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The Future of Retail and Selling (Gerd Leonhard at eComm 2009 in Berlin)


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I did 2 presentations on the Future of Retails, Selling and ECommerce at the 2009 eComm conference in Berlin - this is one of them. More details at

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The Future of Retail and Selling (Gerd Leonhard at eComm 2009 in Berlin)

  1. The End of Control & the Future of Retail & Marketing
  2. This is not about technology... The Age of Collaboration Emerging cultural practices New business models
  3. The Age of Collaboration: Egosystem becomes Ecosystem
  4. The economic crisis drives people to the Net
  5. After the 2009 lull things will heat up for eCommerce
  6. 5 Key Trends 2) Open System Win 1) Everyone connects 3) We all... 5) 4) ‘Free’ as business model
  7. The Internet’s initial wave of disruption may result in value reduction of 40-70% of some traditional business
  8. Marketing and ‘Selling’ as we knew it is over The Internet
  9. Direct, ‘free’, hyper-connected
  10. Internet no longer means ‘Computer’
  11. Storytelling & Engagement
  12. And Brands become... Platforms
  13. Better Experience & UI = More Sales
  14. Followers... Buyers!
  15. Where is it going? Twitter Letters & News Blogs *Microblogs Releases *Mobile Feeds In 3D virtual At the Mall On Facebook Spaces & Worlds Totally Same software Widgets & customized for everyone iGoogle Mobile Apps Bookmarks & Social Search & Central search Share-This Peer Navigation
  16. The Brand that Pulls
  17. Adding value beyond your core business
  18. Did you know? 59 out of the 100 top U.S. brands have a Facebook presence
  19. So what is Selling 2.0?
  20. The Future of Selling Word of Mouse (and Mouth) 100% Converged Online / Offline Think Mobile. Again. And again. Engage or be ignored Advertising IS Content The Product IS the Marketing
  21. Can you say this about your business?
  22. Thanks for listening Gerd Leonhard