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Context: The Future of Music (Presentation at Euroslagt Groningen NL Jan 2010)

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  2. “More and more companies lose control of their customers when new technologies enable them to interact with products on their own terms”
  3. “Companies lose control of their customers when new technologies - and the resulting new behaviors - enable them to interact on their own terms”
  4. Control = Money?
  5. Exclusivity = Leverage = more Money?
  6. Consumers = the enemy...?
  7. Copy.........Right Image: Kevin Kelly Image:
  8. Larry Lessig said it all...
  9. We must re-think permissions and standards, strike new balances for a connected world, and monetize usage & engagement not copies
  10. Attempts at increasing “control over digital content” while the users are getting more connected will fail spectacularly
  11. Sharing: you ain’t seen nothing yet...!
  12. The demise of physical media is certain
  13. The future: a fight for attention - not for distribution
  14. Source: Ars Electronica 2008
  15. A ‘Networked Society’- Mindset
  16. Make it good, make it fairly priced, make it easy, make it social, make it connected... Source: Reid Hastings (CEO) via Slideshare
  17. The new Broadcasters & the new advertising revenues
  18. Source: Reid Hastings (CEO) via Slideshare
  19. Property = Paper Value = Embodiment Scarcity generates Cash
  20. Property: Device & Access Value: in Aggregation & Curation Scarcity of Attention (i.e. worth $£€)
  21. A crucial slide from Ovum:
  22. Networked Business Models Experience Economy Data Economy Image licensed from
  23. We are living in a world where data and digital goods drastically increase in value while many physical goods decline
  24. Imagine...
  25. Approx. $30 Billion yearly revenues Example: 3-4% for unlimited music would equal approx. $ 1 Billion Other monetary benefits: Usage & marketing data Cost-neutral market access Myriad of up-selling options Other players just like Google: Facebook, Baidu, QQ, Yahoo, Cyworld, Ovi, Amazon, Skype... and every single Mobile Operator!
  26. We need a new, public, clear, open, standardized, non-discriminatory, collective system of Usage Rights
  27. Not far fetched...!
  28. Special Other Fan editions and Live media products collectors’ events, products & services items, incl. HD & webcasts, (games, physical premium VoD apps...) products formats source: Flickr/unknown Up-selling options for music
  29. From selling content to selling context
  30. So how will artists & creators get paid? Public Performance (2.0) Up-selling (many options) Flat Rate Revenue Shares Branded Content Deals Sponsorships Fan Clubs / Direct Funding
  31. Music 2.0: an open Ecosystem. Or none.
  32. Devices Media & Advertising Content & Telecoms Entertainment
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