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Mobile App Development Made Easy

Must Have Developer Resources, App Market Tools and Dev Programs - Mobile is all the rage... what better way to complement your application, web services, or online resource than by supporting one or all of the various mobile platforms.

The following are some useful Dev resources for those thinking of creating mobile apps for a variety of devices and platforms.

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Mobile App Development Made Easy

  1. 1. Must Have Developer Resources, App Market Tools and Dev Programs @gletham Mobile App Development Made Easy
  2. 2. Apple iTunes @gletham Apple has a community resource for developers interested in publishing to the iTunes store from the developer program housed at . Here's developers will find a gateway to the iOS Dev Center as well as a pointer to the iOS Developer Program - where developers have everything they need to develop, test, and distribute their apps - note, there is a $99 annual fee for membership.
  3. 3. Palm OS @gletham Developers interested in creating and publishing apps for the Palm Web OS will find resources at The community dev resource offers access to information about the 3.0 SDK as well as information on joining the developer program Developers can also find information on downloading the latest tools and SDKs as well as the latest developer guides and docs. Of particular interest is a resource for iOS developers to enable them to quickly create and port apps to the Palm environment - See
  4. 4. Ovi / Nokia @gletham Ovi is the marketplace developed by Nokia for users of Symbian, QT, and other Nokia powered mobile devices. See Resources here for developers include a gateway to Forum.Nokia, the Nokia developer community portal, Ovi publisher docs, news alerts, tips, and much more.- See
  5. 5. Android @gletham Android Market -  This is the resource for Android device users seeking out apps. Browse for new additions as well as popular free and paid for apps. Developers wishing more information on how to develop for the Android Mobile OS should start at Resources here include documents, SDKs, reference guides, community resources and anything needed to publish apps in the market.- See
  6. 6. Blackberry @gletham Blackberry (RIM) maintains some fine dev resources including the developer home portal (US) at This resource provides access to the latest downloads, docs, tools, news, event information, community resources, and more. The developer blog is also packed with useful information for mobile developers- See
  7. 7. Amazon @gletham Amazon App store for Android Via the popular resource, the company offers Android device users a place to locate and download apps. Currently the store is boasting a free Android app a day although the store is only available to US customers at this time - See
  8. 8. Windows Phone Mobile @gletham Windows Phone mobile device users will appreciate the Windows marketplace from Microsoft - or Win Phone 7 users see here. The service is available via PC or, device users can download the app so the marketplace is available on their device. Currently the app provides a gateway to popular and suggested mobile apps (free and for sale) and a "What's New" category is handy to stay informed of the latest additions to the store. For developers interested in creating app for Win Mobile see the App Hub -
  9. 9. Mapquest Developer Network @gletham Those interested in Mapquest, is a central resource for learning about and working with Mapquest  SDKs, APIs, Web Services, Tools and Resource. Of particular interest is this starting point
  10. 10. Google Maps @gletham Developers interested in creating apps with google maps APIs and tools should start off at where docs and information about the latest APIs are found.
  11. 11. Bing Maps @gletham Developers in need of information from Microsoft about developing with Bing Maps API and tools should consult Tons of info including tools, docs, SDKs, and community resources can be found here.
  12. 12. Esri Mobile GIS @gletham Esri has a fine starting point for developers looking to build on Esri's mobile solutions. At devs can find pointers and tools for ArcGIS Mobile solutions, ArcPad, and resources for developing ArcGIS for iOS and Windows Phone. The ArcGIS Mobile blog is also very useful
  13. 13. OpenStreet Map (OSM) @gletham Developers needing information on working with OSM data and resources should consult the developer wiki as a starting point
  14. 14. Other Useful Resources @gletham Looking for news and tips about mobile application development, dev tools, dev programs and the like? Be sure to consult this awesome news archive on with a TON of information