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Mobile Business Intelligence Best Practices


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Miss Yellowfin and Actian Vectorwise’s rousingly successful Mobile Business Intelligence (BI) Best Practices Webinar? Relax. You can check it out here.

By now, you know that Mobile BI is increasingly important. Gartner predicts that more than half (53%) of all organizations will have implemented some form of mobile reporting and analytics intiative by the end of 2012. You’ve also heard Mobile BI thought-leader, former Gartner Research Fellow and President and Founder of Dresner Advisory Services, Howard Dresner, state that Mobile BI will have the same impact on the way we consume business information as the introduction of the Internet did.

So you know how important it is. Now, learn how to successfully deploy Mobile BI to advantage your organization with our 10 Mobile BI best practices.

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Mobile Business Intelligence Best Practices

  1. 1. Mobile BI Best Practices
  2. 2. BI & MobilityMobile BI is where it’s at!
  3. 3. Your presenters Year | LastYellowfin CEO, Glen RabieVP Sales & Services in APAC, ActianCorporation
  4. 4. Last Year | Last YearThe number of Smartphones & Tabletssold exceeded the number of PCs sold
  5. 5. | Mobile device v PCMobile device vs PC The trend is going to accelerate
  6. 6. Smartphone conversion Conversion | Smart PhoneSmartphone conversion from dumbphone is underway
  7. 7. | Internet Access GrowthInternet access growthBy 2014 mobile internet usage will begreater than desktop
  8. 8. | Tablets & PCsTablets & PCs147 MillionTablet shipments in 2015 - up from 16Min 2010IDC
  9. 9. Tablet transition Transition | Tablet31%Of organizations say the tablet willreplace the PC as the main computingdeviceInformationWeek’s 2012 Outlook report
  10. 10. Not just anyNot just any old tablet | old tablet100%Of fortune 500 Co’s are deploying theiPad as their Tablet deviceInformationWeek’s 2012 Outlook report
  11. 11. | Mobile = ConvenienceMobile = convenience V
  12. 12. How convenient?convenient? | How
  13. 13. Mobile BI: | Mobile BI it’s happening It’s happening68%Of organizations plan to add Mobile BIcapabilities to their data strategies thisyearDAS 2011 Mobile BI Study
  14. 14. BI on the SmartphoneWhat have we learnt?
  15. 15. Functional |delivery Functional Delivery33%By 2013, 33 percent of BI functionality willbe consumed via handheld devices.Gartner Predicts 2011 report
  16. 16. What do they do?do they do? | WhatMobile users consume content…
  17. 17. Mobile BI for consumers consumers | Mobile BI forThe BI consumer is the largestaudience for BI data. Analysis BI Consumer
  18. 18. Mobile users – do they differ? they Differ? | Mobile users - doBI Consumers:2.Don’t produce content3.They are task workers orExecutive & ManagementThese users are often new to BI
  19. 19. The rethink The Rethink | The traditional BI delivery model just does not work on a mobile device
  20. 20. Mobile BI DeploymentBest Practices
  22. 22. Best Practice #1 Device Independence
  23. 23. | The big dilemmaIs Mobile BI special – does it need to becustom built?
  24. 24. | Device IndependenceDevice independence75%Of users access their BI from multipledevicesDresner Mobile BI Study
  25. 25. Use Case – InsuranceHealthPoint provider dives into MobileBI•Dot 1•Dot 2 Insurance company Large•Executive & Management Reports•Existing BI solution had no Mobile•Large Search – Oracle, MSTR, etc
  26. 26. | Device IndependenceDevice independence“Display iPad and iPhone graphicallyin fashion as close as possible to thedisplay and navigation experiencedby the user on their desktop or laptopwhen consuming reports includingdrill through”Recent Customer RFP
  27. 27. | Device IndependenceDevice independence We need to reuse content
  28. 28. Best Practice #2 Mobile BI must include the smartphone
  29. 29. Mobile BI preferencesPreference | Mobile BI66%Of users vote a smartphone as the #1choice for accessing BI versus a tabletDresner Mobile BI Study
  30. 30. Mobile BI preferencesPreference | Mobile BI50%Of smartphone Mobile BI users prefer theiPhone over any other operating systemDresner Mobile BI Study
  31. 31. Plan for phone deployment deployment | Plan for Phone
  32. 32. Use case – LogisticsLogistics takes to smartphonePoint•Dot 1 reporting & analyticsmobile•Dot 2 logistics company Large•Supervisors have phones, no tablets•Existing BI solution had no nativesupport for smartphones
  33. 33. Best Practice #3 It must be fun & easy to use
  34. 34. | Mobile UsersMobile usersMobile Users are:•Non-technical•Want rapid access to their data•Need to be engaged
