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The Future of Media: Open, Mobile, Connected (MPJC Hilversum 2009)


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This is the PDF with my presentation at the Media Park Jaar Congress in Hilversum (NL) on June 23, 2009. Topics: social medai, twitter, content 2.0, broadband culture, the Future of TV etc more at my blog

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The Future of Media: Open, Mobile, Connected (MPJC Hilversum 2009)

  1. The Future of Media Presentation by Gerd Leonhard ‣ Futurist ‣ Strategist ‣ Author & Blogger
  2. T he Pa ce of Chan g e i s i n c r e d i b l e
  3. Connected people ‘consume’ differently Data is th e new Oil Real-Tim e Everything Sh aring is the key driver
  4. It used to be... Consume (Listen, Watch...)
  5. But now... Consume ‘2.0’ Communicate ‘2.0’ Create
  6. Push Objects Pull Objects
  7. No more Monopolies of Transmission
  8. More importantly: no more Monopolies of Attention
  9. Goodbye Scarcity of Content
  10. A key task now - and even more so, in the future:
  11. So what is Content, in the Future? • Professionally produced and traditionally / legally owned • Created by the Users and shared- alike-commons-public-free-etc • Meta-Content: the Users’ data and click-streams layered around other (professional) content • Pro Content ‘appropriated’ by Users • The Users themselves
  12. Twitter: the Power of the Link Economy • The Real-Time Web is here • New: Following Logic (from Impressions to Followers) • Filtered & Curated by Pros and Peers • The shared ‘National’ Experience is back! • Fragmentation and Aggregation
  13. It used to be... Producers Networks Distributors Owners
  14. Now: Producers Networks Distributors Owners
  15. Let’s take a look
  16. The TV Generation The Net Generation Reaching Millions of Reaching the perfect People at the same 100 people that each time - with the same reach 100 people content or message that each reach 100 or... advertisement people...
  17. The TV Generation The Net Generation Switch off Switch On I receive I send & receive Couch Potato Subway Surfer Helpless Powerful Monoculture Multi-culture United Fragmented
  18. Broadcasting 1.0 Broadcasting 2.0 Closed systems Open Network Many to Many One to many One to One One to Many The Network = Networked Power = Power
  19. Broadcasters, Publishers and Studios: Listening, Reading or Watching = Keeping, Copying & Sharing
  20. It’s hard to ‘own’ a copy now but You can own the Context, the Meaning, the Relevance, the Experience, the Embodiment, the Timing...
  21. Example: great content and great experience
  22. A lot of Content Producers will expand into becoming Context Providers, Curators, Aggregators, Packagers... Curation: Exposing and Seeding, Testing, Rating, Tagging, Contextualizing, Remixing, (Re-)Framing, Packaging...
  23. The Future of Media Open Mobile Connected Collaborative Interdependent
  24. So will people read like this?
  25. From the Xark Blog on Future of News: “Rather than changing the existing model publishers are fumbling around for a solution that requires readers to fundamentally change their behavior...”
  26. The Opportunity is to build a web-native Content Ecosystem
  27. Advertising will get a lot smarter - and support a lot of Content!
  28. Telecom Brands & ICT (Advertisers) Broad- casters Content CE (Device Makers)
  29. Google & Free Music in China • Free / Feels Like Free Music • Unlimited, unprotected downloads • Paid with Attention, $-ized via Ads • Making $ with ‘free content’
  30. Freemium and New Generatives: Pandora Convenience Premium Experience Personalization ‘Paying for Privacy’ Packaging Convenience
  31. There is great opportunity in this Definitely not in this:
  32. My final 5 cents... •There is huge opportunity in the creation of new models in the new content economy •The key new generatives will be around the content, not just within the content •Focus on adding value, not extracting it •Focus on the audience, first, and only then on the revenues •There is no recipe, and there probably won’t be one - the best way forward to is to constantly invent!
  33. Thanks for listening! ★ email me at ★ ★ facebook: gleonhard ★ more presentations at