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Panel 6. Equal treatment of CCS with other technology options - Jeff Chapman, CCSA


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Delivered at the Global CCS Institute's Global Status of CCS: 2013 event in Seoul, 11 October 2013.

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Panel 6. Equal treatment of CCS with other technology options - Jeff Chapman, CCSA

  1. 1. Jeff Chapman The Carbon Capture & Storage Association Equal treatment of CCS Observations on UK industry experience GCCSI Global Status of CCS 2013 Seoul
  2. 2. What is equal treatment - power? • Same payment per MWh? • Enhanced payment for flexibility? • Availability payment? • Availability of budget (LCF in UK)? • Contribution to infrastructure? • Do we mean equality of terms or equality of opportunity?
  3. 3. Electricity Market Reform • CfD FiT central to incentive for low carbon generation • Should CfD be same for all technologies • RE and nuclear not fuel cost dependent • Capacity mechanism could reflect flexibility of CCS
  4. 4. Policy anomalies • In EU renewable targets • In UK nuclear sites selected for development • No clear indication of market potential for CCS • Third Party Access • Long term liabilities •
  5. 5. Planning Signals • Wide range of scenario planning for CCS • Lack of vision on geographical location of capture • Indeed consenting CCGTs in locations to preclude CCS retro-fit • Lack of CCS infrastructure plans
  6. 6. The perils of competitions • Definition of technology • Selection criteria • High levels of risk • Higher cost to consumer • Wasting developer input leading to lost confidence
  7. 7. Rhetoric – Quotes on CCS at LibDem Conference • “and this would be particularly the case if CCS was found not to have worked.” – Ed Davey • “. A mixed, diverse strategy was needed in case CCS or certain renewable technologies failed.” – Ed Davey • “Noting that Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) would not be viable before 2030” – Rebecca Taylor MEP LibDem
  8. 8. What is equal treatment – industrial CCS • Does not compete with other technologies • Emissions trading aims to levelise incentive • But international competition inhibits investment • Needs equality of treatment across international boundaries
  9. 9. Contact Jeff Chapman Emeritus Director The Carbon Capture & Storage Association   Tel: Fax: Mob: Email: Website: +44 (0) 20 3031 8750 +44 (0) 20 7828 0310 +44 (0) 7747 761 065
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