Webinar: Decarboni.se – building a climate change solution web platform


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This webinar provided an overview on the recently launched Decarboni.se knowledge sharing platform. Decarboni.se aims to be the best place for people to learn from over 400 organisations working to decarbonise the economy. On Decarboni.se you’ll find quality information and detailed descriptions of techniques and lessons learnt from experts around the world. This webinar presented why Decarboni.se was built, how you can use it and how it improves the knowledge sharing process for clean energy. We also presented how we’re reaching out to people (including those outside the CCS community) to tell them about the approach and get them involved in the knowledge sharing process.

This webinar was presented by Sean McClowry, General Manager - Information Management and Brian Houston, Community Manager from the Global CCS Institute.

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Webinar: Decarboni.se – building a climate change solution web platform

  1. 1. Decarboni.se – building a climate change solution web platform Webinar – 02 July 2014, 0800 AEST
  2. 2. Sean McClowry I live in Melbourne, Australia and work for the Global CCS Institute. I joined the Institute in April 2010 as our General Manager for Information Management to build a global exchange of CCS knowledge and drive solutions to climate change. I've worked with dozens of organisations to solve complex issues related to knowledge sharing, information management and business strategy in a number of locations around the world. This has included a lot of work with open source and collaborative technologies, including founding the www.openmethodology.org and open-sustainability.org initiatives. I've spent most of the last 14 years in Australia and Europe, but I was originally born in the US. General Manager – Information Management, Global CCS Institute
  3. 3. Brian Houston Community Manager, Global CCS Institute I live in Canberra, Australia and work as the fulltime community manager for Decarboni.se I’ve lived in Australia for 14 years but was born and raised in Anchorage Alaska. I started my Internet career as a web programmer in Osaka, Japan. Since then I’ve worked as a consultant for telecom and media companies around Australia. In 2006 I started the alternative video community VideoSift.com. VideoSift has received over 2 million visitors per month and was named the best video aggregator site in the world by US PC World Magazine.
  4. 4. Questions  We will collect questions during the presentation.  Your MC will pose these questions to the presenter after the presentation.  Please submit your questions directly into the GoToWebinar control panel. The webinar will start shortly.
  5. 5. Agenda • An introduction to Decarboni.se • How to use Decarboni.se • Special features of Decarboni.se • Engaging with our community
  6. 6. What is Decarboni.se? • A new web venture to provide information on solutions to climate change • A platform focused on the professional energy community and the technical general public • A web architecture that optimises access to information • A knowledge exchange launched by the Global CCS Institute but with hundreds of participating organisations
  7. 7. What is Decarboni.se? To provide a information resources on all important areas of energy decarbonisation and to optimise dissemination of the best information OUR GOAL TECHNOLOGIES COVERED SUBJECTS COVERED Carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS) Energy efficiency Fuel switching to reduce emissions Nuclear energy Renewables Biofuel / Bioenergy Hydroelectricity Geothermal energy Marine energy Solar energy Wind energy Energy management and storage Costs Health, safety and environment Policy, law and regulation Public engagement Risk management Technology phase
  8. 8. Where Decarboni.se fits in our digital ecosystem SOCIAL WEB LAYER – online promotion and engagement COLLABORATION LAYER – enabling online discussions and private information sharing COLLECTION LAYER – enabling capture, integration and analysis of high-quality data PUBLISHING LAYER – optimising information findability and access to external audiences
  9. 9. Who built Decarboni.se? • The Global CCS Institute built and operates the web platform but it is a distributed effort • Information from over 450 organisations • Hundreds of individual, expert insights • Each organisation shown as a microsite on the platform with some standalone sites • Diligent processes in place for copyright and brand protection
  10. 10. Why was Decarboni.se built? Improve information sharing on solutions to climate change To reach our audience with a portfolio of solutions, including CCS Provide knowledge sharing as a service
  11. 11. How to use the system: reading information • Decarboni.se is an online library of over 20,000 resources • Publications, insights and news • Advanced search and browse capability • Optimised for external search engines • We add new information every day
  12. 12. How to use the system: contributing online • There are many ways to contribute: • Click on whether content is useful • Comment on an Insight • Share/ like on our social media channels • Help us correct information such as project descriptions or definitions • We also need expert reviewers for submitted content
  13. 13. How to use the system: becoming a content partner • There are many ways to contribute: • Submit a publication • Help us identify publications on other sites • Each organisation shown as a microsite on the platform with some standalone sites • If content meets our collection policy we will publish it • We have a diligent review process which can cause delays http://decarboni.se/content/submit-your-climate-change-solution-decarbonise
  14. 14. Special features: optimised information access • Information converted into optimal formats for external search engines • Information summarised and promoted through Insights and social web • Over 600 resources in non- English languages, we translate selected content • Publications can be easily shared to other sites in the architecture
  15. 15. Special features: information find-ability • Information organised by topic, organisation, location and projects • Powerful search technology powers the architecture • Over 1200 terms created and new terms are added all the time • Most terms are auto-linked to content creating a Wikipedia-style approach
  16. 16. Special features: terminal sites • Terminal sites are standalone sites that pull information from Decarboni.se • Approach used to build a “public library” for a network • Used as an alternative to microsites on Decarboni.se • Target audience: network and priority points of engagement http://ccsnetwork.eu/publications
  17. 17. Who is decarboni.se for? Project Delivery Audience Enabling Audience Subset of the General Public People involved in technology and projects delivery, such as:  Project Managers  Engineers  Scientists / Researchers  Project Communications Directors  Operations staff People creating the conditions to progress projects, such as:  Policy Analysts  Economists  Financiers  Educators  Lawyers Analytical members of the general public, such as:  Students  Academics  The “technocracy” - people interested in decarbonisation, including those outside the profession Reach a wider global audience than ever before through more customised information and delivery channels OUR GOAL
  18. 18. Engaging with the technocracy: our vision • We are engaging with a “technocracy” audience to drive awareness about climate change solutions • People are excited about the technology behind climate change solutions • We use Decarboni.se to bridge the gap between motivated enthusiasts and climate change professionals
  19. 19. Engaging with the technocracy: example • We were contacted on the popular Reddit “environment” channel about a new project to develop and fund a fusion reactor • Lawrenceville Plasma Physics lab had launched a grassroots campaign on Indiegogo to raise money for their new test reactor • We interviewed a board member and science communicator from the project
  20. 20. Engaging with the technocracy: example • The interview provided technical information to generalists and allowed deeper exploration through links to definitions and topics • Readers would also explore related climate change topics on Decarboni.se.
  21. 21. Engaging with the technocracy: example • Discussions about the post happen offsite on communities like Reddit and social media sites – Facebook and Twitter. • We participate actively in these discussions
  22. 22. Engaging with the technocracy: our vision • We go where the important discussions are taking place • Engaging on external online communities where the technocracy, scientists and science communicators coexist • Reddit as the “front page” of the Internet has proven to be a very important space for specific technology discussions
  23. 23. Questions / Discussion Please submit your questions in English directly into the GoToWebinar control panel. The webinar will start shortly.
  24. 24. Please submit any feedback to: webinar@globalccsinstitute.com