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GC overview


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Overview of the Global Classroom project at Linnaeus University, Sweden

Published in: Education
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GC overview

  1. 1. Global Classroom at Linnaeus University CC BY-ND Some rights reserved by Glyn Lowe Photoworks.
  2. 2. • Internationalisation at home (virtual mobility) • Create a framework to facilitate international contacts and cooperation in all degree programmes Project global classroom
  3. 3. Virtual mobility • Mobility by digital media • Build professional networks • Collaboartive projects • Common courses and programmes with partner universities CC BY-NC-SA Some rights reserved by jairoagua
  4. 4. Why virtual mobility? • Inclusion • Integrate internationalisation in daily work • Learn to collaborate online • Strengthen relations with partner universities • Create networks for life • Complement physical mobility • Sustainable collaboration CC BY Some rights reserved by GotCredit
  5. 5. • From informal contacts to joint /double degrees and benchmarking • Many solutions, technologies and methods CC BY-NC-ND Some rights reserved by dino_b Stairway to virtual mobility
  6. 6. Self-assessment tool • Aimed at programme leaders • Criteria in 3 categories: organisation, teacher, student • Identify key areas for improvement • Develop an action plan • Download the self- assessment form
  7. 7. Guide/tools CC BY-SA Some rights reserved by jepoirrier •Digital tools for synchronous and asynchronous communication •Methods for effective use •Suitable learning environments
  8. 8. Linnaeus University Summer Academy • Webinar to create group identity before physical mobility • Next steps - Badges for student volunteers - MOOC on Swedish culture and society Bild Linnéuniversitetet
  9. 9. Questions? CC BY Some rights reserved by mripp
  10. 10. Project website Corina Löwe, Project leader, FKH Alastair Creelman, Library Peter Diedrichs, Library Lena Kulmala, External Relations More information