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Gerd Leonhard At Effie Athens June 11 Future Of Advertising Branding, and Marketing


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The Future of Communications, Advertising and Branding:
The connected media economy has turned "the People formely known as Consumers" into Users that seem to be getting more numerous and more powerful by the minute, creating their own content or just annexing whatever they want, downloading or streaming what they want when and how they want, and forming digital communities that are set to become more popular than MTV or VH1 ever were. Pre-broadband, linear and mass-media advertising concepts will surely be less relevant in the very near future, but what does "Advertising2.0" look like, who will be "The Creatives" and will brands indeed lose control to those ever more powerful Users? Media Futurist Gerd Leonhard will talk about the next 5 years that lie ahead for the industry.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • I think you guys will like this video of a recent presentation I gave at Google Tech Talks in London - Cheers! Gerd Leonhard

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Gerd Leonhard At Effie Athens June 11 Future Of Advertising Branding, and Marketing

  1. 1. Gerd Leonhard E ? U R U LT t C ou ab The Future hatof Communications, d w an ...Advertising and Branding - Presentation at Effie 2008 Athens June 11
  2. 2. !quot;#$%&'()#* )+ ,%-./#*'%, ,quot;(,%& ,quot;0-+ )+ ,&1-%2#*'% 3-& ',#quot;#.'% “In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.” Nikos Kazantzakis “What we wish, that we readily believe” Demosthenes
  3. 3. Broadband in Greece is still slow... but gaining speed
  4. 4. The European Commission: “Broadband is a major Driver of the Economy”
  5. 5. Digital Media Sharing: We are only at the Beginning! The rest of this Iceberg will emerge much quicker than you may think $77 USD
  6. 6. But:
  7. 7. gleonhard
  8. 8. A real concern but one that will be solved: Privacy
  9. 9. Because the Future of Advertising is solidly dependent on getting real information from the Users- voluntarily
  10. 10. Imagine: You could find people that make a 95% match for your product or service, and that have agreed to pay attention They would be interested in hearing from you, and open to discussing your product or service They would tell others about your product and transport your message onward, on your behalf Markets could be Conversations!
  11. 11. When / how / why do YOU provide information about yourself?
  12. 12. But just ask the kids: they are connected. They share. They make content. They are Media.
  13. 13. We are heading into a Broadband Culture
  14. 14. Media... Narrowband Broadband Linear B Interactive O Monologs T Conversations Copyright H Usage Right Advertising will Ads = Content Professional Creators C User & ‘Usator’ Content O Pay with cash - Pay with attention E Push Marketing X Pull & Attract by Merit I S Own & restrict T Share
  15. 15.
  16. 16. The Marketer’s Mission: Getting Attention in totally new ways
  17. 17. First, let’s forget the word ‘Consumer’ • It’s a 2-way affair now! • Happy users will now do some of the marketing for you • Interested users now supply ideas for campaigns • Engaged users now provide images, videos, text, music... • Loyal users now want to have conversations with you • The Internet is finally becoming a ‘social’ and cultural web where Brands that influence Culture do better • In 2-3 years, there will be no more offline or online •The kids are now the Authorities!
  18. 18. 2nd: Re-define ‘Advertising’ • Offline and in traditional media, people are skipping and avoiding ads everywhere (TV); print ad reach is declining, radio stagnates • Online, people’s attention is very very hard to get (and getting worse) ~ the Attention Deficit Trend is a real challenge • The web is essentially forcing us to reinvent advertising • CPMs in social networks are still terrible (15 cents USD!!) • We must can come up with Ads that provide VALUE, RELEVANCE, CONTEXT • In some EU countries, Ads that disrupt and intrude won’t be around in 3 years
  19. 19. Remember this? It really didn’t take very long!