  35. 35. Ease of useEase of Use |
  36. 36. Best Practice #4 Mobile BI must enable collaboration
  37. 37. The mobile The Mobile Difference | differenceMobile usage is different•The phone is fundamentally acollaboration device•The tablet is often brought to meetings•The PC is a single user device
  38. 38. | What do they want?Collaboration
  39. 39. | Collaboration FeaturesCollaboration featuresMobile Collaboration requires users shareinsight easily.•Comments and discussion•White board•Email•Alerts
  40. 40. Use case – Higher EducationHigherPoint education provider shareinsights with Mobile BI•Dot 1•Dot 2 Internationally recognized institution•Dispersed workforce•Cohesive decision-making anytime
  41. 41. Best Practice #5 Mobile BI must be interactive
  42. 42. Lets me see the me see the detail | Lets detailMobile Dashboards should behigh level. But, users need to be able to get to the detail.
  43. 43. Interactive |features Interaction FeaturesMobile BI needs to support:•Drill Down hierarchies•Drill Through to detail•Drill Anywhere•Filtering•Sectioning
  44. 44. Use case – Real estateRealPoint estate data aggregator turnsto Mobile BI to sell•Dot 1•Dot 2 Recognized data provider•Field sales force demonstrates toprospects•Interactivity boosts sales
  45. 45. Best Practice #6 Mobile BI must be fast
  46. 46. Speed | SpeedGreater Interactivity and more users drives the need for speed.
  47. 47. Performance needs to be fast Point10 Seconds •Dot 1How long users will wait for adashboard to load in a browser •Dot 22-3 SecondsHow long users will wait on a Mobiledevice
  48. 48. | Usage & PerformanceUsage & performanceYou need to take account of thefact that you will have:•More users•Greater concurrent usage•Greater interaction•More BI use cases
  49. 49. Strategies |for speed for Speed StrategiesMobile Strategies•Cache reports on the device•Optimize reports and dashboards•Get a fast database
  50. 50. How do we How do we get faster… | get faster? VectorWise 3 May 2011 1TB Performance Benchmark 32 Cores Composite Queries Per 1TB RAM Hour TPC-H@1TB (Non- Clustered) Microsoft SQL Server Sybase IQ 5 April 2011 Oracle Oracle 15 Dec 2010 Oracle 26 April 2010 29 April 2009Sybase IQ 2 May 2008 80 1 Feb 2010 Cores 80 2TB RAM Cores 2TB 102,375 118,573 123,323 140,181 164,747 173,961 RAM 436,788 QphH QphH QphH QphH QphH QphH QphH Source: / May 3, 2011 TPC, TPC Benchmark, TPC-H, QppH, QthH and QphH are trademarks of the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC)
  51. 51. Best Practice #7 Mobile BI must be secure
  52. 52. Your data isYourthere… out there | out data is If your BI is Mobile – it’s outside your firewall! It’s out there.
  53. 53. Security is |critical is Critical SecurityPlan your security strategy:•Do you want to cache?•Login on app access•Content Security – who sees what?•Data Security – access to data
  54. 54. Integrated |security Integrated SecuritySecurity that is integrated with your BI platform means less rework and easier to administer
  55. 55. | Security FeaturesSecurity featuresMobile BI needs to have:•Integrated Security•Needs to be Auditable•Emails need to be through your app•Needs Simple Centralised Admin Control
  56. 56. Best Practice #8 Mobile BI must support Offline Mode
  57. 57. | Offline ModeOffline mode It still happens. Sometimes your users can be offline!! Make sure your Mobile BI supports offline mode.
  58. 58. Best Practice #9 Mobile BI must be tailored to the user profile and out-of-the- box
  59. 59. Ready to goReady to go |Once a user connects:•Prebuilt Dashboards•Relevant Content•Tested for Mobile
  60. 60. | Out-of-the-boxOut-of-the-box It seems obvious, but plan for an out-of-the-box experience for your users
  61. 61. Best Practice #10 Mobile BI must be a consistent
  62. 62. Lastly… Mobile BI must be a great experience
  63. 63. | Ready to goA Consistent User ExperiencePlan your content Interaction:•Set interaction UI standards•Same Location – Always•Makes training easy•Makes deployment of new content rapid
  64. 64. 10 Mobile BI best practicesMobilePoint BI must be…2.Device independent•Dot 13.Include the smartphone•Dot 24.Fun & easy to use5.Enable collaboration6.Interactive7.Fast8.Secure9.Able to support offline mode10.Tailored to the user profile out-of-the-box11.Consistent
  65. 65. A great experience experience | A great High user adoption and an increased ROI are the result of following points 1-10!
  66. 66. | What do users want?A Great Experience
  67. 67. Let’s See It In ActionHow it works
  68. 68. More InformationYear | @YellowfinBI @ActianCorpFeedback & Yellowfin LinkedIn User Group Vectorwise LinkedIn User Group
  69. 69. ConclusionQuestions