promoting constructive employee relations than 60,000 mobile employees/assignees in more than 800 and limiting disputes. We are proud to say that in one of the organizations. Its IES practice provides a single source for most challenging and competitive fields of legal practice, addressing international assignment business issues such as Jackson Lewis is often the "go to" law firm when businesses international tax advisory and compliance, global mobility are faced with difficult and complex employment issues. Our advisory, assignment program administration (outsourcing) 550+ attorneys located in 42 offices across the U.S. combine a and international assignment technology. For more informa- national perspective with an awareness of local business envi- tion regarding KPMG’s IES or other services please visit www. ronments to help clients achieve their goals and guide them towards a favorable outcome. We also assist U.S. corporations with their workplace law challenges in foreign jurisdictions. To this end, we have advised U.S. companies regarding inter- Since 1990, Living Abroad LLC has national assignment employment contracts, recruiting and built a solid reputation as a leading hiring of foreign nationals, multiple country lay-offs and office source for reliable and accurate interna- closures, and cross-border data privacy issues. tional relocation information. The online When complaints arise, we work with clients to take International Resource Center is comprised of detailed infor- incisive action to effect solutions that minimize costs and mation on over 133 destinations, 67 world cities for expatri- maximize results. Over the past five years alone, our employ- ates and business travelers, customized relocation resources, ment litigators have defended more than 8,000 individual and more than 700 related links. lawsuits and 600 class actions in every conceivable cause of Living Abroad LLC is privileged to have a cross-section action relating to the U.S. workplace. We are experienced in all of Global 1000 Corporations as clients. Headquartered in aspects of workplace law: employment litigation, affirmative the USA (Norwalk, CT), Living Abroad LLC is a member of action, race, gender and age discrimination, sexual harass- ERC (Employee Relocation Council), SHRM Global (Society of ment, preventive labor relations, union avoidance, strikes, Human Resource Management), CERC (Canadian Employee collective bargaining, grievance arbitration, employee leaves, Relocation Council), Institute for Global Mobility and NFTC pension and benefit administration, immigration, wage and (National Foreign Trade Council). hour, independent contractors and contingent workers, oc- Information about Living Abroad LLC can be found at cupational safety and health, substance abuse and drug test- ing, employee privacy, disability rights, workplace violence, restrictive covenants and non-compete agreements, and alternative dispute resolution.