  20. 20. Increasingly more reasons to engage online: Is it easy to get on, and to use? Is my language spoken? Is there Content that I want (films, music, news)? Are there are People I want to meet? Are there are things I want to share? Can I feel ‘at home’? Do I have to be there because everyone else is? In 2007, 28% of Greek Internet users access the Web to visit museum-, library- or other knowledge-related content, 50% to download to free music, 37% to listen to radio / music, and 35% to search for information on cultural products or events. Culture
  21. 21. But... there are problems, too Privacy becomes almost impossible to maintain Data & Identity Theft become more common Continuous Partial Attention is becoming more common Culture changes as Digital Natives take over However: the potential evils of an Open Network - of ‘Too Much Freedom’ - will always pale beside those of a Closed, Controlled and Authoritarian Network
  22. 22. Is / Will be Was
  23. 23. Push Marketing is dying. Everything is converting Is / Will be to Pull. Was
  24. 24. The Users become content, too...
  25. 25. The story of JPG Magazine & 8020 Publishing Empowers its users and communities to participate in all aspects of the magazine!s content creation Blurrs the lines between professional and amateur What was once called “the Audience” has been invited to participate in and lend its expertise to the editorial process Virtually anyone can submit original content Once it's uploaded, visitors to the magazines' respective Web sites vote on each submission Editors then decide which submissions make it into the print version of the magazine Contributors who are published in the print edition get $100 and a free annual subscription Editors are more like curators than masters of a particular domain
  26. 26. Now, People will subscribe to People. And to Mass Media, too
  27. 27.
  28. 28. Keywords for mobile computing - and the new ‘Advertising’ that will go with it Feels ‘Like a Book’ Touch / Draw / Zoom UIs Always on (mashed access) OS / Software on the Network Very low power consumption Explosion in location-based services Technology becomes even more invisible
  29. 29. Henry Jenkins, director of the MIT Comparative Media Studies Program: quot;In a hunting society, children [People] play with bows and arrows. In an information society, children [People] play with information.” Photo via Gathered by
  30. 30. Enable your children to play with information and media, and empower them to Co-Create and Share Culture.
  31. 31.
  32. 32. Media & Content is now in the Network - and so will Advertising
  33. 33. Social Networks: The new Radio +TV Friendster Facebook Myspace Cyworld Mixi QQ... are BROADCASTERS
  34. 34. But these ads will be nothing like we have seen before: In- Network, via Widgets and In-Application Advertising
  35. 35. Marketing 2.0: Listen - Broadcast - Pull 1 3 2
  36. 36.
  37. 37. Marketing means Broadcasting Brand Conversations - and the channels are changing very quickly
  38. 38. No more scarcity
  39. 39. Life at Google Speed
  40. 40. The amazing velocity of ‘user-engaged’ • Thirty-eight percent of the video streamed on the Web now comes from YouTube, according to ComScore • YouTube users will upload 600 years' worth of video this year. • An ad on the YouTube home page now costs $175,000 a day
  41. 41. ‘Google Juice’
  42. 42. Social Media
  43. 43. Imagine: an instant Micro Feed to the ‘People formerly known as Consumers’
  44. 44. Total Control of your own Content, Brand and Services becoming less and less important - and is shifting to the Users (fka consumers) Control TRUST TRUST TRUST TRUST
  45. 45. The story of the New York Times
  46. 46. TRUST
  47. 47. New trust generators “The Swarm” + Friends / Family + Viral Stuff + Recommended People
  48. 48. Don’t wait
  49. 49. Some brands are quite late the ‘open’ party
  50. 50. Source: Don Tapscott Wikinomics Blog
  51. 51. When the pain gets big enough...
  52. 52. Marketing2.0 Authentic Personal Relevant Trustworthy Others Users & ‘Strangers Like Me’
  53. 53. In this world.... ...being different is crucial. Me
  54. 54. Attention In Return for Content
  55. 55. The key to the Future of Advertising Explicit Permission to use Attention Data & Clickstream-Data in return for Content (Media & Entertainment) and Services The new deal?
  56. 56. Advertising 1.0: interruptive out-of-context Monologs Images: Flickr kla 4067
  57. 57. Advertising 2.0: meaningful conversational content Images: Flickr kla 4067