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Real-world state of the BI market: Webinar presentation slides


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Thinking about implementing a Business Intelligence (BI) solution, but aren’t sure how to navigate your way through an increasingly noisy business analytics software industry? Relax. We’ve got you covered.

Check out the recording of our recent Webinar series – The real-world state of the BI market. Discover the inside knowledge you need to ensure BI and analytics success.

And the best bit? It’ll only take 30 minutes of your time.

What will you learn?

Listen in as we dissect the results of 2013’s Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study – the BI industry’s most in-depth research report into major global implementation, usage and technology developments.

The real-world state of the BI market Webinar, and associated slides, outline:
•How to take advantage of the latest trends shaping the BI marketplace
•Why new generation consumer-oriented BI is set to dominate at the expensive of ‘traditional’ BI
•Why Yellowfin was rated No.1 in DAS’ competitive ranking of the world’s foremost BI vendors

If you’re thinking of deploying BI, you need to see beyond the hype. Take advantage of our expert analysis and explanation of the industry’s most prevalent, tangible and relevant trends.

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Real-world state of the BI market: Webinar presentation slides

  1. 1. Real-world state of the BI market 2013’s Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study
  2. 2. Who you will be chatting to for the next 40mins Daniel Shaw-Dennis Yellowfin - EMEA Ivan Seow Yellowfin - Senior Consultant
  3. 3. The Wisdom of Crowds What is it all about?
  4. 4. Wisdom of Crowds What is it going to tell us? Leading Industry survey designed to collect data on trends, vendors and products in the Business Intelligence marketplace. Allows for the examination of the realities, plans & perceptions on the BI market. Exhaustive ranking on vendors and product.
  5. 5. "Our annual BI study goes far more in depth than other market reports, thus enabling readers to understand the nature and rate of change in the market and to better determine what is real and what is hype." report author, former Gartner Research Fellow and head of BI, and founder - Howard Dresner
  6. 6. Who's involved Geography: 59% North America, 25 % EMEA Function: 36% IT, 19% Exec Management Industries: Technology 15%, Consulting, 12%
  7. 7. 1182 Surveys Completed
  8. 8. Key Findings What are the crowds telling us?
  9. 9. Key Objectives for Organisations "Better decision making" + "Improved Operation Efficiency"
  10. 10. Key Initiatives for Organisations Top 3 - Dashboards, End User 'Self- Service', Advanced Visualisations
  11. 11. Whats changed since 2012 Only increase in priority: SAAS & Cloud, Dashboards, Mobile
  12. 12. How to address these key areas Real world examples
  13. 13. "Multiple (oftentimes redundant) Business Intelligence tools within organizations is quite common – with 2 to 3 tools typical" Number of BI tools in use
  14. 14. Number of Tools As the size of an organization increases, so do the number of tools in use
  15. 15. "Progress has been modest... only a minority of employees have access to BI" Penetration of Business Intelligence
  16. 16. Penetration of BI By the numbers - 64% of respondents reporting that at least 11% of employees have access to BI today - 72% of respondent organizations aiming to deliver BI to at least 41% of employees by 2016
  17. 17. Function and Area Executive Management: primary group driving interest, development of BI
  18. 18. (on exec buy-in) "....success requires a top-down approach. If BI initiatives deliver meaningful information on which executives can run their company, then BI will filter throughout the rest of the organization." Howard Dresner
  19. 19. BI Success and Failure Data is always the Key
  20. 20. Vendor Rankings How do we stack up?
  21. 21. 23 Vendors, 33 Criteria, ranked on a 5-point scale Wisdom by the numbers
  22. 22. Key Criteria How we are judged - Sales Experience - Value - Quality - Support + Consulting - Integrity - Recommended
  23. 23. Market Segments How they all compared Average Scores Titans: 3.66 Pure Play: 4.16 High Growth: 4.29 Emerging: 4.36 Specialized: 4.43
  24. 24. Yellowfin How did we stack up?
  25. 25. Yellowfin In Detail
  26. 26. ....leader again for 2013, improving scores in virtually all categories vs. 2012. It was “best in class” for all measures in all categories and had a perfect Recommend score. Yellowfin Wisdom of Crowds 2013 Results
  27. 27. More Information
  28. 28. Questions