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Data-driven marketing best practices Webinar (slides)


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Miss our Data-driven Marketing Best Practices Webinar series?

Well, don’t sweat it! We thoughtfully recorded the Webinar for your on-demand viewing pleasure.

Access the recording here:

Bonus download: Check out Yellowfin’s Marketing Analytics Whitepaper, and discover how analytics can help you overcome your top 10 data-related marketing challenges:

Why watch?

As a marketer, you know that your success depends on the ability to analyze your actions. Using analytics technology to analyze and act on marketing data provides massive competitive advantage.

Watch Yellowfin's Webinar and discover how to use analytics to deliver best practice data-driven marketing today.

Find out why top data-driven marketers plan to double their investment in analytics technology in 2016 (, via

What will you learn?

Watch this Webinar recording to learn how to:
•Overcome your top data-related marketing challenges with analytics technology
•Deliver more effective data-driven campaigns, increasing marketing ROI by up to 20% (Forbes)
•Run more efficient data-driven campaigns, freeing-up 15 – 30% of your total marketing budget (McKinsey)

Like to find out more?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information. Want to embrace analytics to deliver best practice data-driven marketing today? Simply visit and click “Try It Free”

Discover how we’re striving to deliver you the most intuitive, interactive and personalized data visualizations possible.

Stay in touch via the Yellowfin LinkedIn Group, and for regular news and updates, follow Yellowfin on Twitter (@YellowfinBI).

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Data-driven marketing best practices Webinar (slides)

  1. 1. Data Driven Marketing Challenges and best practice solutions
  2. 2. Enable the right Audience Intuitive interface built for business users Ability to connect to all your marketing analytics
  3. 3. All relevant data in the one place Single point of access Combine with your corporate data
  4. 4. Share across your business platform Management see a strategic view from your enterprise platform Share that information with all stakeholders within your corporate environment
  5. 5. Connect and Compare Upload spreadsheet source directly into you platform Connect to spreadsheet sources for real time analysis
  6. 6. Drag and Drop Interface Drag and Drop interface for easy reporting Enabling swift answers to questions
  7. 7. Workflow between business and IT Visibility and collaboration in real time Trackable and Transparent - within the your platform
  8. 8. Adding the human context Information that may not be in your underlying data Adding context, linked to your data - e.g. point in time
  9. 9. Live content, always updated Embed the reports you need. Changes as the data changes Comments that are audit-able