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GlobaleX is a group of companies offering various services all over UAE. This organization was formed to offer customers the advantages of multinational corporations with the expertise that can be found only in a locally owned and operated business.

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  1. 1.
  2. 2. Introduction  GlobaleX is a group of companies offering various services all over UAE. This organization was formed to offer customers the advantages of multinational corporations with the expertise that can be found only in a locally owned and operated business.  Our partners and we offer the trading community: One Stop Logistic Solutions (Water Tankers, Cargo Trucks, Dump Trucks). Competitive rates due to the organization-wide negotiation and traffic volume.  A comprehensive range of transportation and trade services. Instant worldwide communication through the organization’s proprietary computer system NVOCC services as an exclusive agent for various lines. The highest level of personalized service possible. Internet based shipment management system (SMS) available 24 hours a day. +971-4-2837999
  3. 3. Our Services  Transportation and Waste Management Services  Mechanical Services  Cleaning Services  Globalex Freight LLC  Globalex Gift Trading +971-4-2837999
  4. 4. Sewage Transportation and Disposal Services in Dubai We are the only authorized company to carry all kinds of liquid waste services. Globalex is pioneer in Liquid Waste Management services. Some of the services that we offer are:  Removal of Sewage Water  Removal of Sludge  Removal of Trade Waste  Removal of Industrial Waste  Removal of Hazardous Waste  Removal of Salt Water  Removal of Sweet Water  Removal of Kitchen Waste +971-4-2837999
  5. 5. Sweet Water Services in Dubai  The sweet water is mainly used for filling up swimming pools, irrigation purposes, construction sites or areas where there is no pipeline.  When it comes to providing sweet water services in Dubai, Globalex is your reliable service provider to partner with.  With a fleet of tankers and highly skilled manpower, we supply sweet water to different work sites throughout Dubai.  We ensure timely and cost efficient delivery of sweet water services in Dubai. +971-4-2837999
  6. 6. Salt Water Services in Dubai  In addition to sweet water and portable water, our supply and transportation services include supplying of salt water to different locations in Dubai.  To ensure timely delivery of salt water, we are equipped with a dedicated team and well maintained tankers.  Everyday a substantial number of salt water tankers are served to construction sites, marine industry and various other purposes in Dubai.  Besides supplying salt water in Dubai, Globelex also has an expertise in salt water removal. +971-4-2837999
  7. 7. Potable Water supplier in Dubai In Dubai, mostly Potable water tankers are used to supply clean water to homes, offices or other destinations. Some of its key features are:  It is made up of the best quality of durable steel, which is suitable for storing drinking water.  It is easy to clean.  The access to the tank is dust proof so that dirt cannot enter.  It is fitted with a powerful water pump.  It is regularly checked and maintained well. +971-4-2837999
  8. 8. Tanker Services Dubai We offer various Tanker Services like:  Removal  Collection  Supply  Dewatering tanker services  Irrigation tanker in Dubai (TSE Water tanker services)  Swimming pool water (fill my pool services) +971-4-2837999
  9. 9. Hazardous Waste Services (Dubai) Some of our hazardous waste removal services include:  Chemical removal and transportation  Poisonous substances removal  Toxic materials handling  Clinical wastes disposal  Sludge removal and sludge transportation  Waste water removal +971-4-2837999
  10. 10. Non Hazardous Waste (Dubai) Some of our services include:  Waste water removal, transportation and disposal  Removal of non- hazardous waste from residential areas, communities etc.  Removal of non -hazardous waste at the end of major events, festivals or concerts.  Removal of non- hazardous waste from offices, shopping malls, schools and hotels +971-4-2837999
  11. 11. Cleaning Services At Globalex, we use unmatched and innovative techniques to get rid of the waste that creates a problem for the normal functioning of industry work. We provide the following cleaning services in Dubai :  Water jetting  Tank Cleaning  Unblock Pipeline  Sewage Lift station Cleaning  Truck Washing +971-4-2837999
  12. 12. Water jetting services in Dubai Every type of business needs a high pressure water jetting service. Some of them are:  Restaurants  Hotels  Apartments and complexes  Hospitals and nursing homes  Schools and universities  Supermarkets and shopping malls  Amusements parks  Factories  Car Washing industries +971-4-2837999
  13. 13. Tank cleaning services in Dubai Globalex is the leading provider of tank cleaning services in Dubai. We provide comprehensive and high quality services of tank cleaning. We provide tank cleaning services for:  Residential apartments  Schools, colleges and universities  Hospitals  Hotels and restaurants  Shopping malls and supermarkets  Gyms and health centers  Offices and showrooms +971-4-2837999
  14. 14. Tank cleaning services in Dubai (cont.) At Globalex, we follow a 4 step procedure to clean your tank. Step 1: Dewatering the tank Step 2: Cleaning process Step 3: Anti bacterial spray Step 4: UV treatment +971-4-2837999
  15. 15. Unblock Pipeline in Dubai: The following pipelines are unblocked by us:  Sewage pipelines  Sink and bathroom pipelines  Toilet pipelines  Urinal pipelines  Wash basin pipelines  Kitchen pipelines +971-4-2837999
  16. 16. Sewage Lift Station Cleaning in Dubai  A sewage lift station is used to pump wastewater from a lower to a higher elevation. It consists of a well where the sewage is disposed off temporarily. When the sewage reaches a specific predetermined level, a lift pump lifts it through a pipe system also called the lift station. The lift station discharges the sewage through a manhole into a treatment plant.  At Globalex, we believe that cleaning must be done once you see the first minute signs of grease or debris appearing. Lift stations should be monitored regularly to avoid a permanent damage. We use the best techniques to clean sewage lift stations. +971-4-2837999
  17. 17. Truck washing services in Dubai Process of washing a truck:  The water used for washing a truck is very clean, with no chemical mixture. Its temperature is medium but sometimes if the dirt is too much, higher temperatures may be used.  Water is sprayed on the truck at a high pressure to get rid of any kind of dirt at even the hardest place to reach.  The vehicle is sanitized with a suitable sanitizer.  Then the vehicle is dried before loading anything onto it. +971-4-2837999
  18. 18. Globalex Freight LLC Globalex offers the following freight services, including managing key freight activities such as:  Full customs brokerage & bonding services.  Complete documentation.  Export duty drawback.  Ocean and airfreight services.  Door to door tracking.  Letters of credit & international banking services.  Single invoice convenience.  Marine & cargo insurance.  Domestic truck & rail services. +971-4-2837999
  19. 19. Globalex Gift Trading  Globalex is one the leading suppliers of a wide range of corporate, promotional and advertising gifts. These are high quality branded gifts and custom made for our valuable customers. We want to build the best relations with our customers by satisfying their needs in the most effective way. Globalex offers three different services:  Exclusive gifts and promotional items  Safety items  Protection wear +971-4-2837999
  20. 20. Thank you +971-4-2837999