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Cooking with CO2 (English)


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Cooking with CO2 (English)

  1. 1. Cooking with CO2 Activities developed for the project: Promotion of scientific culture and innovation in the population of the Merindad del Río Ubierna Municipality in collaboration with CIUDEN Fundación Ciudad de la Energía
  2. 2. WARNING: Dry ice is very cold. Always follow safety precautions when handling dry ice. You must never touch it directly with your skin. It is recommended that you wear eye protection and gloves, or use equipment (tongs/ spoons) to handle dry ice. Dry ice should only be used in the presence of a responsible adult. Fundación Ciudad de la Energía
  3. 3. Fruit Volcano Penguins in the Mist Steam Train Chocolate Ice-Cream Summer Milkshake The Recipes
  4. 4. Cooking with CO2 Fruit Volcano Ingredients: 150 g of melon 150 g of water-melon 150 g of red apple 150 g of pear 150 g of strawberry 150 g of pineapple 1 kiwi 250 cl. of milk 250 cl. of cream 125 g of sugar. Vanilla Cinnamon Crushed dry ice Method: 1. Sauce. Boil the milk, the cream and the sugar with vanilla, cinnamon and the fruit skins and let them marinate for 12 hours. Filter and chill it. 2. Fruit. Peel all the fruits except the kiwi and create small balls with a special spoon. Peel the kiwis like a cylinder, then extract the inner part, to leave them hollow. 3. Ending. Place the kiwi cylinders on the plate, put a small amount of crushed dry ice in the hollow that you have created. Place the fruit balls all around the kiwis. Then pour the sauce on to the kiwi cylinder – as soon as it hits the dry-ice you will create a volcanic eruption, including bubbles and smoke!
  5. 5. Cooking with CO2 Fruit Vulcano
  6. 6. Cooking with CO2 Chocolate Ice-Cream Summer Milkshake Ingredients Ingredients: ¾ a cup of cream 2 water-melon slices. ¾ a cup of milk 2 melon slices. 3 spoonful of cocoa powder 2 glasses of milk. 1 spoonful of sugar 1 yogurt. Crushed dry ice A small amount of crushed dry ice. Method Method: First, pour all the ingredients (except the dry ice) in a big bowl Chop the fruit into tiny pieces. and mix them with a blender. Place the chopped fruit in a mixing bowl with the yogurt and milk Gradually add the crushed dry ice a spoonful at a time while and mix them together with a blender. continuing to mix the ingredients with a wooden spoon until Gradually add small amounts of dry ice a spoonful at a time, achieving an ice-cream texture. while continuing to mix the ingredients . Stop when you have Be sure to keep your distance from the produced vapour. achieved a thick shake texture.
  7. 7. Cooking with CO2 Chocolate Ice-Cream
  8. 8. Cooking with CO2 Summer Milk-shake
  9. 9. Steam Train Cooking with CO2 Ingredients: 2 chocolate cakes (different widths) 1 filipinos pack (Cookies with hollow centers that look like wheels) 1 mikados pack (Thin chocolate sticks ) 1 test tube Smarties Jelly candies for decoration Method: Cut the widest cake, to create a train and a wagon. Cut the thinner cake to create the train cabin. Place all in a tray, as in the image. Put the Filipinos in each side of the train, connecting them through the cake with a Mikado stick. Poke some Mikados into the edges of the wagon to allow it to hold some load. Decorate the train with Smarties and jelly candies. To create the steam chimney, push the test tube containing a small amount of crushed dry ice into the train cabin and add a drop of water.
  10. 10. Cooking with CO2 Penguins in the Mist Ingredients for 10 Penguins: 20 black olives 2 carrots 25 g of cream cheese Island Ingredients: White bread Ham Sliced cheese Drain the olives and dry them well. Separate them by size. Peel the carrots and cut them into thin slices. With a sharp knife, cut a small triangle out of each slice of carrot. Keep these apart. Cut the bigger olives straight as shown in the picture, from the top to the bottom, taking care to leave one side uncut. Fill each olive with creamy cheese, using a spoon or an icing bag. Clean the possible excesses that may appear out of the olive. Poke the filled olives with a toothpick and stick them in a carrot base. To create the heads, make a small cut in the smaller olives - big enough to fit the carrot triangles that you have already cut. Connect the body and the head using the toothpick. First, with a rolling pin, smash the white bread slices. They must be well flattened ‘smashed’ to stop them breaking when they are rolled. Layer the ham and cheese over the bread and roll it all up together. Cut the sandwich roll in 4 pieces and then put the sandwich rounds in a tray to look like islands. Place the penguins on the tray also. Once in the tray, put a small round bowl or petri-dish in the center of the tray, add water and some bits of dry ice to create the mist!
  11. 11. Cooking with CO2 Penguins in the Mist
  12. 12. Cooking with CO2 Halloween Recipe
  13. 13. Cooking with CO2 Several recipes have been developed during the activities carried out in the vicinity of Hontomín as at Ene.Museo, in Ponferrada, where the parents also took part in the activity.
  14. 14. Thanks for the attention Daniel Fernandez-Poulussen Business Development Unit CO2 Geological Storage Programme Tel.+34 987 456 323 Mobile +34-689 586 637 Technological Development Plant for CO2 Storage Special thanks to: Andrea Pérez, Marta Ferrero, Beatriz Taladrid, Nuria Fernández, Judit Molero, Roberto Cuadrado, Montse, Veronica and all the colleagues who have kindly collaborated in the project.