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Global Alliance E-Newsletter December 2010


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Global Alliance E-Newsletter December 2010

  1. 1. GA News Global Alliance E-Newsletter: December 16, 2010Global Alliance Chair Awarded PRSAs TopInternational Honor World Public Relations Forum Heads to AustraliaNew World Landscapes Launched by GA The World Public Relations Forum will be held in Australia in 2012. Global Alliance Chair Elect Dan Tisch said:GA Member Highlights "Australia is one of the worlds most advanced andCommunications Professionals Observe innovative public relations markets and PRIAs bid was bothSocial Media Risks in Finland comprehensive and compelling,"India Examines Strategies for BusinessExcellence The WPRF is held every two years and brings together the worlds leading communicators to present new methods, research and ideas in the field of professional communication. National PRIA President Robina Xavier said the 2012 event in Melbourne would increase the recognition and value of public relations Your Subscription in Australia. Read more. Unsubscribe Send to a Friend Shanghai Joins Global Alliance The Shanghai Public Relations Association has joined The Global Alliance For Public Relations and Communication Management, becoming the ninth public relations association around the world Advertise with the GA: attaining active membership in The Global Alliance in 2010. John Paluszek, 2009-2011 Chair of The Global Alliance, in welcomingJoin us on... SPRA as a member, noted that, "SPRA not only brings a unique perspective to the GA mission of sharing our global professions growing body of knowledge and advocating for the profession, but it also completes our strategic reach around the world. Our progress in China – and recently in the Mediterranean Rim, the Middle East and Latin America – complements more traditional Global Alliance strengths in Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, Oceania and North America". Read more. Stockholm Accords Gain Global Momentum "The Stockholm Accords", finalized at The Global Alliance/Swedish Public Relations Association June World Public Relations Forum and a major advance in advocacy for the public relations profession are now being discussed and applied in some twenty countries around the world. Details and descriptions of activity are centralised at the Stockholm Accords hub ( with recent progress reported in Albania, Italy and Portugal. Global Alliance Reviews Development Goals at UN
  2. 2. Progress on the UN Millennium Development Goals was under review when the Global Alliance was represented at the November conference of the United Nations Global Compact. Under scrutiny was the progress companies are making in support of "UN Millennium Development Goals" which address global poverty, disease, education, gender equality and critical natural resources such as the availability of water.Alongside the report on "World Progress Toward the MDGs, panelsessions with expert corporate and non-governmental-organization(NGOs) speakers covered Core Business and Value ChainContributions, Strategic Social Investment and Philanthropy andAdvocacy and Public Policy Engagement on Key Issues"Corporate CSR managers and communications experts fromcompanies including Alcoa, Cisco, Nike and Monsanto joined withexecutives from Oxfam and Ceres to share information on corporatesocial responsibility progress around the world. Read more.Regions in the Spotlight in 2011 The Global Alliance is advancing its commitment to regional representation and programming as part of its revision of bylaws necessitated by the move of GA administrative headquarters to Lugano, Switzerland.In 2011, regional representation on the GA Board will be formalized bya resolution of the Board and General Meeting. In addition, plans areunderway to produce regional conferences on global publicrelations/societal issues. The planned conferences, to be co-branded bythe GA and the host GA member associations, are expected to occur inthe spring and fall of 2001. The GA e-newsletter and website will reportprogress on these plans regularly.CONFERENCES & EVENTS 3rd European Summit on Measurement. 08-10 June 2011PARTNER PUBLICATIONSGlobal Alliance Platinum Sponsors Grayling is the worlds second largest independent Public Relations, Public Affairs, Investor Relations and Events consultancy with specialist services including CSR, environment and sustainability and digital.Grayling has 900 staff in 70 offices in 40 countries across the US,Western and Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific. The companyhas revenues in excess of €100 million (USD148 million).[] MetaDesign is internationally known for creating branded experiences and systemic, forward-looking design systems.Since its foundation in 1990 MetaDesigns work has influenced ageneration of businesses and has created some of the most successfulcommunication solutions in many industries. Today, MetaDesign hasover 250 people working in offices in Beijing, Berlin, Dusseldorf, San
  3. 3. Francisco and Zurich. []About the Global AllianceThe Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management established in 2000, is the confederation of the worldsmajor public relations and communication management associations and institutions, organizations which represent 160,000practitioners and educators around the world. The Global Alliances mission is to unify the public relations profession, raiseprofessional standards all over the world, share knowledge for the benefit of its members and be the global voice for publicrelations in the public interest."