The Future of eCommerce and Online Retailing (MailOrder Congress 2009)


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The PDF with my presentation at MailOrder World 2009 in Wiesbaden, Germany see Yes, in English;) Topics: the future of ecommerce is social. conversations, engagement, trust. Social media > social business > social commerce. Understanding the mobile, real-time, connected user fka consumer. What does the future look like and how do we adapt?

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The Future of eCommerce and Online Retailing (MailOrder Congress 2009)

  1. 1. The Future of Online Retailing & eCommerce (Mail-Order Congress 2009) ‣ Futurist ‣ Strategist ‣ Author & Blogger
  2. 2. What I do: ‘I give ideas’ Basel, Switzerland
  3. 3. Social Media beats eMail, Video beats Search
  4. 4. Our Future: Real-Time + Social + Mobile Feedback, Rating, Comments, Tags Source:
  5. 5. Imagine what this will do to your business... e im ile T b - l o e a M R l e o oc ia V id S
  6. 6. The cost of staying in- touch is dropping to Zero Source: Nokia Siemens Networks
  7. 7. What if... • Your entire offering was available on mobile devices - and people could talk to you about what they want? • Your users would bring their friends onto your platform, and could import their reviews & recommendations, as well? • They could earn ‘Social Capital’ that can be turned into real money on your site?
  8. 8. What if most of your customers were really connected? Source:
  9. 9. What if...
  10. 10. What if...
  11. 11. Once technology becomes dead-simple...
  12. 12. Revenue A great study in Behavior change
  13. 13. “What does the Future look like and how do we adapt to that”
  14. 14. Meet the new Broadcasters
  15. 15. What does the Future look like...?
  16. 16. A new Marketing Paradigm emerges
  17. 17. Turning the USERs into $$
  18. 18. Now, Commerce happens within Conversations
  19. 19. Consider these facts Real-Time Mobile Trust beats Price Social Video
  20. 20. ‘Consumers’ are changing Collaboration & Active Participation Mobile, connected Lifestyle Social Interaction Online Personalization & Customization
  21. 21. The power of Free(mium) Cyworld: $100M / year in virtual goods LinkedIn: 25% ads, 75% Freemium Revenues eBay: 84% transaction increase via API NIN: $1.6 Million from a free album (and No.1 top selling album on in 2007, despite free download)
  22. 22. Think: Content - Context - Connectivity - Community - Convenience > Commerce
  23. 23. We are entering the era of social commerce
  24. 24. Social e er c mm Co i a l o c Not Social S
  25. 25. New mechanisms of Recommendation Bookmark Geotagging Sharing Real-Time Reviews Status Updates Remix and Picture & Mashups Augmented Video Reality Uploading
  26. 26. Trust Trends Source: DDB
  27. 27. Soon... No Conversations... no Business Social Commerce
  28. 28. Inject some Content into your Commerce Twitter Comments Images Product Listing Video Reviews
  29. 29. Content can be syndicated and become viral. ‘Buy This’ banners cannot.
  30. 30. So which business are you in? Offer Sell ‘Virtual stuff Home’? Provide Context? Connect the Users?
  31. 31. Great Store + Great Product Great Content + Great People • Create, license or aggregate content that adds solid value to whatever you are selling: videos, tutorials, FAQs, help menus, slideshows, tags, ratings... • Invite people to register and contribute • Feed your content into blogs, twitter, social networks - decentralize! • Create a ‘home’ that goes beyond ‘selling’ • Talk back via Twitter, video, blog posts
  32. 32. Create relevant Content around your Brand.
  33. 33. Now not Yesterday Content not Noise Trust not Price Apps not Ads Mobile not printed
  34. 34. Thanks for listening! • email me at • • facebook: gleonhard • more presentations at