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Data is the new Oil: paying with attention is the future of media


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This is an important topic, I think - let me know how you like it. Topics: why data is the new Oil, why most content will be paid for by 'attention', the radical convergence of media and what it means, the total redefinition of 'consumer', going from 'the network' to 'The Networked' etc. More at

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Data is the new Oil: paying with attention is the future of media

  1. 1. “Think of personal data as the digital record of everything a person makes and does online and in the world”
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  3. 3. Source: Forbes Blog Post by Venessa Miemis
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  5. 5. Source: Satoshi Kambayashi
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  7. 7. Source: Kevin Kelly
  8. 8. Dumb Smart
  9. 9. Dumb Smart
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  12. 12. Hat tip to Shelly Palmer
  13. 13. Timely & Likable Better service: fluid, contextual clean, safe and easyFair andattractive Better interfacepricing * Social and inter- Better tools connected
  14. 14. Transparency: data usage disclosure, at all times Control: opt-in participation with immediate feedback in rewards balance, re-set options Trust: certified by standards and maybe a recognized and acceptable identity consortium Value: discounts, special offers and lots of ‘free stuff’ as a result of allowing data collection