GGUK Intro to Online Fundraising Presentation: Jan 2012 workshops


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GGUK Intro to Online Fundraising Presentation: Jan 2012 workshops

  1. 1. an introduction to Tuesday Jan 10th, 2012
  2. 2. Who we are and what we do + 1,600+ nonprofits 4500+ projects 110 countries 200,000+ donors since inception $50 million through site Dozens of corporate partners
  3. 3. The most effective way to fundraise is…
  4. 4. 5 more basic truths… People give to….. To get support you must…. Funding follows… Fundraising is actually…. Fundraising takes…..
  5. 5. a  bit  of  context...
  6. 6. how does this relate to charities?
  7. 7. how charities are using the InternetGIVING• Online giving risen 85% in just 3 years*.• Small non-profits +20.2% increase in funds from online channels in 2010• Large Non-profits: +8.3%SOCIAL MEDIA• 71% of charities now use Facebook• 62% use Twitter• and 50% use YouTube .*source: MissionFish/ NPFSynergy Report
  8. 8. What is online fundraising?Does your online fundraising look like this?
  9. 9. Or  this?  
  10. 10. The Internet & Fundraising The Internet is about... Fundraising is about: Connections Communication Sharing information Transactions
  11. 11. Your online life: activitiesFundraising should just be part of your online strategy. Go online to:✓ Make connections✓ Tell stories✓ Build community✓ Engage✓ Campaign✓ Fundraise
  12. 12. Your online life: attitudesbe individual not institutional
  13. 13. Your online life: attitudes be bottom-up
  14. 14. Your online life: attitudes be informal, conversational
  15. 15. Your online life: attitudes be direct, story led
  16. 16. Your online life: attitudesbe interactive & imaginative
  17. 17. Your online life: attitudes be visible
  18. 18. The “Gateway Challenge”
  19. 19. Case StudyGlobal  Infancia,  Paraguay Raised:  £4,000  
  20. 20. Case StudyHow?            Mapping  and  building  their  networks  
  21. 21. Case Study...  at  the  second  a@empt
  22. 22. Your Networks Who are your networks? Who are your potential supporters? How will you access them?
  23. 23. Your Networks Friends of Community friends of friends figures 3rd Tier Former (tertiary network) employees Friends’ contacts Friends of mailing list 2nd Tier contacts Family members’ (secondary network) Colleagues of Local neighbours Boardbusinesses Staff’s families Supporters’ Family 1st Tier Friends families and (primary friends network) Volunteers’ families Beneficiaries’ families YOUR Ex- volunteers ORGANISATION
  24. 24. Learning• Online  fundraising  courses• Webinars• Training  guides
  25. 25. Does It Work? “You have made such a difference to PEPAIDS! Before we met GlobalGiving UK we never would have dreamed that we could have fundraised £12,000 in a month!It was the Gateway Challenge that inspired us to aim high and to go for a total that we could hardly dare imagine was possible... Thanks to youramazing support and your great training, we just took your advice and did what we could!Your prize incentives were great, because £2000 is a lot of money to a tiny charity like us- so we just aimed for those and it worked!  We are all astounded by the results and we are well and truly capacity- built to do this again in the future!   Thank you so much for everything you have invested in us! You have made a massive difference to PEPAIDS! The Gateway Challenge hasinspired us to stretch for something we may never have tried on our own.Thanks to the Gateway Challenge, we have grown so much in the last two months and it has brought our tiny charity new momentum, excitement and credibility that will help us go from strength to strength in the future!” 27
  26. 26. Learning• Upcoming e-learning courses• Clinics• 1-2-1 coaching
  27. 27. SupportOnline Volunteering
  28. 28. Support
  29. 29. Partnerships
  30. 30. How To Join GlobalGiving UK 2.  DUE  1.  APPLY 3. DILIGENCE
  31. 31. How To Join GlobalGiving UK
  32. 32. Any Questions?
  33. 33. THANK YOU FOR COMING! 35