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Social Media and the Future of Football

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I did a presentation for one of the leading international football (soccer... for all you Americans) club associations a few days ago, so here is a slightly changed version with some of the stuff I wanted to share with everyone. This goes way beyond social media... take a look.

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Social Media and the Future of Football

  1. 1. Social Media and some ideas on the Future of the Football Business
  2. 2. What does the Future hold - and how will we adapt to it? Foresight is crucial.
  3. 3. Translation: Networked Media. Real-Time Media. User-driven Media. Engaged Media.
  4. 4. Mobile Social Networked Real-Time Users in Control
  5. 5. A huge shift in ‘Getting Attention’
  6. 6. Broadcast | Centralized | One-Way | Push Media Shri nking...
  7. 7. Expan ding Networked Media
  8. 8. Broadcast Media Networked Media
  9. 9. Welcome to the era of Networked Business: Redefining ‘Selling’
  10. 10. Online and Offline are converging
  11. 11. Football Clubs + Social Networks = Decreasing Role for the Middleman?
  12. 12. The The Television Clubs Players Brodcasters Everyone wants to reach the same audience
  13. 13. Reality Check
  14. 14. “Control = Money”? “Potential public relations disaster” “Encourages football supporters to find information about their favorite players outside of the official club website” “Issue of control...professional footballers are under the control of the club almost at all times” “Social networking systems threaten the status quo because its professional footballers having personal contact with fans, the media and others, which could be terrifying for some football clubs”
  15. 15. Do you really have a choice?
  16. 16. So...who is the brand? versus
  17. 17. Same issue...?
  18. 18. A tough but unavoidable Mega-Trend...
  19. 19. En-route to digital & decentralized...
  20. 20. The ‘captive consumer’ is...dying
  21. 21. It’s the framework that is changing not just the picture... EXPERIENCE not Conversations not ‘download a copy’ Monolog Engage not Enrage Pull not Push Trust Return on not Involvement not Investment Control Co-Producers not just Consumers > Fans >Users 2.1 Billion on the Internet, 4.3 Billion on the Mobile
  22. 22. The Consequences of Total Control?
  23. 23. Old Cashcow New Cashcows
  24. 24. Thinking about protecting your IP / Content? Engage, involve, attract, aggregate!
  25. 25. Hyper-Competition  Hyper-Collaboration
  26. 26. Command & Control becomes Coordinate & Cultivate *Thomas Malone “The Future of Work”
  27. 27. Because we are all connected, soon, ‘Going Direct’ becomes the New Normal
  28. 28. Clubs become... sh ers P u b li Broad caste rs M edia C ont ent
  29. 29. Football Club 2.0 --------- The Mission Manage Distribute Aggregate Connect Guide Curate
  30. 30. Going Direct: Club to Fan Lee Strafford, Sheffield Wednesday chairman: “I don't see how a media business owns a relationship with fans of the future” Online TV channels Webcasts / Online Radio iPhone / Mobile Apps Social Network Groups Twitter News Network (TNN)
  31. 31. Where is this going? Complete TV & Internet Convergence Radical Fragmentation of Audiences 3D Screens Augmented Reality Virtual Venues Mobile TV = Video Snacking
  32. 32. Trends: Challenges & Threats & Opps? (Some) TV Networks face declining revenues because advertising is moving to the Internet Vast improvements in mobile gadgets means fans can ‘broadcast’ from the venue, themselves Competition for people’s attention is constantly exploding: more choices all the time Radical fragmentation of audience driven by explosion in media consumption offerings
  33. 33. Social Media will soon beat eMail, Video may well beat Search
  34. 34. Social-Mobile-Web-Native Marketing: Pull “Followers, Friends, Fans, Users” Attract and addict Low-cost, very targeted Conversational Engagement is the goal Message: share. follow. talk. Based on Trust not Control
  35. 35. Gaining customers via Social Media
  36. 36. How Dell does Twitter
  37. 37. You are in the Audience Business Source: Flickr
  38. 38. Don’t (just) sell copies - sell Experiences!
  39. 39. News meets Magazine meets TV...?
  40. 40. User Interfaces make all the difference The computer is work. The iPhone is ... kind of work. The iPad / Tablet is... not work
  41. 41. What really matters is Liquidity
  42. 42. AS oc ial Med ia St rat e gy
  43. 43. Football Clubs become Connectors - not just ‘Directors’
  44. 44. Social Media is the new Customer Relationship Management
  45. 45. My final advise(s)
  46. 46. App Store: “Media Futurist”
  47. 47. Thanks for your attention! email me at facebook: gleonhard
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I did a presentation for one of the leading international football (soccer... for all you Americans) club associations a few days ago, so here is a slightly changed version with some of the stuff I wanted to share with everyone. This goes way beyond social media... take a look.


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