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The Future of Media & ICT (Bilisim Zervis 2009)


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The PDF with my presentation at the Turkish Cebit, Bilisim Zervisi, on the Future of Media & ICT. Topics: Top trends: fixed to mobile. Top-down to social. Consumers to users. Physical to digital. eBooks Plus: the convergence of media, telecom, advertising, social networking, content & media. Why telecoms and mobile operators must get involved with content and advertising. Media is a now Service - and only then becomes product. Read more at A Turkish review of my speech is here: (no idea what it says, though).

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The Future of Media & ICT (Bilisim Zervis 2009)

  1. 1. Media 2.0 - The Future of the Media, Content & Entertainment Industries ‣ Futurist ‣ Strategist ‣ Author & Blogger
  2. 2. From Fixed to Mobile From Physical to Digital From Consumers to Users From Top-Down to Social From One-Way to Interactive
  3. 3. Next: the Mobile becomes ‘The Internet’ s ? e s s in b u U R Y O g e a n ch is ll th wi ow H
  4. 4. Convergence Telecom TV Advertising Internet Mobile Media
  5. 5. Why Telecoms & Mobile Operators must get involved • SMS and MMS will be greatly reduced by increasing social network activities, fueled by data flat rates for mobile devices • Users will increasingly use Internet-based tools to make phone & video calls • Google becomes a major communications player: GTalk, Wave, Google Voice... • Mobile phone applications on open platforms are bypassing the operators entirely
  6. 6. It used to be... “Option” “Extra” Default
  7. 7. Soon: The New Premium The new ‘Normal’
  8. 8. Experience Embodiment Access
  9. 9. Take note: Content is first a Service & an Experience - and only then (maybe) a Product.
  10. 10. How I read now
  11. 11. So will eBooks be pirated? Don’t repeat the mistakes of the music industry: DRM will not work (but will drastically reduce adoption) Open formats and cross-platform standards are crucial Prices should be 20-50% of the physical product eBooks are a Service not a Product New formats and $ models need to be created (e.g. chapter compilations) Bundles, flat-rates and subscriptions will be crucial
  12. 12. t h e i n el s d i o o i sn M t c s e e t n o si r P u
  13. 13. Content ‘Piracy’ issues • Piracy is a business problem • Piracy is often also a driver of new business • We don’t compete with ‘Free’ - we compete on Service and Added Values!
  14. 14. From Stuff to Bits
  15. 15. Enormous Value Shifts Sales, Distribution & Marketing Costs Content Ceration Costs Traditional, Offline Content Revenues Revenues of Offline Content Formats & Models simply moved Online Potential Revenues of Web-Native Content Formats & Models 15 11.25 7.5 3.75
  16. 16. Content is only ~20% of the Cost Thanks to
  17. 17. Expensive Cheaper Flat-Rated New Ecosystem
  18. 18. The Mission: reinvent how to get the $$ Source: Universal McCann
  19. 19. The Success Formula: Content + Context + Connectivity + Community + Convenience
  20. 20. The Mobile ‘Consumption’ of Digital Goods is the #1 Growth Story of the next Decade
  21. 21. Irresistible: ‘All you can eat’
  22. 22. Every abundance creates new scarcities - and these are what you can sell
  23. 23. Social Media beats eMail, Video beats Search
  24. 24. The Future: Engaging the user is crucial
  25. 25. Free gets you to a place where you can get paid. Quote by Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures
  26. 26. ‘Feels Like Free’ Content >> Paid Services
  27. 27. Media as a Service (MaaS)
  28. 28. Opportunities MaaS Bundling Flat-Rates Freemium User-Generated New Partnerships Social Nets + Content
  29. 29. Thanks for listening! • email me at • • Facebook: gleonhard • more presentations at