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Content Marketing 101 Workshop - 2013


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If you’re starting out with content marketing or want to understand more about why there’s so much buzz about it, this workshop will provide practical advice and strategies to put you on the right path. You’ll leave the workshop with a clear understanding of what content marketing is and how content becomes a valuable asset to help grow your business. By the end of the session you’ll know what it takes to implement an effective content marketing strategy and what traps to avoid so ensure your efforts are successful from the outset.

In this workshop attendees will:
• Come away with a solid definition of content marketing
• Thoroughly understand the three components necessary to implement an effective content marketing strategy
• Receive guidance on what types of content may be suitable for their particular organisation
• Determine the best way to distribute content
• Learn how to establish communities and keep them engaged
• Know how to keep the search engines interested in their content
• Address important issues such as implementation and management of a content strategy

Who should attend?
• Marketers responsible for products, services, solutions, segments or industries
• PR and communication professionals
• Business owners
• Directors/VPs/Managers – Marketing, Content Marketing, Product Marketing, Marketing Communications
• Marketing Consultants

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Content Marketing 101 Workshop - 2013

  1. 1. #cmworld “Content Marketing 101 – Getting Started” Sarah Mitchell Global Copywriting • @globalcopywrite
  2. 2. #cmworld Introductions
  3. 3. #cmworld Workshop Agenda
  4. 4. #cmworld Definition Content Marketing: The art of understanding exactly what your customers need to know and delivering it to them in a relevant and compelling way. CONTENT MARKETING = EDUCATION
  5. 5. #cmworld Once upon a time…
  6. 6. #cmworld Traditional vs. Content Outbound activity:  Lead Generation Inbound activity:  Lead nurturing
  7. 7. #cmworld Online Publishers Association – Internet Activity Index Monthly “Time Spent” in Internet Activity Table
  8. 8. #cmworld Average Cost Per Lead Inbound vs. Outbound
  9. 9. #cmworld 3 Components
  10. 10. #cmworld Original Content
  11. 11. #cmworld
  12. 12. #cmworld
  13. 13. #cmworld Social Media
  14. 14. #cmworld Tools used by the Pros
  15. 15. #cmworld Don’t “Post and Hope”
  16. 16. #cmworld Beware of “Vanity” Metrics
  17. 17. #cmworld Consumers “don’t want a “relationship” with you. Just help them make good choices.” Advice to brand marketers from Harvard Business Review
  18. 18. #cmworld Content Sweet Spot
  19. 19. #cmworld Breakout: Listening Posts Google Alerts Twitter Searches LinkedIn Discussion Groups
  20. 20. #cmworld Search Engine Optimisation
  21. 21. #cmworld
  22. 22. #cmworld Mature Content Strategy
  23. 23. #cmworld Easy Ways to “Wipe Out”
  24. 24. #cmworld Small Band of Followers
  25. 25. #cmworld “Think about what a user is going to type” Matt Cutts, Google
  26. 26. #cmworld Breakout: Search Terms Google Adwords – Google Trends - Alexa –
  27. 27. #cmworld Buckshot, aka Hello Adwords
  28. 28. #cmworld “Without content, conversation is mere networking. Without conversation, content is dead.” Tipping Point Labs
  29. 29. #cmworld Land of SPAM
  30. 30. #cmworld Content People are seeking their own information. TRAP: The days of self-serving, self-promoting “blah, blah, blah” are over
  31. 31. #cmworld TIP: Marketing = Publishing
  32. 32. #cmworld Think Like a Publisher 1 Support each product/service you offer 2 Target each customer segment 3 Consider vertical markets 4 Use multiple content types
  33. 33. #cmworld Breakout: Better Titles Create 10 alternative titles for a blog post (Each must be 65 characters or less)
  34. 34. #cmworld Act Like a Journalist 1 Titles / Headlines 2 Storytelling 3 Deadlines 4 Reference, cite, attribute
  35. 35. #cmworld Content as an Asset  Hire writers Try and find a web journalist  Invest in graphic design  Good writing + Good design = GREAT content
  36. 36. #cmworld Reuse Repurpose Recycle Blogs White papers Case studies Online video eNewsletters Powerpoint Infographics Webinars eBooks Podcasts Digital magazines Mobile apps
  37. 37. #cmworld Breakout: Valuable Content Ahava Leibtag Checklist Content Template
  38. 38. #cmworld Managing Your Strategy
  39. 39. #cmworld Editorial Calendar “Content Brain” 1
  40. 40. #cmworld Don’t Pay For Attention BUY attention: Advertising BEG for attention: Public Relations BUG people: Sales
  41. 41. #cmworld “EARN attention online by creating great information that your buyers want to consume such as YouTube videos, blogs, Twitter feeds, photographs, charts, graphs and ebooks – and it is all free.” David Meerman Scott, Web Ink Now
  42. 42. #cmworld
  43. 43. #cmworld
  44. 44. #cmworld Sarah Mitchell @globalcopywrite